Ekwueme’s Burial Homely



President Muhammadu Buhari won my political support when he accepted to return to active partisan politics in 2012, and since his assumption of office as President, I have had no cause to say he has not done well. As a construction worker, I know what it means to “pull down and rebuild”. Buhari took over the governance structure of the PDP in 2015 and found it relationally untenable to work with, and his attending to this liability or should I call it a foul asset as it were, brought the recession (a pulling down) we suffered for more than 18 months.


It was true what the economists said at that time, that it was Buhari’s “bad” economic policies that caused the recession…so what? I only saw a “pulling down” of the unsustainable and untenable economic structures he inherited in order to put up another he can work with: will anyone rob him of this duty? In construction it is allowed, even if seen as “wasteful” but targeted at lasting sustainability, to pull down an unmanageable building to rebuild another, in which much care would be dedicated for rebuilding well.

This is what Donald Trump is doing in America – changing policies. And how these policies changes affect the people of both countries adversely is because it is painful to pull down any structure, and “wasteful” too, but the end is whether it helps the people on, or it pushes them into hopelessness. With President Buhari, there is hope, compared to all former administrations in this country.

The difference between the two administrations’ changing policies is in the fact that Donald Trump pulls down better policies than he met, making them anti people, while Muhammadu Buhari’s is from worse to better targeted at the very vulnerable – the class of Nigerians who God knows long suffered from the beginning. Yes! There is a class of Nigerians that have known sufferings all their lives, who have no strong politician to follow, no relative signing out Nigeria’s money, no in law, no, no, just nobody, and this is why Mr President is rather for “nobody” but for “everybody”: this is where his policy difference stands out from Trump’s. These are democracies brothers and sisters.

We have moved on from recession already and our policies are stronger and well established. It is better to delay your trip than to miss your road. The present progress Buhari is making with his government cannot be seen by ordinary materialistic eyes…it takes an intelligent following, and it is like an “unseen reality” because the “road map” changed, affecting the leadership of an important arm that should help him easily, and also in the person that deputizes for him. We cannot deny this.


I know that the direction of President Buhari’s administration was redirected behind his back infiltrating his office with strange men, and his wife revealed this much. Today, we are sure of a “cabal”, because Buhari allowed for the substitution of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with Prof Yemi Osinbajo as his Vice President. Like we know him to be, strong willed, President Buhari should have insisted on Tinubu as running mate, no Jupiter will fall, he would still have won that Presidential election. Yemi is not the kind of political backbone Buhari needs with our political class, it takes a complete, well oiled and very intelligent politician who knows his onions, nationally and internationally, to push back some rascals among our political class in this country, into their caves of infamy. It is only Bola Tinubu who can be our guard against these men who love eating “the bread of sorrow”.

Today when we say we are out of recession, it means we are building on new economic grounds that is taking us somewhere, and it is yielding positive economic results and helping progressive change. Today, we enjoy greater exports revenue yields than the leakage through imports waivers and depletion of our foreign exchange reserves, and through the sustenance of the ban on consumable imports, our Customs outfit rakes in 600% revenues more than any other period in any former government. The pains we are feeling is definitely leading us to our gains. What some Nigerians “enjoyed” during the previous governments were from a “rent economy” where economic progress was measured by consumption rather than by production. This is a very great leap from the region of economic dependence to the region of economic self sustenance and national pride. We are no longer “a beggar nation”.


I have tried to show Nigerians how some political buccaneers, particularly Bukola Saraki, Atiku Abubakar and John Oyegun, teaming with other aspirants who contested the APC primaries in 2015 with President Buhari, who were not really interested to win him, but to up their bargaining powers at nominating men for Mr President, abducted the free spirit of the APC, ambushed the dreamer-creator of the party, and messed up his dream of a feasible takeover of government and a viable good governance for the people. I insist that no other person would get a mission as right as the one who started off leading the journey by a vision God gave him. Until we recognized the owner of the vision and allow him lead the mission, we will be outside the divine will and plan for our nation.

Visions are given by the Almighty God, and if Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the only privileged Nigerian God saw as possessing a prepared heart to carry a vision of “Change” in Nigeria, and gave him the divine apportioning to score the first in planning and accomplishing something noted earlier as politically impossible – removing a ruling government from office in Nigeria. Let’s recall how Godsday Orubebe tried navigating that path to achieve that myth and how the entire Nigeria froze in front on national and international cameras, with policemen pleading – nevertheless, we saw Jonathan out of office – thanks to the man who woke up one morning and took a flight to Kaduna to see Buhari after he had retired from active politics. He got him to return back to active politics and his “dream of change” materialized – this is no mean fellow, he his a goal scorer – this is what is happening to Lagos, where he sailed his first voyage. That mission of change must be accomplished by the inclusion of the fist team. Our change cannot be complete with the first team been destitute.


Let me say it as a “pools stalker” would: it first materialized in 1993, the “Muslim/Muslim ticket”, majority of Nigerians embraced the candidacy of ” Abiola/Kingibe”, they won the election but a today’s noisemaker aborted that victory Nigeria won on a platter of trust for the men God threw at us. 21 years later, after three Sabbatical wholeness, in 2015, we aready had a divine repositioning of a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” in “Buhari/Tinubu”, it was a well deserved call but those who desire to continue in their bloodsucking saw what was ahead and laid a religious ambush. Majority of those who rejected Tinubu were Muslims, not Christians. Nigerians must take note of this.

How did Tinubu convince Buhari out of retirement? Nothing beyond divine apportionment, especially because Buhari ate his words back – something he rarely does. It was an appointed time and I am not expecting natural minds to understand this. We all saw it how Tinubu managed the electioneering processes successfully, and suddenly he was taken out of the political picture when the chips were down – Bola Tinubu is not a fool, he is the most accomplished Nigerian politician, he has scored more highs than any Nigerian politician living or dead: Sardauna Ahmadu Bello succeeded regionally – because they all feared his personal economic powers and his towering above all political dexterity. He is always a winning negotiator, who will always win for Lagos what he desires to win for Nigeria. There is no former senator like him, there is no former governor like him, there is no political party founder like him, there is no…just none like him.


Who amongst the present political players in Nigeria was in that meeting where Bola Tinubu, Muhammadu Buhari, Bisi Akande and Lai Mohammed met with Nasir El Rufai taking notes, to chart the course for where we are today in our Change Mission? Who amongst them was there with them? Except Lai Mohammed who was the voice championing the cause of an effectual and effective national opposition. Today, Lai is found helplessly panting finding only a lonely voice, and I know he misses Bola Tinubu’s political instructions. Even those he raised tried to raise their own heads for President Buhari to see, and the “cabal” was on ground to insist on them. Where are they today in the face of APC reconciliation program?

President Buhari has began his reelection on a sure footing, bringing Tinubu back to play the mainstreaming of the APC and reposition it for his reelection. I know Bola will do a good but very hectic job. But President Buhari must return Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as his running mate for the 2019 elections, withdraw Nasir El Rufai for bidding a second term in Kaduna, assign him as Chief of Presidential Staff, and bring in Lai Mohammed as his Chief Adviser on Media and Publicity. These 3 men who are of the first team, need to be injected into the presidency.

Until we give back the vision to the owner and retrace our steps to where the mission direction missed the way, and start a new advance, Nigeria will remain in pains, awaiting the divine deliverance God has engendered for us Nigerians. Like I said earlier, the first came in 1993 and evil men scuttled it, it came again, the second time, in 2015, a new set of buccaneers embezzled it. We can demand for it now, brothers and sisters, that President Muhammadu Buhari nominates Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as his running mate for the 2019 presidential elections.

I rest my case.

God bless Nigeria

Ini A Morgan


Let me start this essay by revealing that the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s reconciliation job is not the usual prototype reconciliation effort put in by political parties to bring aggrieved members together to move the party forward. Bola Tinubu’s is an anti type of what we are used to having from political parties: his reconciliation is a very different ballgame, a nouveau and novel political experiment to dress up the APC for the 2019 presidential election, in which I think the Asiwaju should be supported and courted to assume the Office of the Vice President in the next administration. In spite of our present harsh and hard living, I am wholly persuaded that President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, will resume as Nigeria’s President after the 2019 Presidential election. Nothing is his fault and I am here to show so.


The appointed time has come, and it is now,for us all, together, as a people, standing against hopelessness, by our present hope against hope, to attain the pinnacle of our oneness and togetherness, as people living in “Unity” in a nation, like the United States. To stand against the present bloodshed and the unfortunate fear of an agenda for Nigeria called “Islamic”, which is the propagation of the lies a debased “faith” preaches, appearing in the garb of Christianity. We have to, collectively as Nigerians, accept to consider embracing a MUSLIM/MUSLIM ticket for the All Progressive Congress (APC) for the 2019 Presidential election this time: for the progress of our national politics and for national development and our nation’s economic advancement. In spite of our present realities, let’s trust a surer agenda that is more divine than man made please, as we seem to trust.

We will be doing this to prove panicking and panicky Church leaders wrong in their assumption that the present administration has an Islamic agenda just because President Buhari is a Fulani man, and to dare our leaders who are Muslims to attempt the Islamization of Nigeria if they can attain it. For the copy cats of Christianity: they seem to forget that the scripture they advance and preach has many examples of how “the people of God” overcame persecutions of different kinds, from diverse nations, for diverse reasons and remained victorious and “unshaken” after all. Against every myth and tired logic, we must move beyond the esoteric and embrace what makes America America.I am (have) the (a) dream that one day…Nigeria will lead the nations of the Black world (everywhere on the globe you meet a black man) appropriately and as their “big brother”. We will take charge and identify with Blacks worldwide. It is an enormous market to control.

Nigerians must stick together as one people, for our collective redemption by our pulling down every stronghold of religious assumptions, ethnic colorations, and the nepotist elevation of self above others. The system of “divide and rule”, which was what the Fulanis used in conquering the Hausas and the Afonjas, and sold same to the British Imperialist in northern Nigeria, and which is still in force, even today, must once and for all times be resisted and banished from our leadership structure and national politics. We must not allow any bloodthirsty Nigerian to partition us for self. It is time to start “stoning” these vampires who treat us as their slaves. It is time we start gathering stones at venues of political campaigns…I am serious about this.

It is faithlessness, and the sense of earthly greed, a kind of attitude that activated Lot’s wife’s eternal infamy, that makes Christian leaders fear the myth called Nigeria’s “Islamization” program. It is dirty politics…propaganda driven politics. That word is a mere political creation and concept, aimed, only, at enslaving the consciousness of small and little minds, who are cursed with parochial temperaments. We will look at it once and for all and we will altogether debunk and throw out the garbage called “Islamization Agenda In Nigeria”. There is nothing like that, there can never, and shall never be anything like that.

We can start by calling those things that be not as if they were… Hello Church! We must not forget that some “solid shouting” and the noise of trumpets brought down a well fortified wall in Jericho. Some praise singing helped Jehoshaphat to turn his enemies to flight. Hello Church! Herein lies the lies of your leaders, mind what they teach you…their teachings only achieve a mental gyration, with no spiritual movement.

The very first hurdle those angling for an Islamic State (IS) for Nigeria must scale to achieve their dream is the entire overhauling of the Nigerian Constitution by no other national body but the National Assembly and the State Houses of Assembly nationwide – this is not in the powers of Muhammadu Buhari nor the presidency: the worst they can do is to send in an executive bill to be considered by the national assembly, no more, no less. We have a body of laws that may have provided avenues for actualizing national integration, free movement and a personal choice of a place of habitation, thereby granting the Fulanis, who are mainly nomads, to be everywhere in Nigeria, but the same law also denies the lifting of any religion to prominence, making it illegal because, though our constitution provides for Islamic tenets within it, especially the Sha’ria, it does not recognize Islam as a religion. It is the legal rights of Fulanis to choose anywhere in Nigeria to stay and prosper but they have no such privilege, whoever they are, to use State apparatus to conduct their personal or collective interest in matters of religion in Nigeria. I thought this should be made clear.

I, sometimes ago, even exposed how the leadership of a respectable, reputable, world widely accepted religion like Islam, should not allowed the ridicule of Islam by the embedding of its tenets in a body of laws seemingly and clearly termed “godless” and “satanic” – Laws of the “Kafirs”, for political interest and advantage in Nigeria. It is a very big shame. No Nigerian Muslim should boast about this because it is a big shame, and considering it universally, even Muslims from all over the world would protest the adulteration of a secular body of laws with clear “instructions” from the almighty Allah – Allah SWA gave a book, the Qur’an, and in it He established Sha’ria to order the lifestyle of human beings, not the Nigerian constitution. It is therefore an aberration, take it or leave it. There is no boasting in this, it is a demonstration of the betrayal of Islam. Maybe this is why we have Boko Haram fighting to alter the perspective of Islam as practiced in Nigeria. Abubakar Shekau may be right, however insensitive this may sound.

Apart from the illegal and illogical insertion of Islamic tenets in Nigeria’s secular law book, to amend our constitution to make Nigeria an Islamic State will take the approval of two third of State Houses of Assembly to amend our constitution, after the deliberations of the National Assembly, enjoying two third majority of votes in the two chambers of the Assembly, to allow an Islamic State for Nigeria. In Nigeria, we have 17 States (6 in the South South, 5 in the South East, 3 in the South West, 2 in the North Central and 1 in the North East) with large Christian populations and the majority in their Houses of Assembly, and this,advantage translated to the national assembly. If Nigeria must be Islamized, it would mean that some of these “Christian” States would help Muslims attain their expected dream – Church leaders call them “useful idiots” just to score their belly-foolish point, but we must open our eyes because every Christian lawmaker knows what is at stake and they are not the “useful idiots” Church leaders try to paint, it is me who tell them their lies.

No religion despises proselytes, even Christians desire that all humans were Christians, so what is wrong with Muslims having such strong desire to have every man on earth embrace Islam? This is the lie of Church leaders and the vain imaginations of our leaders who are Muslims to arrogantly believe that everyone must believe what they believe: it is impossible because we have mad men and mad women, we have infants and the extremely aged, how do you force beliefs on these ones: is this not the first subtraction from the concept and logic of “all men” been stereotype? It is a kind of standing logic on its head. Let us dare both parties: Church and Mosque leaders, and expose them as bunches of no good liars. We want Nigeria back.


On the issue of herdsmen killing and the creation of cattle colonies to help Fulani businessmen: first it must be made clear that whatever powers President Buhari would have to create cattle colonies in Nigeria will come from the National Assembly and our State Houses of Assembly – so what is his business with that? The creation of cattle colonies is not about Buhari, it will be the creation of the law, it is the duty of our lawmakers to make laws, and whatever power they legally entrust to President Buhari, to create cattle colonies, will come from them. President Buhari serves Nigerians through and by the provisions made available to him by our lawmakers. Why do you blame Mr President for intentions on creating cattle colonies?

Now on herdsmen killing, the first truth we should seek is to know who are the owners of the cattle the Fulanis herd. It must be clear how herding in Nigeria is a private business operating under policies of government for enabling environments. It is the responsibility of the owners of cattle to employ herdsmen to herd their cattle, provide grazing fields upon which they should be fed and provide security for both the herdsmen and cattle respectively deployed. We will be unfair if we tie President Buhari to this carnage of herdsmen just because he is a Fulani man. Let us first place a demand on government to avail to us the data of cattle ownership in Nigeria and where they are located. This way the crime of herdsmen can be traced or prevented, by a pragmatic application of proactive intelligence framework.

This will pro actively pin down criminals. It is not the scare crowing and jabbing going on between the Inspector General of Police and Governor Ortom of Benue State. They are both hiding behind the truth because the IG feels Orton is the trouble maker. Ortom also knows that he is playing politics with lives he swore to defend. And in a typical demonstration of political foolishness, Governors Ayo Fayose and Nyesom Wike are exploiting the avenue through which men, women and children lost their lives for political evangelism and soul winning of Governor Ortom to make him cast a reverse focus on a failed political party. The owners of the cattle in Benue State are Benue elites, they are responsible for their cattle, the herdsmen they hire from Miyetti Allah Group, the AK47 they provide for their vigilantes from the herds of their political thugs, their kiting them as Fulani herdsmen and the permission to unleashed the unabated killings we see. Let the owners of the cattle in Nigeria show their faces. This was why colonies were proposed to tackle these criminalities, but Nigerians love noise making. Today, President Buhari has made it very clear that he lacks the power to create cattle colonies. Can we move forward now?


If I know these things at my own level, would people like Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida say they do not know as much as I know? It is therefore hypocrisy and their usual political troubleshooting to force their interests on Nigerians when they know these things and refuse to call their “boys” to order, rather they seek mutinous paths to follow. I am talking of the “warnings” Obasanjo kindly offered President Buhari in a letter, and Ibrahim Babanfida, in a media address by Kassim Afegbua, concurred Obasanjo. Obasanjo has woke the political class up with his “Third Force” threat, and they are on course – the rank of failed political office attempt-ees. He has established the path for his retirement from political discussions in Nigeria forever for been nudged on by the caliber of Olagunsoye Oyinlola, a Tinubu-beggar, and so too for Ibrahim Babangida. I will advice the PDP to dust up its political machines and prepare for their final disgrace, for Nigerians know who they want to be President over them.

Whenever President Buhari errs, we will agree with everyone that he has erred. So for people like Obasanjo and Babangida to seize the importunity of our misfortune, created from quarters they know so well and even encourage, to tilt the balance of the advance of this present administration is an unholy and ambitious ambush we will resist. Obasanjo will no longer have his say in politics in Nigeria anyhow he desires…even in democracy – we will boo amd stone him into disgraceful retirement.

We must break down the present cubicles with which politicians partition us against ourselves – for the first time, we must arise and break the hold on us of an imported political dynamics known and called the “divide and rule” system. Its time to break through and stop believing the lies of political nomads: like Bukola Saraki, Atiku Abubakar, John Oyegun (a greedy new Buccaneer recruit), and he, John Oyegun is the reason for this present suffering in Nigeria – they established the cabal and distracted ted Mr President.

These nomads and their train of unstable ideologues are now preparing for their next political transit and wandering – politicians without border. This is why the NWC of the APC must die, be buried, and resurrect without John Oyegun. All the efforts of these political nomads, from the Lagos Convention that produced the 2015 flag bearer for the APC and his running mate, were clearly enshrined in mischief to achieve our present sufferings and governance stagnation. These men prosper when Nigerians suffer, and Nigeria suffers.

Let us recall how these buccaneers, and economic vampiric blood suckers came up with a decay scam they call “the Muslim/Muslim ticket” to throw up a less politically combative Vice President on us because we quickly forgot that God prepared a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” for Nigerians in the Abiola/Kingibe’s victory of June 12 1993, the reference point for our present political dispensation, and they, later, after the inauguration of Preaident Buhari, caged the APC leadership through John Oyegun to deliver to us a mediocre 8th National Assembly: people like Bukola Saraki, Atiku Abubakar, John Oyegun (the pathetic greedy recruit amongst them) who should have been thrown.out of the APC NWC on the 10 June 2015, the day after he sold off the national integrity of the 8th National Assembly, are men we should no longer tolerate in our political space. This is time for reconstruction and they are the distraction that must be thrown out; people whom our collective sorrow give them joy.

They did everything just and only to “cut Tinubu to size” – all that abracadabra they demonstrated including the calling of a sitting Vice President a “mere Commissioner” was not for Nigerians to prosper, it was to “cut Tinubu to size”. Wicked people…una wan kill the man? This Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is already a small man oooo, and these vampires still think he should be further trimmed “to (their perceived) size” – I call it the thinking of jobless people, who always think that things must be as they think. We must chase these men away! Nigerians must arise to defend the “Muslim/Muslim ticket” paring of President Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as his running mate and get us moving and working like Lagos State.


Yemi Osinbajo is an excellent administrator, but before our very eyes, a “cabal” operated helplessly under his nose when he was Acting President, they brought back Abdurashid Maina from exile, processed his readmittance into our civil service and paid him N21m in arrears for being absent from duty and a fugitive of our laws. What can we say about that? Did anyone notice the huge lack that characterized the capacity of the Vice President to be respected?

The cabal we see in Aso Rock today was planted by people outside the rock after Buhari’s nomination as flag bearer of the APC, our Vice President became “any body but Bola Tinubu”. In their impaired opinion, Bola Tinubu could bring the President but he will not be allowed to have a say in who leads the national assembly and the APC. Here is where we are today, having a government that is self-fighting and retarded in capacity building.

The lack that has so magnified our Vice President as bereft of political following is expressed by the prominence given to the activities of the “cabal” within the presidency at the time he was Acting President. If Bola Tinubu had been our Vice President, Bukola Saraki would have been too midget to resist his summons as he did when Osinbajo summoned him as a sitting Vice President when he, Saraki, was a mere Senator-elect.

That categorized the insult Osinbajo suffered by his been referred to as a “mere commissioner”, a product of their routine political gossips. Before Bukola Saraki learnt the art of politicking, Tinubu was a senator of the federal republic, and had the privilege to personally nominate his senate president, Iyorchia Ayu, when he had to step down from his unopposed coasting to the Office of the Senate President for Abiola to stand as Presidential flag bearer of the SDP.

Bukola Saraki can never in his entire life make the sacrifices Bola Tinuvu has made. When he was Governor of Lagos State and member of the NCS, Saraki was Obasanjo’s aide standing by the doors of the executive chamber. When Tinubu went on rampage raising and collapsing national political parties, Saraki was locked up in Ilorin in local politics. What would have held Saraki from Tinibu’s summons? Nothing, absolutely!

In my opinion also, I wish to believe that if Bola Tinubu was a sitting Vice President when Bukola Saraki was proving stubborn as senator-elect, when he was been invited to dialogue by the APC leadership, he would have been dismissed from the party, making it impossible for both him and Yakubu Dogara to stand for their elections to the leadership of the national assembly on the platform of the APC for gross anti party activities. Tinubu would have made sure the party was ready for the inauguration of the national assembly before Mr President would send his consent to inaugurate the 8th National Assembly.

We would have saved ourselves this governmental infighting and sabotages. Even Yemi Osinbajo knows that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a more astute political administrator and a leader than he is. In fact Osinbajo is Tinubu’s political “boy” in Nigeria’s political terminology and it was his recommendation that made him Vice President. If Bola Tinubu was our Vice President, Mamman Daura would have known that the powers of a political bulldozer, good at the courts of law and occupying the Office of the Acting President, was enormous for whoever knows and understands the use of power. For God’s sake President Buhari listens to Tinubu when it comes to politics and party. So would Abva Kyari cower to him, even if there would be an open war, between the elected and the unelected, to have his way.


Now 2019 is around the corner, and I wish to believe that if President Buhari truly needed a Chairman for the committee he envisions should reconcile all members of the ruling party, I think the appropriate person to be so appointed should have been Prof Yemi Osinbajo, his Vice President. Nevertheless, Mr President knows that when it comes to political following, his Vice President leads nobody politically, and if he lacks the people he leads, who will listen to him in this country? He cannot escape the shadow of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and this is loss to all Nigerians.

So Tinubu, the seeming biggest and hugest aggrieved member of the APC is now Chief Reconciliator of the party. He has been shouldered with the reconciliation of party members. Questions been asked consistently since he was made the handler of reconciliation in the APC is on how he would succeed in his assignment when he also needs to be reconciled as a party man.

In my opinion, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s kind of reconciliation is a special call. I had opined a very long time ago that I strongly think that Mr President would not contest the 2019 presidential elections on the platform of the APC, because the party, at that time, was offline already, effectively taken over by Bukola Saraki and,Atiku Abubakar. But for the faithfulness of members of the legacy parties, who have stood by Bola Tinubu, APC would have collapsed as a party, thanks to the Judas who leads the party. Blame him for your sufferings.

So Tinubu’s reconciliation, rather than appear like the prototype reconciliation we see from political parties, where members are brought together to discuss the advancement of the party, is to “prune” the party of excessive party-progress retarding members, “cut then down”, and ” throw them out”. It is an anti type of the conventional reconciliation. Bola Tinubu will help the members leaving the party to leave fast.

Recently he advised Governor Rochas Okorocha to support his deputy, Madumere to take over from him, rather than his son in-law. He also has met with the NWC of the APC assuring them of the repositioning of the party for 2019. If President Buhari must use the platform of the APC in 2019, then Bola Tinubu is here for the work of “political cleansing” for the APC. Never have we seen such reconciliation, and it will make the APC work better as a ruling party.


He is a private sector driver. He worked and headed the Audit secretariat of Mobil Producing Unlimited, and voluntarily retired to join politics in the 3rd Republic. He was the next biggest financial of the SDP after Shehu Musa,Yar’Adua, before the entrance of Abiola for the presidential race of 1993. He was already standing by as the Senate President in the projected Shehu Yar’Adua’s presidency before he was ban. While Shehu was given to nominate Abiola, Tinubu was given to nominate Iyorchia Ayu as Senate President. He did again as a prospective Vice President in 2015. Bola is the only former governor who gas a Paramount say in the government he handed over 11 years ago…show me any other governor welding so much respect…including Olusegun Obasanjo. Look at Lagos State today.

While other governors produce people like Don Waney, Abubakar Shekau, Government Ekpemupolo, Asari Dokubo and so many lieutenants from the parade of thugs and cultists, losing the loyalty of all the members of cabinet, Bola never had a violent political force and has kept Lagos, producing people like Osinbajo, Fashola, Aregbesola, Fayemi…so many endless intelligently driven achievers in various sectors of life.

Bola Tinubu personally funded Radio Kudirat, the pro democracy voice that hounded and hunted Sank Abacha to death. At the commencement of this present democratic dispensation, Bola joined force with his leader Bola Ige and led the Alliance for Democracy to optimum victory in the South West in 1999. Against the onslaught of Obasanjo, he retained Lagos State by all means. His romance with the AD soon sour and he founded the Action Congress, building up to become the Action Congress of Nigeria. He is the first Nigerian who saw the possibility, woke up to it, took positive steps, made investment and saw to the first victory of the opposition over a serving government in Nigeria.

Bola broke a political myth and he is the biggest contributor to political party development in Nigeria. He has a eye for excellent leadership recruitment and unlike the noise making Atiku Abubakar, who boasts of the ability to create jobs, Bola creates more job in Nigeria than Atiku Abubakar. While he, Atiku takes charge of the Port Harcourt economy, Bola Tinubu oversees that of Lagos. The difference is like Panadol…it is clear. Bola’s job creation embraces all facets of our economy from construction to education to media to communication to exports to banking to oil and gas etc.

He had sacrificed being our Senate President in 1989, he sacrificed being our Vice President in 2015. After the assumption of office of Mr President, Bola was short circuited, he was rejected by the leadership of the APC and betrayed. He did nor quarrel and till date he has not spoken on the matter of his been resisted as member of the APC NEC, and President Buhari watched on helplessly. Today Buhari has appointed the most aggrieved party man to lead a reconciliation and he has commenced his work. Bola will position the APC for another victory but it will be a hard sale for him.

The most I admire of him is his patience with misfortune. He is clearly the most aggrived member of tge APC but no one can pin it on him because in spite of all he has been through, he has remained faithful to his party, the APC and to the Buhari administration. In spite of his disgrace and the pressure put on him to dessert Mr President, he has remained adamant and supportive of Mr President. One thing I know of this man and politician, is that his intentions for Nigerians are to see to a virile prosperous, and an egalitarian society, a nation which feeds his people and gives them living hope. So, as he rises to meet the responsibility of returning President Buhari back to Aso Rock in 2019, let’s us rise and ask Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to offer himself as running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 Presidential elections.

A workman deserves his wages and I am calling out to Nigerians to banish the lies of Church leaders and to pro e them wrong in standing with me to support a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” for the APC in 2019. It will be for our collective good. Money is saved presently, let’s put people in government who would use their offices as vehicles to convey good dividends of democracy to the very poor amongst us.

God bless you all, Amen

Ini A Morgan


A Sunday Morning Homely

John 1:9-13, 22-23 and Hebrews 11:39-40

John 1:9-10: As long as I find myself on earth, I am the seed of light, a product of the Word of God who was in the beginning with God, and by whom the world was made. By grace and truth, I have known him.

John 1:11-12: I also know that the Word of God came to his own but his own knew him not. It is upon this realization, having known the Word of God that I received him. By this I possess the power of the Son of God because I have believed in the effectual fervent power of, and in his name.

John 1:13: I may be born of blood, by the will of the flesh and of the will of man, which are my “seen realities”, but I am also born of the will of God by the seed of the light in the Word of God, and this is my “unseen reality”. All substantial and evidential.

John 1:22-23: My focus in life therefore, must be on my divine identity. Very importantly, more than anything in this life, as the product of light, I must be ready at all times to answer to who I am, as the Son of God, defining my earthly being by my mission, which is the embodiment of the word spoken before time – I know WHO I AM.


By my knowledge of the Word of God I have asked and received of the anointing that was over David, for the continuation of the earthly kingship and priesthood of Christ; I have also desired and received of the spirit that was upon Paul in continuation of the Apostolic assignments. I therefore live like David and come to revelations like Paul. This is my mission and my identity in Christ, who is the express manifestation of the godhead bodily.

Hebrews 11:39-40: I pray that all men on earth can talk themselves into scriptures like I do: talking is to issue out words, and only humans can do this, save by God. I therefore desire nothing else in life because I have achieved my hope by faith. Faithful fathers before now did not enjoy the perfection their hopes because the perfection of theirs was tied to mine, and this is my time to bring their own hopes to perfection, having inherited their faith.


Believers must realize their callings and live into them. We all have this duty to fulfill. The perfection of the sure hopes of the fathers of faith awaits the substantiations and evidences of the faith we have inherited from them. We are witnesses like John the Baptist, (John 1:15-19). He is the least of “the least in the kingdom of God” – what can we say we have achieved better things? What our fathers hoped by faith for, are all what we should be living into now, to perfect their own hopes and to establish ours.


Living into scriptures is more than reading and meditating on them. Living into scriptures calls unto the presence of the Holy Spirit to abide. Those who teach you hold you bound by their ” word craft”, for by it they make themselves hirelings, self contracted to watch over you. Thank God if you can read the Bible for yourself: “wait on the lord, he will direct your path” to living into your reading. I have chosen to be taught by the Holy Spirit and my words show who I have been listening to. I have taken what belonged to me from the beginning and my joy is full.


Only scriptures tell us about the beginning, severally uncovering the essence of Christ and my own essence in him. And only one man on earth has confessed and proven himself as the “unbroken” word of God – he is Jesus Christ. Though broken in his flesh by the hands of Moses (let him who reads understand), bringing death by his letters, but his Spirit is the life of the flesh, allowing dry bones to come alive again. I therefore have eternal life by my knowledge of God and his Christ. I am a living example of this truth and I need no other plea.


It is not an absolute truth that “like poles repel”. I wish to believe that such only happens in a magnetic field. In the natural sense only “like poles” attract, as it is impossible to blend the natures of donkeys and monkeys together because they sound alike from the mouth of Indians, as it is mathematically: in which case only like poles “add up” or “multiply”. Nevertheless, in the magnetic field, things do not “add up”, nor do they “multiply”, only “opposite” poles “attract”.

So it is unfortunate for any human being if he is given more to the things that attracts him than to those things which adds up to, or multiplies him. We must refuse to deal on our “magnetic” field in order not to let it lead us to our attractions by our opposites, but we must rather choose to deal on our “mathematical” field so that we can add up or multiply together with, and by our likes. This was the commission from the beginning.


Thank you for your time

From the desktop of Ini A Morgan

28 Jan 2018


I don’t want too much from Nigerians everywhere, anywhere, wherever, and the Christians amongst them. All I ask is for every Nigerian to respect my personal space because I have sworn never to give offence, and I would not take any, but I will avoid trouble, mind it. I believe eternally that the one who takes life should be the one who gives life – bottom line. Taking life with physical arms of any kind or fighting a man by a group, because you are disgruntled and feel incapacitated, is the height of beastly cowardice. To kill a fellow man because you cannot win an argument against him is alien to God created humans who have his superior gift at creation above that of wild animals. God needs no reason to take life, because he can assign the dead for his glory. He owns us and can administrate us according to his purpose. I doubt if any mortal man can claim to kill and assign his dead, he will only suffer a sense of satisfaction that weaklings seek. Therefore, let no “Christian” tell me about “coming together”, “the church closing rank”, or “let’s not tear ourselves apart”, and many other phrases that shows an open admission of helplessness against the invading “jihad”. Blame your proliferation of doctrines, ladies and gentlemen. Church leaders in Nigeria have been very derelict and if it is the will of God for the Fulanis to over run the Christians, none of these leaders will remain with us in this land. But they all started from our kind of poverty, and intelligently pooled people to themselves by their words. Their own testimonies: “… In 1948 when the spirit of God caught me…he sent me to preach to the world”. Well that is true but how many Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists have you converted? God’s word is liberating, it sets free but when a man’s liberation in Christ is tied to another man’s leaning, than on the administration of the Holy Spirit, who is given to define what is Christ’s in order to redefine our alternatives and experiences, then something fundamental is missing in it that makes Jesus’ burden light and his yoke easy. It is not about serving another man with your life, it is living to serve Christ, living to make a good, contributory meaning to the next person to you. Jihad is an Islamic brand of action the Christians call “evangelism”, it is a method of propagating Islam. Who is the person to stop the religious obligation of another because he lacks the capacity to vacate his own? Let Christians see clearly how they have been “recycling” themselves in the name of “winning souls”. Even Muslims who convert to Christianity find such persuasions from divine encounter, not to the moral example of Christian, especially in Nigeria. We all pretend to an ignorant degree, and this is pathetic. Our politicians are the most, biggest and hugest disappointment. Most of them are known criminals. Its a shame! I want to hear Church leaders tell us how many converts they made from adherents of other religions…they always point to people who were born into and raised under strict christian awareness. All that these leaders can claim to have achieved in “converting” their followers is the offering of another doctrine that is a “personal agenda”, apart from the ones their ” converts” grew to understand and then tie them to their apron strings milking them dry. Yes! Pastor Abel Damina said it before me in 1994 in Zaria: “I am the Shepherd and you are the sheep. The sheep eat grass and the shepherd drinks the milk from the sheep”. I felt that was insensitive, callous and arrogant. When he demanded for money, I ensured none came from me and my family. I won’t be held bound by another gospel that sees spirit filled Christians as ” grass eaters”, no matter what! Contentment is my own prosperity, it should not be wealth by any standard and I don’t care if I am always broke. I enjoy a sound mind and you can try to pay for that. I have known that money, like faith, is security for a man, but faith adds life to its brand of security. So I choose faith. I have absolute right to this. Church leaders are expansionists and they clearly expand for themselves and the members of their households, if you get what I mean. So many churches today are Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria instituted secular establishments with stocks in exchanges all over the world. I am not saying this is wrong, but I insist that children must be told the truth. A man must deserve the submissions he seeks. Let me say it again that for me religion is a big lie and the only truth there is in the postulations of religion are the life and times of the prophets that brought them to revelations. I would rather learn of them, and pray for the overshadowing of the spirit of their presence, that I may find the grace to live like them: so for me I chose Jesus and I, with all dignity, respect every other prophet the almighty God has sent. A servant answers to his master. It is therefore a very big shame to say you received authority from God to kill, you have a lame god: my God will lock your breath because you trouble me, he will not even let me know he has settled me, and you say yours sent you to kill a man you hardly know just because you can see him and judge him. It is the most stupid thought anyone can think. How can anyone encourage another to impose his thoughts on another and claim God instructed so: liar! God gave every man his mind and his freewill, and would I feed the lie of any prophet because he seeks a reason to indoctrinate? I tell you that even if you don’t have the powers to bring to life, at least possess the powers of an unending life, before you can arrogate to yourself the powers to kill another man. If you kill a man and at the end you die, then you are very stupid. Keep Quiet! You are only happy to see pain and blood, even animals do not think and behave so brutish. If you think like one of these egocentric fools, the matter that constitutes your brain is soured and needs refreezing. Evangelism, as well as Jihad must be an intellectually driven interaction and not a forced hypnotism. It is cheap when you cannot cultivate a man’s mind and take offence by it. Who amongst the prophet was not persuaded by God, how many of them found it very difficult to pass down who they heard? Violence does not find any place with a God, confessed to be “merciful and benevolent”. It is an irony. And if you say he chose you over others, how blessed are you over others? Can you feed the world? Can you provide medical care for every citizen of the universe? But God is able, and it is this God, who give rains to the fields of the ” infidel” to give him expectant harvest, that is the same God you say asked you to kill another man, and then feel that the world is yours alone? You are a jobless hypocrite. If your religion makes you feel superior to another except in your choice on the side of goodness and righteousness, you deserve what you think for others, because you are the worst “infidel”. Bishop Oyedepo, in his usually divisive manner: people who grow personal and corporate relevance through “divide and rule”, the same socioeconomic tactics the Filanis aee accused to have used over the Hausas and a part of the Yoruba’s, said he warned about the “Jihadists” since 1992 or so he said. Who heard him? And how much has his revelation and narratives helped the Christian community in Nigeria today? It is now we want to pray out the Fulanis because they need official colonies to operate from, asking for it all over Nigeria. First question is, is the demand constitutional? Yes it is. It is provided in our constitution that national integration should he encouraged. It is a part of the derivative principles of our constitution to choose where to live. So the colonies proposed by government are in line with our laws. I think that is from where Bishop Oyedepo should be looking at it.. Now we should rather be asking why we should have such law that requires every Nigerian to see his place of habitation as his home, and while a section is enjoying this privilege and wanting more, others are making their lands volatile and restrictive for others to live in. I am still on the pretensions of Northerners and how their religion makes them arrogant and sometime offensively unreasonable. Let’s get the laws to change if we must and lets not strive to carve out a religious divide for ourselves. We will not accept any religious sect to distract us from confronting our common problem as a people. The federal government must divorce herself from any law that will protect a section of people over others, it cannot promote equity. For the Christian community who accuse Mr President of a Jihadist agenda, how do you explain the outcry of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, which has accused Mr President of “intolerance”, and I see it as what Christians reframed as the ” jihadist agenda”. Tell me Mr President is intolerant and I will quickly agree, he is intolerant with foolishness, corruption, idleness, roguery, name them yourself. Yes! Mr President is intolerant of stupid people. Look well, you will see Muhammadu Buhari’s cows in Daura. The cows in Benue belong to the politicians and economic giants of Benue extraction. My former governor, Obong Victor Attah has cows reared by Fulani herdsmen in Akwa Ibom State, at least I heard this from a very reliable source. Herds ownership in Nigeria span across every tribal, ethnic, religious and cultural divide. Every State, Federal Constituency, Senatorial District and government Ministries in this country house herds owners and the nomadic Fulanis work for them. So what are we talking about? Now, this is the “Jihad”: our political elites would meet in an embrace, patting their backs. Alhaji asks “my friend, you can invest in animals, since your area has so much green land”. Nna answers ” Alhaji, but who will take care of them for me. Our villagers are terrible people”. “That is not a problem my friend. All you need is to register your cows with Miyetti Allah Cattle “Owners” Association, and show them where to stay to herd them” replies Alhaji. “Thank you Alhaji. I will give them AK47 to deal with any political thug who dares any economic waste of my cattle”. This is the Islamic agenda that is already as old as Nigeria. A cattle colony is now needed for cattles of indigenous rich fellows, with grasses planted by government, roads built with all local contents appropriated. For decency, the Fulanis herding these indigenously owned cows have only ask for health centres in case they fall sick, and schools for their children. These facilities would be manned by localised teachers, cleaners, doctors, nurses, and it bring about the boosting of localized economies. These people have been living around us centuries in and centuries out, and it is now that government wants to organize them and keep some data on them that we want to make a big occasion out of it? It is a proper shame! For the Muslims who use religion as the arm to kill, please do not die, if you die after killing another, you are a bastard, you have no father. For the Christian who is crying and having sleepless nights about a jihad, go read Hebrews 11, and when you get to verses 39 and 40, ask yourself sincerely if you are not a very big disappointment to the body of Jesus Christ and to all the fathers of faith depicted in that “Hall of Faith”. Go! Do some Bible reading exercise please, and truthfully classify yourself according to your conscience. I am Ini Morgan reporting for Jesus


The greatest futility of man on earth is to be ignorant that there is a God who brought everything, there was, is and would be, to being, and by whose power everything, there was, is and would be, exist. Above everything, in and about life on earth, the greatest attainment of man is attaining divine wisdom because therein is the true life for living.

The first manifest organic attribute of God, for those who know God and know he exists, is his WORD (for those who can appreciate that the first information about the personality of the Almighty God on earth is “God ‘SAID’ let there be light…”. This is because many before us, who shared and handed down our present believe, said they “heard” him.

I have since believed them and I live in that experience, as they lived. God forbid it that I should live in self denial to please any mortal being. I forbid being nice in any way but I will be good and do right. I refuse to be nice.

And of course God sees, hears, feels and let me cut this short, he is more than any creature, especially man, can express. While other created tendencies appreciate and draw close to the creator, we, humans, are always far away.

Birds dare, the trees dare…the ocean, the wind, the sands of the earth, and even the vulnerable creatures dare to express what God made them for, expressing him in themselves but man is off his course from God. And God is very merciful God.

Now the greatest futility of those who believe in God as the creator of all things and by whose power everything exists, is not to, at least, identify God with his WORD.


Only man has the capacity to express God to other creatures and to order them. This is the primary duty of man. Today, it is the man that abuses earthly space and put everything in creation at risk.

Now, I pray that wisdom, rather than foolish arrogance, takes over everyone’s understanding of what I am about to say. And I mean it: only one man on earth has claimed to be “the WORD of God” and that s is an important revelation to humanity, every other “messenger” only claimed to hear, see, feel God, but only one man said “I AM THE WORD OF GOD”. Today, my following the claims of Jesus gives me this boldness to say that in spite of what my physical world says or depicts, I will desire, beyond any sense of life, to be the embodiment of the WORD of God.

You will never be one with Christ if you do not express yourself as the WORD of God, which he has given in letter and in spirit. Don’t people prophesy…seeing with God’s eyes? Who did we believed (whose report)…God’s or the men who brought him to us?

Jesus did not come for Christians, he came for humanity. He came for Muslims too, he came for the entire mankind as Adam II. This is not about religion, it is about our common lives on earth, how we can live in brotherhood.

Now to the Christians in Nigeria, I question: from the onset of our experience as a nation, how much have we evangelize the Nigerian Muslim communities? Do we think the Muslims are not also under the obligations of their religion to evangelize the Christians? How they do it should not be the business of Christians. Its like Cain getting distracted from his offering by his brother’s.

I see a class of no good pretenders all over the place. I talked about the arrogance of Oyedepo and his bad teachings used in casting intellectual spells on God’s children: I got disappointed with how some people I respect so much became quite uncomfortable with my write up. Nobody faulted the message but they frown at the insults I threw. I reminded them that Jesus used whips on people that were older and higher in religious rankings than him, and called the rulers of the temple “foolish, hypocrite and blind”. He was just 32 when he did so, and I am 52. What are we can talking about here please?

I clearly identified people casting intellectual spells on people who should be allowed to grow spiritually and become the WORD and people feel bad for me? Men of Nigeria, cry for yourselves, lest your house be left desolate.

We are a part of God’s word and our mission on earth, after Adam’s misadventures, is to retrace our steps to when man and creation flowed in the harmony and unison under the delegation of man, who is given the ability to issue WORDS, not just sounds like other creations.

It is what I call “word to heart craft”. The heart is the only venue anywhere that man can meet God personally. But God can chose any way to manifest himself to even stones.

It is therefore as mandatory for us to understand that the words we generate from our hearts come to our mouth and embodies us. If Nigerian Christians think they are in trouble, it is because that his what they embody – trouble.

Jesus suffered innocently for the right things, let’s pray that the present suffering is not because we have failed as Christians. This is true: If you watch Nollywood movies, that is how Christians are seen by Muslims.

It is said that as a man dresses so he is addressed. We are a great disappointment to humanity. With this type of life, we crucify Jesus the second time. Curse is he who having tasted of the first fruits of God falls back in unbelief. Remember Judas Iscariot!

The instruction of our lord is for us “to occupy till” he comes and went on to ask “shall the son of man find faith on earth when he returns”?

We read, yet lack understanding. Nigerian Christians are edging for a religious war because they gave too much space to the Muslims and have forgotten how Peter’s chains dropped, how Jerusalem’s gates opened on its own accord at midnight and how the Church was busy praying for him. Church leaders have left everything on godliness and are now defending their collection of tithes.

It is from a big shame of irresponsibility and selfishness that Church leaders cower under government officials. If all these thieves see the church as one body in Christ, I tell you, Nigerian Christians, the Church in Nigeria has the capacities to constantly determine who rules us, Muslims joining us also.

It is a very big shame on the Church in Nigeria to cry about Islamization. It a concession to being foolish and very ungodly. Tell me that the Muslims attempt genocide and I will look at it again but to fear Islamization anywhere is a product of a static dysfunctional mental state. How can anybody force a thought on you? God sees the heart and his judgment will come from the products of the heart.

I say it again, Church leaders in Nigeria should all be arrested and prosecuted for applying our Naira in obscenity, without returning necessary taxes. The Churches should create their own currency to compete with our Naira, to boost it, and not to allow them “take” it freely from Nigerians and “use” it to wear out and tear down our economy “without any contribution” to the economy, for what is Nigerian’s, taken from Nigerians and applied in Nigeria.

It is the height of thievery and government is playing nice and holy with these usurpers. Let them who have ears hear ooo!

I am Ini Morgan reporting for Jesus