Upon my persuasion that spiritual things can only be explained by the mindset of God, I am very troubled that those who have handled the words of truth have digressed more to canonizing and sensual-icing the things of the spirit. It is a certain certainty that a natural mindset cannot understand the things of God because they are spiritually discerned.

I have accepted to live in the best way I can afford and be of no offence to myself and to my fellow men in flesh and blood. I have never hidden my


imperfections nor pretended about how I feel about the parallel between natural and spiritual things. I make sure I do not hide the facts of my fallibility – in flesh and blood and I do not hide my celebration of the life that cannot sin though fallible, because my righteousness is of God and no man on earth is competent to validate me. The righteousness of God is unconditionally imputed to anyone who has the mind of God. This is because I know that nothing can come out of my flesh and blood that can help me in eternity. My flesh is my covering, and my blood is the testament to the temporariness of my natural state (can anyone change the content of blood?) – both make me sense my natural needs, pains and the pulse to express them, but God is above all.

I am conscious that although I have a divine duty to do unto others as I desire that others do unto me, and sometimes I strive to do better to others than I desire them to do unto me (exerting intense pain upon a point of pain relieves the original pain instantly), I have long realised that there is no limit to goodness: no one can outstretch the good – it has no elastic limit nor a yield point because no man is good but God. No man has the perfect righteousness in himself, this is why no natural man is God. But the life of God is available to all who would “come” to him as a suckling, purging himself of all natural wisdom.

So, I live in the consciousness that I am not bound to please anyone on earth but God. I am also persuaded that it takes faith to please anyone who desires to be pleased. Brothers and sisters, I would not volunteer my spiritual bread for dogs inasmuch as I will neither stop them from accessing the crumbs that falls from my table. So my messages are for the “deep” who can “call unto the deep”. My confrontation, if any, is against the descendants of “thieves and murderers” – your “politicians” and your “heads of churches”, who keep the truth away from “children”, making them deformed in godliness.

I am instructed to understand that though the rich man gave not to Lazarus, Lazarus still made his wounds available to dogs because it was all about his flesh and blood – nothing to do with his eternal destination. Reading through his spirit as I was meditating upon his story, I heard him, sitting by the rich man’s gate and singing Jim Reeves’ “This world is not my home”. That song was sang already in the spirit time before Jim was gifted with it, this is why Genesis 1:1 starts the way it started. If you get what I mean: the human natural and spiritual history began in verse 2.

So I strive more for a blameless conscience and a fearless spirit. I care to tell everyone who would listen that after realising that I can stand before God and converse with him boldly, I made up my mind to stand boldly before any man – whosoever he is and I will say the issues from my spirited-mind as I care to, even if it draws offenses because as long as it has to do with the truth, offenses must come. I am not bothered by the opinion of those who take offence in my spiritual disposition.

This is why it is important for me to say that any believer (I will spare Christians and believers of other religions this one): any believer in Christ who has not conquered the fear of death, has no part with Christ, because a believer has already been delivered from the power of death and has passed from death into life – there has been a Passover already. This is the message of the RAPTURE, I do not know who is coming along with me.

Why should the believer be awaiting the rapture when he is available for it? What is rapture in the first place? I am persuaded that unless John the beloved was under rapture he would not have seen and written about the end of all things bodily: let my readers hold onto this.

I will take three Merriam-Webster dictionary meanings of what is defined as rapture: 1. A state or feeling of great happiness, pleasure or love. 2. The final assumption of Christians into heaven during the end times, according to Christian theology. 3. A mystical experience in which a (human) spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things.

All three definitions are clear but the subject matter wishes to capture the second and third definitions in the essence of pushing my believe that Christians have dwelt too much on canons and have sensual-iced scriptures. The icing on a cake makes the cake beautiful to the eyes and it captures the messages intended for a celebrant but it is not a part of then actual cake. Interestingly on children can really enjoy eating the icings on cakes.

We have refused to understand why Jesus hid the truth of scripture under the cloak of parables, such that his apostles would usually ask “what did you mean by that parable, lord?”. We are all bound to be in that same confusion when dealing with the letters of scripture: the letter kills but it is the spirit that gives life – not just any life, but the life of God.

The other day I talked about the 2-way baptism of the Holy Spirit – that by the dove (witness, the sent) and that by the tongues of fire (regeneration, refining). It is possible to have the father baptize you by the dove as he did Jesus. This is the baptism that raptures the natural man bodily. The joint work of Logos and Rhema in a natural man transports him into eternal life. Whether in the body or out of the body, it is possible for the natural man to be seated with God in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus according to the promise of Jesus in John 16:12-16.

This is therefore the spiritual day:

That at creation, the entire human history was enshrouded in both physical and spiritual darkness in the womb of the Holy Spirit. The physical darkness was that which God solved immediately. He provided for, and handed over the solving of the spiritual darkness on earth to the “innocent” man (Genesis 1:14-15): this is why the man’s conscience became the sense of spirits after the fall of Adam, and it became the duty of the fallen man to ensure he sustains a blameless conscience before God (Romans 14:22-23 – emphasis on “whatsoever is not of faith…”) to attain the baptism by the dove – the baptism for the messengers of God.

That initial human spiritual darkness continued to the darkest point in human spiritual historic day when Christ – the only innocent man after Adam – hung on the cross to die for the sins of all men. The human spiritual daybreak soon came when he resurrected from dead and the human spiritual historic early morning sun rose when he was taken into glory. The human spiritual historic day then progressed to the mid morning with the works of the apostles and the institution of the spiritual body of Christ – the church and the bride of Christ. If the brightest part of the day is noon, and in Christ there is not night, can we not now know how we are available for rapture and can we understand why the human spiritual day is just a 12-hour day day before God? This is therefore the dispensations of Christ’s spiritual work on earth when the first faith of God was instituted on earth having found the right heart in Abram, a heathen, to birth it:

1. The dispensation of the spirit of the unrevealed Christ: when Christ walked with chosen men from behind the veil. The life of faith was instituted on earth for natural men to access.

2. The dispensation of the spirit of the revealed Christ: when Christ walked in the body of Jesus to meet John the Baptist in order to fulfill all the requirements needed to establish the righteousness of God on earth.

3. The dispensation of the spirit of the glorified Christ, when Christ ministered the spirit of righteousness to his apostles and upon the Church, his bride; to adorn her for his wedding banquet.

4. We are now in the dispensation of the spirit of Christ’s wedding banquet, the final feast that will usher in the completion of the spiritual history of man when the man comes to the “true light”, and he knows Christ as he is and he is also known of Christ. Rapture is therefore the end of spiritual darkness for the natural man. The mystery of 1 Corinthian 15 will find its vent as a follow up to this another day.

Who is still awaiting the rapture? Do not be like the Foolish Virgins who spent all their time waiting and not been ready for the marriage feast, who realised themselves when Christ was already at his banquet, who were distracted because they had no burning lamps and missed admission because they deserted the venue to find oil for their lamps. My message is rare!



The above phrase is a part of our “marching-in” song for presbyters’ procession into Church to signify the commencement of Sunday service. As a member of the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) in Daura, Katsina State, I was a chorister, one of four soprano leads in the school choir.

Recalling that song brought the words of Jesus back to me:

“…no man COMES to the father but BY me”.

It came upon me one day to know and note that the way Christians imaginarily visualize the illustrations of scripture defines how they appropriately or inappropriately understand the word of God.

The impossibility of understanding the true implications and applications of scripture is evidential in the truth that nothing pertaining to God can be effectively and effectually understood and appreciated by the natural mind, because the things of God are spiritually discerned. A Christian must have the mind of God to decode his word.

It was in regards to this fact that Jesus told the Samaritan woman “…believe me, the hour comes when neither on this mount nor in Jerusalem shall the father be worshipped…and now is when the worshippers of the father shall worship him in TRUTH (the word) and in SPIRIT, for such seeks the father to worship him”.

John 14:6 says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the father but by me”.

A very profound scripture. Like I said earlier, the way our imaginations tailor the illustrative vision of scripture to us determines how appropriate or inappropriate our understanding of the knowledge embedded in the scripture will be. Noteworthy is the fact that there is no faith on earth that has shown to have diverse misunderstanding of its scripture than the Christian faith.

There are so many independent ministers of scripture, who have developed various doctrines and several manuals for Christian living and their leadership persuasions. Evolving so many “dos” and “do nots”, welding the chalk and cane as instructors, to teach and harass their followers into slavish submissions.

Pastor Abel Damina, an Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, based founder of “The Power Chapel” on Nwaniba road, in a Church led by my friend Rev Tony Ibok, where he was invited to preach in 1994 or thereabout, in a congregation I was a part of, in Zaria, Kaduna State said “I am your shepherd and you are my sheep: the shepherd drinks the milk from the sheep, while the sheep eat grass”. I immediately sensed his misappropriation of complimentary illustration.

In the literal relationship between the sheep and its Shepherd, both are of different creative species, but in conveying the literal implication of his illustration, knowing that in his own case, both sheep and shepherd are of the same specie. I thought it was insensitive and callous, even insolent to say humans eat grass to give milk to their pastors, just because he needed peoples’ money.

Jesus fortunately told us that he is a shepherd who lays his life down for his sheep; not one given to drinking their milk, while they eat grass.

So many Christians have located themselves in various Churches under various teaching which makes each one of them to see the other as “not doing ‘it’ well'”.

The bane of our present day Christianity has been this attitude of Cain: spiritually speaking, this Cain-like attitude has created a lot of ignorant Christian-murderers and vagabonds, who have shown our world the wrong picture of Christ and further pushes the world away from him.

If Cain had concentrated on his sacrifice and was not distracted by Abel’s, he likely would not have been fixated on the responsive nature of his brother’s offering to the extent of hating him and wanting him dead.

When we refuse to be our “brothers’ keepers” because of the things they choose for themselves, we automatically wear the shoes of Cain.

This apparent division in Christianity is caused by the partitioning of Christians by those who attire in shepherds clothing but are hirelings in their hearts (John 10:1-16). They show themselves outwardly to be shepherds but know inwardly that they are hirelings.

My angst against every Nigerian “man of God” is his receiving tithes by the dictates of the Levitical law, but quickly refer to Melchizedek receiving tithes from Abram, when they know so well how scripture makes it very clear that it was the King of Sodom who was the beneficiary of the materials that made up the tithe Abram committed to Melchizedek – not to touch the things of Sodom, lest they say they made him rich (Genesis 14:21-23) – no man goes to war with his own personal goods.

This is what brought the words of Jesus back to me this morning.


Imaginatively, we can choose to see this scripture illustrating Jesus as a GATE through which every man should access the almighty God. Or more appropriately as the bouncer at the gate leading to God.

In this reasoning what the mind would probably not ask is where this gate is located. If the mind pictures Jesus as been a gate or the bouncer at the gate, then there must however be a location for this to happen. No one in this category of thoughts would usually ask about the location as my kind of mind would.

Many Christian willingly assimilate trash as living water, even when one is solid and the other is liquid – the sense of differentiation is completely deaden by laziness to “study to show…” oneself “…approved”.

It is therefore the duty of a preacher who ministers to his congregants on portions of scriptures to elaborate more on the true meaning and implication of the words of Jesus, like I will quickly do now, as one born in, and out of season.

“No man comes to the father…” literally means you cannot access the father. The natural imagination would picture an access way and a manned gate. This is indeed truly wrong.

Jesus did not limit the possibility of accessing his father to the “way” alone, and “no man comes to the father but by me” does not necessarily indicate a gate on the way. Luke 13:23 clearly illustrates this fact, even using the picture of a gate: “strive to enter in at the strait gate…for MANY shall desire to enter therein, but SHALL NOT BE ABLE.

So even if our natural minds should picture Jesus words as a gate, it is clearly an unmanned gate which only one’s ABILITY, however feeble it may be, can grant him access. Therefore it will draw the wrong conclusion to picture Jesus as the bouncer at that gate.

Have we asked ourselves why amongst all the multitude that followed Jesus about, only 70 were privileged to be assigned as Evangelists? Have we asked ourselves why amongst the 70 Evangelists that constantly walked with Jesus, only 12 were chosen as Apostles? Have we asked ourselves why amongst the 12 Apostles chosen only 4 had faithful testimonies they left behind for the Church?

These men saw, heard, touched and lived every second of each day with Jesus but yet, with this relational privilege they enjoyed, one betrayed him, one denied him, another doubted him, and none except one recognised his voice when he called out from the shores of Tiberias (John 21:7). So it is possible to be with Jesus and not know him enough.

Why then should we trust a spiritual descendant of Judas Iscariot or Thomas to lure us with been with Jesus and to lead us astray? It is clearly not enough to be with Jesus. Your faith requires its work. Even salvation, which is free requires a personal work.

Nevertheless, even those who were not as close as the Apostles were with Jesus had something to testify about him, like the writers of the 4 synoptic gospel, but unlike Mark and Luke who only documented the life and times of Jesus’ incarnate ministry, Matthew traced Jesus from Abraham through 14 human generations (a doubly completed divine apportioning) in 3 divine earthly manifestations of Christ – from Abraham to Christ were 42 generations of human genealogies (Matthew 1:14) as it would take “42 months”, as stated in Revelation, to reveal the called, the chosen and the faithful.

Matthew revealed the doctrinal interpretations of the old law, laying the foundation for the calibre of the new wine and its wineskins. While John dealt with the spirituality of the new human specie privileged to live the life of God on earth.

So apart from the “way”, the 2 Apostles who were privileged to have their testimonies captured as synoptic, both stationed their testimonies on the TRUTH. This is where ones imagination picturing Jesus’ word as a way with a manned gate is diversionary from truth.

What made the writers of scripture different from those close-rangers with Jesus, was that while others were lazily enjoying the “sights and sounds” of Jesus, they documented their testimonies and for the 2 Apostles who wrote, they meditated on the words of Jesus and searched the scripture. Matthew 1 and John 1 testifies to this truth.

So “many are called but few are chosen”. We have seen also that it is not enough to be chosen…you must be faithful to “feed the household of God” appropriately. I made this clear in my book “The Mystery Of Unbelief”. There must be a personal effort to ensure the ability to “enter therein” at the “strait gate”.

If men who walked, ate and slept with Jesus all of the more than 3 years of his earthly ministration and still could not leave any tangible testimony about him, some even leaving bad examples we should not follow, how pitiable you are who is located in running around with pen and note pads trailing every “powerful man of God” taking notes of his own personal testimony of Jesus, acting in the place of the Holy Spirit for you.

That man has no crime if you cannot see how he spent his own time to “search the scripture” (5:39) and to seek the “comforter, helper, guide, teacher, and revealer of things to come (John 16:7-15) in order to dutifully vacate the same responsibility he shares equally with you before God, and to think that you pay for this in one way or another makes you pitiable – for been too busy to have time to seek to know God.

If he is that good, why not desire to be like him, if you cannot envisage been better than him. Week in, week out, you sit and listen to your pastors in the manner of Judas, Thomas, Nathaniel, and others who sat and listened to Jesus with no spiritual impartation for the lost world – even Apostle Philip, though left no testimony, was recorded as been separated from others as he went into the world preaching Christ and winning souls until he faded away when he met Paul’s team in Caesarea (Acts 21:8).

Israel failed and lost the eternal grace- impacted life of God to the Gentiles because when God descended upon Sinai to speak to them, for each Jew to hear his voice, they all refused and chose Moses to hear and talk to God for them. The same thing we are doing these days, when we require our pastors to speak and hear God for us…would Christ need to die again?

Imagine if every church-goer was like his Arch Bishop (let me use the highest Pentecostal rank), we would either choose to be idle before God, or we would go out there, with power following, to evangelize a dying world, a world where ISIS are winning the souls of European youths and converting them into blood thirsty monsters.

We would have no need for “Sunday school”, no need for “Bible studies” and “Sunday service” because we will also have a diary jammed with programs of our assignments around the world, like our pastors do – now you can imagine what the world would become, if we all do this.

I surely hate this recycling of “Church-goers”. Nobody cares how much the church is proliferated and bastardized. A kind of people who will sing “by the Rivers of Babylon…how can we sing ‘the lord’s song’ in a strange land'” while Ezekiel sat with them seeing the visions of God in “open heaven” in the same “strange land”. This was the 2nd pre-incarnate manifestation of the Christ on earth to Israel, as a dong in their mouths, but the refused to sing “God’s song”, even when the Babylonians were instigating their salvation.

“Must I go an empty handed…must I meet my saviour so, not one soul with which to greet him?” The body of the communion Jesus served in the upper room was the typical body of the first law Moses broke on Sinai, the 2nd had human input which burdened it with human traditions and hence was nailed to the cross. That broken law was bread, today it is our Bible – the compendium of scriptures.

Habakkuk 2:3 says “For the vision (of God) is yet for an appointed time… though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come – talking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We have the communion of the body freely given as our Way and our Truth, and scripture say to “see the father”, we must “wait”. Isaiah 40:31 says “They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength (they shall not be tired)…” The “strait way that leads to life also has a “strait gate” we must “enter” therein-to…by our own efforts.

Until we give in to our searching the scriptures the same time our church leaders give into their own search, we will never experience the voice of the Holy Spirit talking to us, we will only hear our leaders’ voices, and we can be unfortunate to start living and speaking like them – this is sub-human bondage.

I refused to see Jesus as a gate or a bouncer at the gate on the “Way” to life. In the first place, he is not only the way, he is the truth and the life. At the point you get to the strait gate (when you desire to know God), you meet Jesus, who brought you this far by the “way” of access he grants by his sacrifice, who embodies the “truth” (Knowledge of God – God is True) and the “life of God” altogether – “the words I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63), then we will be glad to “learn of” him, not by the mouth of men but by the unction-persuasion of the Holy Spirit.

It happened to me in 1997, and again in 2007. Both instances have produced 6 books including “The Voice Of Silence”, which law enforcers quote to those they come to arrest. Yes! Silence has a voice only God hears.

Without the truth and the life, we cannot possess the ability to enter in at the strait gate that leads to life. The “Way” leads to the gate, but your ability to embrace “the Truth and the Life” enables us to access God.

We cannot ask for what we do not know, nor can we seek in a direction we have not determined, nor even knock on a door that is not in sight. This is what waiting on the lord entails – spiritual knowledge, not tutorials from men – it is the knowledge the Holy Spirit alone that imparts and impacts believers to see God. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to lead you to God, to show you those things that Jesus said he could not accomplish in telling you in scripture.

The first trip of grace-militancy is getting the believer to the strait gate. Many “spirit-filled” Christians are located here, as in “few are chosen”: this imputed election is by the knowledge of Christ – the word, but that is just one arm of eternal life.

The law (word) of God is upon two tables – one for God and the other for Christ (our fellow man) – Jesus said what you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me – effectively relinquishing all privileges due to him to his human brothers (all men).

The other arm is the knowledge of God (John 17:3), which is conveyed by the Holy Spirit, completing the Communion of the bread and wine. Listening to men cannot and will not make you see God – your pastors can see God and tell you who he is…that is their testimonies, what is yours?

“No man comes to the father but by me”. The body that brought grace and truth is available, dwell therein, seek the Way, ask for the Truth and knock on the strait gate…when you do, wait, do not loiter nor stray away from the gate, cast all cares on him, remember the foolish virgins – were they really foolish because they had no oil in their lamps, or was it because they left the gate and missed the wedding feast? Could their pastors have told them like they do these days, that without oil, one cannot find admittance into Jesus’ banquet?

Rather than miss entrance into the wedding banquet because of personal oil, attachment to Christ’s grace is allowed – he is our sufficiency. If he did it for King Hezekiah during his temple renewal of worship, when so many “unclean Jews” were permitted by God to worship, suspending the law, Jesus can accept us if we wait on him, even without oil in our lamps – there is no night with him.

We must be in the banquet hall before the gates are locked up – this is what matters; nevertheless if your lamp is oiled or not – your works will be tested by fire. Seeking oil outside the gate can rob you of “coming to God” – do not be arrogant, for what is hidden from the wise and the prudent is what suckling make meat of – this is the prototype of the Kingdom of God and the antitype of our earthly Church-systems.

“We refuse to be what they wanted us to be; we are what we are, that’s the way its going to be”. If my words are not strange to your ears – because they are new to Hunan ears – then you are under the Holy Ghost baptism; congratulation!




I started this piece as a commentary on Facebook when I opined on a friend’s post on the subject of the proposed law, which Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State is desirably pushing to legalize in licencing of religious processions and outdoor activities they may, futuristically, wish to embark on in the State. As much as I am not privy to the content of that bill, presently before the Kaduna State House of Assembly, I am however under the obligation to call my fellow brothers and sisters, Nigerians; especially the Christian fold in, and of Kaduna State, to take heed that they do not portray our common faith in a very bad light. My admonition therefore centres on the urgent need for the Christians in Kaduna State to align themselves with scriptures and dutifully project the life of Christ whom they profess to believe and emulate.

We cannot be spiritual in singing “this world is not my home, I am just a passer through…” and at the same time seek to demand for worldly “religious rights” that are not captured by the foundation of the Christian faith – the Holy scripture, nor by the constitution of the Federal Republic. One thing that must be effectively noted in this is that, though the constitution of Nigeria permits “the freedom of worship”, it is blind to any religion or religious practice. It is therefore illegal for anyone to demonstrate any religious issue before the Nigerian State. Nevertheless, it is allowed by our laws, that any abuse of the permission granted by the constitution for the “freedom of worship” to breach public peace, a responsive government should take the obligation to address such abuse in whatever way it deems appropriate and necessary for the sake of the people it governs.

The religious activities, and the continuous public show of rascality by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), by their usual and unscrupulous obstruction and disruption of the free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the roads of Zaria, where I spent 25 years of my life of orientation, in Muchiyan Dan Auta, has not been able to, and cannot justify the number of young lives lost in the hands of the Nigerian Army almost annually in Zaria. The usual fracas that almost annually pitches the Nigerian Army, in an arrogated war of superiority, with members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) is something any serious government must ensure it nibs in the bud.

In the face of these clashes between the Nigerian Army and the Shiite group, methinks the bill seeking to outlaw public show of religion, promoted by Governor El Rufai, is a positive responsive step in the right direction. It is therefore upon this believe that I am concerned about the prominence exhibited by some “Christians” in Kaduna State, whose worries are purely political, in seeking to confront and resist the promotion of “the El Rufai Bill. In my opinion, I do not think that Governor El Rufai, as Chief Security Officer of Kaduna State, has any kin reason whatsoever to tailor this creative bill against the Christians population in the State.

He, however, surely has a duty to contain the annual belligerence between the Nigerian Army and Shiite believers. It is for this reason that I wonder what the beef is with the “Christians” who are spearheading the resistance to such a very commendable and positive step put forward by the governor to ensure peace and safety for the generality of the people of Kaduna State. I am therefore here to address those “Christians” who seemingly appear to be happy with the kind of bloodshed constantly witnessed in Zaria.

Let me therefore take us into a particular aspect of Christian truth that we need to put before us; but let me start by quoting a revelation I received from the Holy Spirit in the year 2005: “All the believers of Jesus Christ are Christians but not all Christians are believers of Jesus Christ”. I am very sure that there is nothing vague in the above quotation that should limit ones understanding in appreciating the fact that most people who profess Christianity are ignorant of what the word means, and since it is possible for them to bring the Christian faith into disrepute by “loving this present world” and relegating the truth needed to set them loose from the chains of spiritual ignorance and despondence, their acts should be examined against the background of what and who they profess to believe; in case they are trouble molders, makers and shooters.

A time was when Jesus was passing through Samaria, coming from Galilee; and he permitted his Apostles to go into Samaria to eat and get necessary supplies. While they were gone, he made to rest at Jacob’s well: Jacob dug this well during one of his relocations as a wandering pilgrim in the Palestine wilderness.

The Samaritans were mixed children of Jewish men and Gibeonite women. The Gibeonite were, as punishment for their deceitful characteristics, the fetchers of water and hewers of wood for the Jews during the Exodus: the movement of the people of Israel from Egypt to occupy their “Land of Promise”. Their men were made to live separately from their women, until the Gibeon race gave way to the Samaritan race. When the Jews finally inherited Canaan, their Promised Land, they located the Samaritans outside their camp. That location was called Samaria. The Samaritans were half Jews.

As Jesus sat at the well under an oak tree, there came this Samaritan woman, who scripture says had married 5 different husbands previously, and was at that time living with a boyfriend, came to fetch water out of the well. Jesus asked her for a drink: a request no Jew would dare make from a Samaritan, least also knowing she is promiscuous – Jesus told the story of her life to her face. So she was surprised and sensed that this Jew (Jesus) must be a prophet, because prophets in Israel at a certain time in their history were the Oracle of God, in spite of their Kings and Priests. So it was easier for people to relate with them, because they were accessible and accommodating in the face of their very restrictive laws – this was the reason Prophet Hosea was permitted to marry a prostitute.

Having the privilege of meeting a seeming prophet, and as someone who, in spite of her outward credential as a prostitute, desired the true worship of God as her inward credential, asked Jesus, “why are you, a Jew, asking me, a Samaritan for a drink?”

One conversation led to another until she asked Jesus, “I sense that you are a prophet, now tell me, our fathers worshipped on this mountain, but your people say that it must be in Jerusalem that God must be worshipped”. The distance from Samaria to Jerusalem was note-worthily far, mountainous and deserted. The Parable of the Good Samaritan, which tells of a man lying almost dead on that road, who suffered the attack from robbers, captures the usual risk people take to transit between Samaria and Jerusalem. In spite of this fatal danger, the Jewish authorities made the “Jerusalem worship” demand on the Samaritans only because they anticipated their tithe returns.

Jesus told her clearly “neither upon this mountain or in Jerusalem shall you worship the father…Time is now, when the TRUE WORSHIPPERS of the father shall worship him in TRUTH and in SPIRIT, for such SEEKS THE FATHER to worship him”.

On the matter of worship therefore, Jesus Christ makes it very clear that no Christian requires a location to worship God, if you get what I mean. He also makes it clear that there are those who God seeks to truly worship him. In my opinion, this is the truth that should be clear to the Christians in Kaduna State.

However, I am aware that in spite of the truth that there are God-worshippers, sought by God to worship him, our communities are filled with God-seekers, people who seek God to worship: they are yet to find God. These are they who go about and around, disturbing everyone in their communities in the name of the Lord. They are loud, greedy and deceitful. Their targets are to enslave ignorant men and rob them of their wealth and self-respect.

Yes! Governor El Rufai can ask those who seek God to obtain licence for their search: if gold diggers pay for licence, why should not God-seekers? Who/which is most precious to God-worshippers: God and gold? They should even pay for the licence to seek God. God has not sent them to do what they do.

Granted that there are definitely those who should seek God, but these are those who have not come to him yet. Jesus Christ says “Come unto me, all you who labour and are heavy laden; and I will give you rest”. How then can, and why should those who seek God claim to know him? And if they know him, why are they not at rest from seeking him? Anyone who arrives his destination needs no longer to wander naa! He should be at rest.

But I tell you of truth, no man nor power on earth, not even a billon El Rufais, can stop the activities of those who God seeks. So in Christianity, their are two divides: believers and church-goers. El Rufai is not targeting believers with his bill but the Church-goers.

I say it very loudly, that ALL who go to Church are nothing more than Church-goers, but the difference between a Church-goer and  a believer in Jesus Christ is in how they positively impact their communities.

This is why I support the locking up of all the community-oppressing and noise-making Churches in Lagos. All State Governors are duty-bound to replicate this commendable policy of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, to arrest the noise-trespassers in their various States.

It would not be that because Islam requires the “Call to Prayer” in their religion, Christians should hang megaphones upon the externals of their church walls. Nevertheless, it is appalling that while the Moslems’ call to prayer takes less than 5 minutes, these copy-cats’ take a minimum of 1 hour.

I hereby call on the Federal Government to start imposing taxes on the Churches as long as the legal tender they receive from Nigerians are in Naira and Kobo because their Jewish example had Temple Shekels into which regular currencies are exchanged to allow the monetary transactions within the Temple. This was the matter that led Jesus to accuse some operators of the Jewish Temples as those who make his father’s house “the den of thieves”. This is the picture of the Nigerian church system and Government must not shift any ground for them.




It wont be wrong to say that the erstwhile governor of Rivers State conceded his mandate to govern Rivers State early in the life of his administration. It was widely reported recently that his successor and the foremost beneficiary of his political patronage, Governor Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike, in a stakeholders gathering in Port Harcourt recently labelled him “the biggest mugu”. It is for this reason that this article is looking at how political patronage should not be articulated. It is sad to observe how thriving political cooperation and partnership fail because of devious political calculations by excessively ambitious politicians.

A political leader is not one without the following and support of the people over whom he superintends. This was why, in the Biblical account of the intervention of Abraham in the war in which 4 kings won against 5, it is recorded that Abraham arrayed 380 menservants in his service, ambushed and overtook the victorious armies of the 4 kings recovering all – both economic and political powers – that were taken away as booties of war from the Kingdom of Sodom.

That account has it that when the King of Sodom received and celebrated Abraham’s victory, he asked him to take all the properties of Sodom he recovered but hand his people over to him. It was certain to the King of Sodom that he could never be King  over Sodom without the people, so he volunteered to negotiate and concede the economic power of Sodom to Abraham for the restoration of his political authority over his people. So it takes the following of the people for a leader to exert political authority and relevance.

Amaechi’s Political Laxity

In the case of Rivers State, and because of the unfortunate circumstances that led to Olusegun Obasanjo’s “K-legging the candidacy of Rotimi Amaechi as flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2007 Gubernatorial elections in the State that led to his withdrawal and substitution with Celestine Omehia, Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike, the incumbent Governor, who amongst others believed Obasanjo’s action was a travesty of justice, voluntarily, with the support of others, took the matter up legally and won back Rotimi Amaechi’s mandate at the Supreme Court in a rascally judicial ruling that set aside an equally rascally executive impunity. It was this victory that led to the seizure of the  authority of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as Governor of Rivers State by Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike from the very beginning.

The first two appointments Rotimi Amaechi made immediately he took over  as Governor of Rivers State were that of the Secretary to the Rivers State Government, which fell to Magnus Abbe and that of the Chief of Staff Government House, which fell to Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike. From thence, every politically enlightened resident of River State knows that Nyesom Wike, from the shadows, ran the first term of the Amaechi’s administration from 2007 to 2011.

Of particular note was Wike’s insistence in June 2009 that one of Amaechi’s personal nomination to the State Executive Council and his Commissioner of Lands be dropped from the cabinet because, according to him, he must be in charge of all appointments relating to Obio Akpo Local Government Area, from where he comes. That Commissioner was compensated with his appointment by Rotimi Amaechi for having sheltered him when he was on self exile at the time the legal battle for the restoration of his mandate was been fought. This was the first indication of Wike’s resistance to Amaechi’s authority; and a governor in the skin of Godswill Akpabio would have handled this challenge differently and sternly but Amaechi was cowed into submission. It was a golden opportunity Amaechi missed in resting the political intolerance of Nyesom Wike but he chose to be a nice man. There was  entirely nothing Nyesom Wike desired in Amaechi’s government that he did not take except if it had to do with the interest of the first family at that time.

The Politics Of Amaechi’s Second Term

In the days leading to the 2011 general elections, and as a political maestro whose eyes was on the future, Nyesom Wike emerged as the Director General of the Chibuike Amaechi re-election campaign organisation; and used this position to build the bridge of reconciliation across to meet all the prominent politicians who were aggrieved with the continuation of Rotimi Amaechi as governor of Rivers State. Of particular note was his mid night visit to the residence of Celestine Omehia to persuade him to withdraw his governorship candidacy of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and to support the re-election bid of Rotimi Amaechi. Though he did not succeed with this bid, he succeeded in closing ranks with Celestine Omehia and majority of those who were not disposed to supporting Amaechi’s governorship. Nyesom Wike enduringly cultivated the Peter Odili political dynasty, which was already relegated to the background in the politics of Rivers State.

When Rotimi Amaechi commenced his second term administration, one of the major decisions he made was to remove Nyesom Wike from Rivers State. If Wike was given any opportunity to choose what office he would love to occupy between 2011 and 2015, he would have chosen to remain the Chief of Staff Rivers State Government House for the security of tenure, especially after conceding his senatorial ambition to Dame Patience Jonathan who insisted that George Thompson Sekibo be given a second term mandate in the Senate.

Rotimi Amaechi, having endured been in the shadow of Nyesom Wike during his first 4 years as Governor of Rivers State, according to reports, pleaded with President Jonathan, who had already made up his mind to give a former President a slot to nominate Ama Pepple as minister from Rivers State to represent the South South zone; and had personally penciled his erstwhile Foreign Minister, Odein Ajumogobia, for reappointment, to discountenance the reappointment of Odein Ajumogobia and relieve him of the menace of Nyesom Wike remaining in Rivers State by considering him to represent Rivers State as a minister.

This was how Nyesom Wike became the Minister of State for Education in the Jonathan administration. It was at this point that Rotimi Amaechi conceded his second term mandate again as Governor of Rivers State and this may have been the only reason why Governor Wike recently called him the “biggest mugu”.

The question is: what would have happened if Rotimi Amaechi had dropped Nyesom Wike from his cabinet and anchored his helplessness to compensate him upon President Jonathan’s decision to reappoint Odein Ajumogobia as minister? It was at this point that Rotimi Amaechi missed it all politically and this cost him the stability of his second term regime. It was ensured that he remained a mere figure head in Rivers state; and only the sympathies of majority of Nigerians, especially the Civil Societies that kept him to complete his tenure because “impunity” was relocated to Rivers State.

The Emergence Of Felix Obuah As Rivers State PDP Chairman

It was “flying news” carried among close associates of Rotimi Amaechi at the peak of his political war with the Presidency and the leadership of the PDP; and at the time when the Presidency was embarrassed by his emergence as Chairman, Nigerian Governor’s Forum that Nyesom Wike decided to use the Certificate of Return issued to confirm Godspower Ake as Chairman of the PDP in the State, which he had detained in advance as a political strategy to cash in on the patronage of the first family and the PDP national leadership. That Rotimi Amaechi allowed him to keep that certificate on behalf of GU Ake and the PDP was another “mugu-ish” mistake he made.

At this time, Rotimi Amaechi was suspended from the PDP and was no longer the party leader in Rivers State; so the continued allegiance of Godspower Ake to Rotimi Amaechi, and the reserved slight Nyesom Wike felt with the appointment of his arch-enemy in the politics of Obio Akpor Local Government Area, Tony Okocha, as his successor to the office of the Rivers State Chief of Staff, woke him up to the occasion and he demanded from President Jonathan and the PDP leadership to allow him lead the battle to snatch Rivers State from the grips of Rotimi Amaechi; and he did this dirty, never minding the notoriety.

Nyesom Wike produced the certificate that returned GU Ake as Chairman of PDP in Rivers State, which was in his possession and requested that the party national leadership issued another certificate in the name of Felix Obuah as the Chairman elected in the congress that produced GU Ake. They got the returning officer to that congress and the PDP Chairman for Edo State, Dan Obih, to endorse the new certificate and to accept to testify as a witness before the Federal High Court that declared Felix Obuah the duly recognised Chairman of the PDP in Rivers State.

At this point Rotimi Amaechi began his struggle of political survival. The menace of Joseph Mbu, the judicial and legislative crisis that engulfed the State during this period are still green in the memories of Nigerians. Both Dame Patience Jonathan and Nyesom Wike ensured  that Amaechi did not enjoy stability in his governance of Rivers State.

The Battle For The Political Soul Of Rivera State

Upon gaining ascendancy to the leadership of Rivers State PDP, the support of the presidency and the backing of the national leadership of the PDP, Nyesom Wike spent and was spent to ensure that the State PDP was remade in his image. He established the Grassroots Development Movement (GDM) as a PDP bloc; which he ultimately transformed into his campaign organisation to contest the 2015 governorship elections in the State. He spared nothing in ensuring that GDM was entrenched in every ward in Rivers State.

While Nyesom Wike was welding and building political influence, consolidating his hold of the polity, rebuilding the broken walls of the Odili political dynasty using the apparatus of the office of the Minister of State for Education, Rotimi Amaechi was distracted with canvassing other aggrieved PDP governors to consider a political realignment outside of the PDP. He constantly flew over the Nigeria skies and sometimes got officially detained via his private jet in order to frustrate his bid to actualise the marriage of his PDP team with the All Progressive Congress, which at that time had built a multi-party merger to procure victory in the next elections.

Whenever Amaechi was in his State, it was either Joseph Mbu or Dame Jonathan that would shut him in from using the roads in Port Harcourt. On an instance he was embarrassingly blocked from accessing his officially residence along Forces Avenue in GRA Port Harcourt. All credit for the survival of Rotimi Amaechi during this time rests squarely on the table of Lai Mohammed, the APc National Publicity Secretary, who opened up the window that showed the world the effectual impunity the regime of President Jonathan exerted on the government of Rivers State.

The 2015 General Elections In Rivers State

The campaigns that culminated in the 2015 elections in March and April peaked the political rivalry between Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike and their contest for the political leadership of Rivers State. A neutral view of the situation at that time showed the ambition of Nyesom Wike as the one to beat. He was clearly “shoulder above” every politician in Rivers State including the incumbent governor. He had his ways where the governor could not have his. He showed political finesse in how he emerged the PDP governorship candidate for Rivers State. While everyone ruled him out of the contest for being from the same Ikwerre stock as the incumbent governor; promoting the emergence of a candidate from the riverine bloc, Nyesom Wike concentrated on building the fortunes of the PDP in the State.

It was rumoured that Dame Jonathan supported the aspiration of George Thompson Sekibo and other interests that were entrenched to take the PDP governorship ticket for the State. At the appropriate time, all Wike did was to showcase how the fortunes of the PDP were in his firm grip and how his non consideration for the party’s ticket would cost the PDP the government of Rivers State. He gave undeniable and very fearful proofs to buttress this fact. He proved how it was not about his ambition but about the wishes of the Rivers people to have him as their governor.

The only political structure the PDP relied on in that election was that of Wike’s GDM. Apart from these, he had warmed himself into the political consciousness of the “who is who” in the politics of Rivers State by appropriately channeling all subsequent political appointments meant for Rivers State and empowering several indigenes with contract allocations for the construction and renovations of primary, secondary and Al’majiri schools.

One character that stands Wike above Amaechi is that while Amaechi is a stingy man, Wike is offensively large hearted and an obscene spender of money. His residence is the most beseeched by every class of the Rivers people. Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike is one politician who knows when to eat the humble pie, stooping to conquer; while Rotimi Amaechi has always counted on his good fortunes such as Goodluck Ebele Jonathan enjoyed during his political ascension. He has usually enjoyed favourable court judgments and the peoples’ sympathies.

It was at the election proper, especially during the Presidential and National Assemblies elections that the political naivety of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi clearly manifested when he arrogantly instructed  all Local Government Chairmen to ensure elections did not hold in their localities and advised supporters of the APC to boycott the elections. This was the peak of his political shortsightedness and this is the reason all elections into the National Assembly were upheld by the Election Petition Tribunal for the State. That boycott ruled them out of gathering intelligent evidences that could be used at the elections tribunal.

I share the same polling unit with the Oji Ngofa, the incumbent National Assistant Secretary of the APC and I observed how he prevented the elections from holding in my unit and jumped ship a few minutes later. I waited until 5pm that day when INEC Ad Hoc staff left with all materials intact. It was the next day that I heard that elections held that night as I was preparing to return to my polling unit to vote. It was indeed over and this was how Amaechi instigated the entire loss of the APC in the National Assembly elections including the rulings of the elections tribunal, which rulings on petitions differs from the one ruled on the State Assembly elections.

I suppose these are the reasons why Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike had the audacity to call Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the “biggest (political) mugu” and I have chosen to put all these to the record as a lesson for politicians to learn from, especially political leaders, for them to know that politics is like a gamble. Like Kenny Rogers wrote in his song, the gambler – “you’ve got to know when to hold on, know when fold up, know when to walk away, know when to run…you never count your money, when sitting there at the table; there’ll be time enough for counting when the deal is done”.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi did not recognise “the time of his redemption” and he is today still struggling to keep his house from becoming desolate. He refused to learn the Kenny Roger way: “every gambler knows the secret to surviving, knowing what (who) to throw away, knowing what (who) to keep…for every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser, and all that you can hope for is to done in the win”.




by Ini Morgan

Every human being on earth is under the obligation of understanding scriptural prophecies, especially the ones which captures literal events expressive of what the Bible calls the “Last days”, and clearly propagated by prominent religious faiths in Nigeria. We are told that “when the world says it is peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes…” on the human race “…as the travail upon a woman with child” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

My mission here is to put my Christian brothers in Nigeria in remembrance of the Revelation of John, what he said of the “Beast” and the “Great dragon”, and to indulge my Muslim compatriots in reflecting what their Holy scriptures revealed about the Mahdi and Annabi Isa that should return to earth in the “last days”. It is interesting how on so many historical points, both faiths share similar insinuations, though from different points of observation.

It is therefore necessary, from time to time, to use the impressive situations around us to define the times apportioned in divine destiny, so that as it is demanded of us, as faithful servants, we should keep the welfare of the household of God, lest  the times will catch up with us unprepared and in the gnashing of our teeth (Matthew 24:50-51).

We cannot continue to kick against the goad of truth. The reign of the “Beast” and the “dragon” will be a reality as divinely prophesied. The emergence of ISIS in the Persian Peninsula, Al’Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular and the Far East, Al’Shabab in the African Magrib, Taliban in Afghanistan and other emerging “Islamic” terrorist groups; and their modes of operation, are manifestations of the spirit of the “Antichrist” at work.

There has never been a determined thrust, by any group of Muslims, whether rightfully or wrongfully, to pursue the realisation of an Islamic world order as it is presently been led by Islamic fundamentalists under different flags. No one should be deceived about its reality or its ultimate realization.  No one can do anything about it, not the US, not even Israel, but a personal commitment to God and his Christ will determine who wins this war. Few may see this as the emerging “Holy war” that should lead to “Armageddon” (Revelation 16:6-16).

The Bible book of Revelation has not told us how and in what religious appearance the “Antichrist” will manifest, but identifies him as a “lawless man” who would show himself off as “god“. Though we are given hard-to-imagine pictorials of what we should expect of and from him, Islamic literatures clearly talks about a “Mahdi” who should come by the introduction of a prophet in the name “Annabi Isa”, as the Muslims call our Lord Jesus Christ;  and he shall rule the world from the Temple Mount upon “Moriah” in East Jerusalem.

In Islam, the expected “Mahdi” will be a political, military and religious ruler, who shall force all governments on earth to submit to his authority. The principal objectives and deriving principles of the present “Islamic” terrorist groups also show to pursue world domination upon these trio-power platforms. It is clear how the Biblical and Islamic teachings find a common ground on this earthly government predicted for the “Last days”.

There will surely be a time of tribulation, according to Biblical accounts: a time when the “abomination of desolation”, spoken first by Prophet Daniel, and called to remembrance  by Jesus Christ, shall stand in the “holy place“, and the “man of sin“; the “son of perdition” shall sit in the temple of God, showing himself as god. But this shall be for a period of forty-two months (Matthew 24:15; Revelation 13:5;  2Thessalonians 2:3-4).

The “Antichrist“, who in my opinion may be the Muslim “Mahdi” will change the present world order, will change times, institute Islamic order and be in charge of the world economy, such that “buying and selling” shall be by his approved “number” and insignia (Revelation 13:16-18). All who will not worship him would be killed, just as the groups of terrorists have compellingly initiated. Biblical prophecies also show how he shall have great power to demonstrate signs and wonders on earth.

I shall be finding time to draw the attention of the world to the need to understand scriptural “land and bench marks” to prepare our readers for the times that have emerged and shall soon come to pass. It is happening in parts of Iraq and Syria, where Moslem fundamentalists are slaughtering Christians and non Islamic conformists on a daily basis, this is very novel. There are also countries already under strict Islamic rules. However, the principal targets of these “masked and marks men” is to Islamize America and Israel. With these two giants under their waist bands, they would take the world like a booty of war. The present struggle to take Jerusalem from Israel, the conspiracy of the US and the placement of the ancient Jewish temple under Islamic restrictions is very instructive.

All conventions of terrorism is therefore aimed at these two nation States. A time will surely come when ALL humanity will face this reality: when the conquering of established national authorities will spread throughout the earth, and Islam shall be imposed as the official religion of every nation on earth, but there shall be a remnant of those who shall escape this imputations and fundamental impositions on humanity. According to predictions from both the Christian and Muslim literatures, this dominance will be briefly consummated at “the end of times”.

A charter is believed to have been agreed upon by foremost Islamic terrorist groups to take territories under different flags and Caliphates, but the emergence of the Islamic State group seem to have changed all that, as the intention of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, head and founder of the group, is clearly to bring all fundamentalist groups under his command by either subduing or annihilating them. The trending fundamentalist ideology of the Islamic State group attracts more voluntary radicalized Muslim recruits from all over the world.

The conversion of Taliban supporters to ISIS in Afghanistan, their current war differentials, and the caution from the “Emir” of Al’Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi to see the “Jihad” as one struggle under God’s sovereignty is also very instructive and compelling.

Christians in Nigeria MUST not take what is beginning to set in upon our polity for granted: the deceitful display of political disobedience for a Presidential directive by a subordinate-bureaucrat and the constitution of legislative authorities through the evil imposition of desperate self interests was quite disturbing. As we watch the manifestation of a certain nouveau political hits and revenges, let us pray that God’s will alone be done on earth as it is  done in heaven.

What is now left for Nigeria to fall into Islamic occupation will be the unfortunate instigation of civil disobedience by the emerging political commotion gearing its head to open the gates for the invasion of Nigeria by Islamic fundamentalists. Let us not quickly forget that ISIS has declared “North East Nigeria” as been among areas of its influence and they are already eyeing Nigeria for occupation, having indicated interest to align with the Boko Haram insurgents long ago. Their target is to use Nigeria as a traffic route into the US. The “technical defeat and immobilisation” of the Nigerian Islamic sect by the Buhari administration may be a sign of “stooping to conquer“.

I therefore advice the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and that of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) to stop their hypocrisy and pretenses. They should stop propagating the fear of “Islamizing” Nigeria, like Ayo Fayose did this afternoon in Port Harcourt, at the “thanksgiving service” to celebrate Governor Wike’s supreme court victory that upheld his election as governor. If they know the truth indeed, their fears should rather centre more on the foreseen adverse loss of the Christian faith by many of them when the great tribulation sets in. They are so gluttonous and so earth conscious in their pursuits that I fear more for them and those they continually deceive.

ISIS’ fire and sword also take Shi’ite and non-Salafi Muslims, Jews, Turks and Christians alike. It is therefore unsound to limit the wicked advance of these fundamentalist to Christians alone. The Boko Haram suicide bombers do not separate their Muslim “brothers and sisters” from Christians when letting off their improvised Explosive Devices.

When Nigeria will be “Islamized”, even the Muslims would be victims of the despotic rule of these extremists. So the CAN and the PFN should stop spreading unfounded rumour like they did during the “Buhari for President” campaigns. It is totally a “wolf cry”. If the scripture they preach talks about an Antichrist that shall arise in the form of a ferocious beast to overcome every authority on earth and force his personal worship, then where is the basis for their fear of Nigeria been Islamized? Should that be their focus than to “prepare saints” for the Kingdom of God?

Is it that they fear more for the loss of their earthly investments and religious powers over their “subjects“? In the blessed memory of singer Jim Reeves, I sing “this world is not my home, I am just apassing through…” Are Christians in Nigeria better Christians than those who in Iraq and Syria are having their throats slit, including toddlers; and we in Nigeria find pleasure in sharing the gory pictures of their experiences in new media? How long do we think it will take for others to share our own gory pictures, have we asked ourselves this question?

Scripture has certainly predicted an end time tribulation and I wish to think that it is appropriate that our attention should centre more on reading through the events around us so as to relate them to the truth left in our charge, than to continue in the pursuit of vanity and material glory. Do not those preachers who buy private jets say they did so to aid their “world evangelism”? How many of them have landed in the Levant for evangelism? Maybe, in their opinions, the members and leaders of the Islamic States are beyond redemption, so they do not have need to be evangelised.

Let them who are yet to gird on their armours of salvation boast than they that have put theirs off. It is better today for the Egyptian, Iraqi and Syrian Christian martyrs, they are holding on to their faith in the midst of a large and influencing population of Islamic fundamentalists. Would we be able to stand in the evil day as they have; and having done all, still stand as they have? Awon igbabo Najeriya wa, e ronu – Christians in Nigeria, reflect on this.

While our heads of indoctrinated congregations (I hate to call them Churches) are busy teaching Christians the arts of entrepreneurship, business methods and how to get married, with the aim of expanding their economic and monetary frontiers, they MUST be told that they need to prepare themselves for the rapture. I must quickly say that their private aircrafts will not fly them to heaven nor would their throats resist the slit of the fundamentalists’ blades.

I have news for them: that at the destruction of the two nations of Sodom and Gomorrah, only four members of one family were rapture-delivered, and in the face of this deliverance, one among the four was drawn back to the wealth she left behind. She is today an everlasting testament to the fact that one is found unworthy for the Kingdom of God when he puts forth his hands to the plow and looks back (Genesis 19:26; Luke 9:62).

We thank the Almighty God for the innocent souls he receives daily from the butchers’  slabs and knives of Islamic fundamentalists. I dare to say that to make heaven, there must be a deliberate need to show a longing for it and a personal commitment to gain an entrance into it. Wishing for it is like a beggar planning a chariot ride with horses, when he knows he has no fingers to freely sway the muzzle belts.

Inasmuch as NO ONE knows the day nor time when the end shall suddenly descend on us (Matthew 24:36), it is futile to fear the Islamizing of Nigeria. We should rather be praying for the grace to endure the tribulation to the end, so that we can be counted worthy of eternal life. It may, or not, be in our time but if we are children of Abraham, then we must see God’s word as Abraham also saw it, to guide our children aright and prepare the appropriate foundation for an everlasting generation of the faithfuls, knowing that we shall join in the “cloud of witnesses” and shall also “see” the fulfilment of God’s infallible words, when they come to pass. How would we feel for our grand children in Christ while watching this from the “clouds“, when we realise we I’ll prepared them for what they face?

Strait (difficult) is the way and narrow (unpleasant) is the path that leads to life (Matthew 7:14). He that saves his soul shall lose it but he that loses his soul for Christ sake shall save it unto eternal life. According to scripture, many shall desire to enter into eternal life, but they shall NOT BE ABLE. Meaning, entering into eternal life will not be about taking any PERMISSION TO ENTER, but it will be about having the personal ABILITY TO ENTER therein (Luke 13:24). To enter into eternal life is a personal endeavour.


Ini Akpan Morgan is a Port Harcourt based architect, writer, public speaker and political analyst. He is married with children. You can reach him via arcinimorgan@yahoo.com, he tweets from the handle @japheth_morgan.



Nigerians should first and foremost see the present administration’s “made in Nigeria” branding as a clarion call for the definition of our national character, before we can appreciate the call to patronise made in Nigeria products. If we do not “Nigerianize” our character traits as Nigerians, we would be wasting our efforts at reorienting the minds of Nigerians to their real problems. It is ineffectual to the philosophy of change for a young man to clearly buy Aba made shirts for himself and return home to sew “Christian Dior” or “Yves Saint Laurent” labels to them, just so that his friends would appreciate he is wearing shirts made by foreign designers. We must support our own to grow us into world class, than to disdain what is ours. Charity is sweet when it begins at home. This is what President is forcing us to characterize and to do.

Never had there been such a time as this in the history of Nigeria when citizens are sharply divided amongst themselves. It is quite frightening how those who oppose this present administration noose around so much to find faults to disapprove, discredit and embarrass President Mohammadu Buhari’s every effort at making sense of the terrible times his administration has so unfortunately fallen into. Nevertheless, as one appreciative Nigerian, I cannot but thank God for endorsing the Buhari presidency for Nigeria at this time. I just cannot fathom another Nigerian on the saddle of the leadership of this country at this particular time. It really takes “the deep to call unto the deep“. Nigerians should ignore our present propounders of economic El Dorado…they are liars and exploiters, noisemakers and deceivers. They are crying wolf because this is the time for their own hunger and they fear been ran-out of “business as usual”. Nigerians just have to get this right, right now! There is nothing President Buhari can do at this time for us except “to ensure that Nigeria remains lubricated for thework in progress'”.

Why won’t we watch lest we allow our sentiments bring us to lie upon ashes?

I am aware how the last presidential election caused a near deadly division amongst Nigerians: the Christians against the Muslims, the north against the south. The west/north conspiracy against the south south/east coalition. The religious, tribal and regional dispositions of opposites led to the suspicion that that election might end in the disintegration of Nigeria. Thank God, because what men proposed, God disposed. We thank God, that election held and by it Goodluck Jonathan won for himself the status of a selfless statesman. Nevertheless, for the topic of this article, I hold him responsible for how he “privatized” our Commonwealth after personalising the presidency, making the presidential stool a furniture any family member can sit on in his personal living room. “The man who loves to play with dogs must prepare for the day he will return  in shredded clothing” is an Ibibio proverb.

My assignment here is to call the attention of my brother-Nigerians, especially those who religiously and very passionately hate President Buhari to the point of wanting him dead mysteriously, to a time when a cabal rose in the presidency to attempt the thwarting of the privileges designed by our laws for the benefit of the then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan. I am reminding the Nigerians on the aforementioned divide of how all Nigerians rose under the banner, or supporting the cause, of the “Save Nigeria Group” (SNG) to bring Jonathan to the Office of the Acting President of Nigeria.

As God himself had destined Jonathan for greatness, he called Umar Yar’Adua home to eternal rest. Jonathan ascended the throne of his political fathers on 5 May 2010. The euphoria of that moment engulfed about 99% of Nigerians who demonstrated their approval for the Jonathan presidency; except for the 1% who “gathered themselves together against the lord and his anointed“. Everywhere and anywhere, Goodluck Jonathan was considered a divine imposition on Nigeria, and he became the man whose name “broke his kernels for him”: never mind that he earned a doctorate degree in zoo-keeping. I dare say that 99% of Nigerians were all in support of Goodluck  Jonathan. Never a time was when any president enjoyed such pan Nigerian support, except as was demonstrated in the June 12 2003 mandate of Moshood Abiola.

“‘I have rejected you as king over my people’ says the lord”.

In the face of the aspiration of the north to return to power in 2011, and in spite of efforts made by Babagana Kingibe, Yar’Adua’s Secretary to Government, before his principal’s death, to ensure power remains in the north should Yar’Adua dies, the north, through their governors, supported Jonathan to clinch the 2011 presidency. Jonathan won the 2011 presidential election in more states in the north than the northerners who contested that election with him put together. I dare again to say that I knew when God rejected Jonathan as President of Nigeria. It was like God’s rejection of King Saul Kish-Benjamin of Israel. Jonathan lost it all when he began to fight an internal war in some States in which his wife had so much private interests, abusing the powers we entrusted to him. He fought this war to an extent it polarized the nation. At the close of his administration he recruited characters that helped nailed his image into the coffin of political irrelevance as an unsound leader. If the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ever needs him, it will be for his well starched money. He appeared to many as a robot manipulated by 5 women. I once called him a ‘“woman’s wrapper”.

I came this far, rather, to show how ungrateful my brothers from the south south and south east have been in their response to, and payback for the north’s unreserved support for their altar ego at very impossible moments in the life of this country. This is uncharitable and despicable, it is selfishness and the evidence of the affliction of a warmonger-demon in the midst of Nigerians. Of course, we can accuse the north for always hanging unto power, what do we call this attitude and response of the defunct easterners, one of whom I am, to one man’s lost in a presidential election. Why should it be a reason to seek to actualise a clannish revolt because the taps – of free meals and wealth from redundancy – are shut up? I would have ignored their wailing save for the need to educate Nigerians that the present free fall of the Naira is a positive development for Nigeria.

Why should a people confess God with their mouths but deny him in their activities?

The scriptural history of the Egyptian and the lesson embedded in the “7 years of plenty and 7 years of draught” was ignored by both Nigerians and their leaders: this is where that ignorance has brought us…to pay back for the period of the plenty we enjoyed. Whoever wishes to propound economic and fiscal policy-theories should continue, but it will be the height of satanism for anyone to insinuate that God has no powers to call nations to accountability, at any point in their existence. Why it was better for the Egyptians was that they had a dreamer-Pharaoh and visionary-Joseph, who both rose to the occasion. God raised Jonathan up for this kind of purpose, but he slumbered away without a dream like Pharaoh’s, and could not seek a man to plan for our years of lack – this was why God rejected him as Nigeria’s president. How can we escape such divine tribulation? We suffer because our leaders have not been accountable and the led have been naive and unconcerned, some even support those who bewitch us with their lives. Why should we not pay for our wastages? Is God no longer true and righteous in his judgments…can anyone indict him?

For what do our importers really use our import licenses and foreign reserves?

The following is the abridged list: refined petroleum products in the face of 4 moribund local refineries and modular ones labelled illegal; rice: this is in the face of the Jonathan agricultural revolution, which showed us some mountains of home grown rice in Doma, Nasarawa State: that may have been a Photoshop but evidentially, the Abakaliki rice farmers in Ebonyi State need government collaboration for extension farming at this time; wheat and corn: these are effectively grown in the north and what government should worry about is aiding farmers with storage and processing channels (revenues would be generated therefrom); cars, clothes, shoes, used clothes, used panties and bras – who imagines such insensitivity of purpose? Tomato generated paste, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetable oil, fertilizers, damn human hairs, milk, wine, sugar, steel, wood, biscuits, paints, pots, cups…and the question is: how do our exponents of Naira devaluation and free market enterprise explain the reason why our Naira should be devalued to afford the items listed above? I think Nigerians can sincerely do without them, if it must be our own dollar vault they would need to invade to accomplish these.

Are they pretending to be intellectually sound because they still want to operate Nigeria’s economy as a circus for greedy men and opportunists? These are what we achieved as “the largest and biggest economy in Africa” – the importations of finished goods. Away with the colony of people with reversed reasoning. Otunba Mike Adenuga came into national prominence as Chief Executive Officer of the defunct Devcom Bank. In the era of failed banks, his bank was one of the first to go down. He fled abroad and today he is a very big player in Nigeria’s communications market, tightly milking Nigerians. In the era of “round tripping”, young treasury staffs in banks became money lords who came together to establish banks like the Standard Trust Bank of Tony Elumelu; the Guarantee Trust Bank of Fola Adeola; the All States Trust Bank of Ebitimi Banigo and the Zenith (Trust) Bank of Jim Ovia- they all came into the Nigerian monetary market with “trust banks”, but how much do they individually trust themselves? The present problems we are facing is a crisis the banks and Bureau De Changes are profiting from.

Why President Buhari is tightening his noose around Nigeria’s foreign reserves

This is the picture Nigerians should see: Government has refused to make foreign exchange available from its vaults for frivolous “imports” sourcing, so the alternative is for importers to approach alternative markets for the foreign exchange they need. Now the question is, if government no longer issues its foreign exchange, and the banks and BDCs cannot access government vaults, where are the foreign exchange fundings coming from that is causing the crash of the Naira? They are from the same thieves who stole from us, those who benefitted from the Jonathan foreign exchange election briberies, politicians who desire all legal and illegal payments to them in Dollars – let us recall when Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi called the attention of Nigerians who have money to go and purchase the Dollar because a time will come when it will payback very well. That is a “visionary leader”.  These are the speculators of the present suffocating foreign exchange rate some Nigerians are losing sleep about and busy propounding theories around – mercenaries targeting the continual fleecing of ordinary Nigerians. They are the ones flooding the market with their dollar booties, selling them at the best negotiable rate they like. This is the good news: that one day, their Dollar vaults will dry up, even if it takes the Naira to cough out a thousand of itself to wager the Dollar, or those who buy from them would refuse to continue buying. We can only suffer natural needs for a time but God is abundantly able to deliver us from this curse.

Yes! The Nigerians who milk their countrymen lacking the love of God have brought all these on all of us and like the president said “this is our moment for sacrifice” and supplications to God. Why are our businessmen not interested in sourcing direct foreign investments (DFIs), spending our foreign reserves on heavy machineries, combine harvesters, tractors, lathe machines, research equipments, processing units, turbines and other developmental and industry-driven goals? Why would those who import finished consumer goods not rather encourage foreign manufacturers to build their products assemblies for the processing of their products here – than to call hell to break loose because a few fleece-demons sucking the blood of our commonwealth cannot lay their hands on our N199 to $1 rate? This is in the face of the possibility that they can turn around and use their $1 got at N199 to exchange for N400, making N201 for doing nothing, in this same Nigeria, like it happened during the Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha administrations. I believe that after this “Makosa dance” of theirs, they will be bent into line. Nigerians need to be patient with President Buhari.

Let us recall the history of the present circus show called “…foreign exchange market rate”

Let us appropriately locate the blame for the free fall of the Naira: when Yakubu Gowon said “Nigeria’s problem is not money but how to spend it“, he prophesied our nemesis. At this time $3 was exchanging for N1. At the end of the military regime of Mohammadu Buhari in 1985, $1 was 90k. By 1986, as Fela Anikulapo captured it in one of his songs “they introduce 2nd tier, everything come tear to pieces”. The Second Tier Foreign Exchange Market (SFEM) of Ibrahim Babangida opened our foreign reserves and gave the Dollar a free reign over the Naira. That foreign exchange regime gave birth to the “failed banks” era. It was in his administration that the dollar gained prominence over the Naira for the first time, exchanging at N17 to $1. Babangida received the dollar from Buhari at 90k and left it at N17 to $1 for Ernest Shonekan. To support my position on Nigerians fleecing Nigeria for themselves, let us recall when people like Aliko Dangote emerged in our economic consciousness; Raymond Dokpeso, Ben Murray Bruce, Otunba Mike Adenuga, Otunba Subomi Balogun, and Femi Otedola, whose father was Lagos State governor at that time: these men all benefitted from the weakening of the strength of the Naira in the international foreign exchange market by the Babangida administration.

Rather than allow the economy grow, they insisted on their personal economic growth. As it stands today, these men are waxing strong internationally whilst Nigeria is fast depreciating in her honour before the world. Let me briefly expose the hypocrisy of the examiner of the “common sense” philosophy – Senator Ben Murray Bruce, whose name in itself is not a Nigerian brand. Take his business brands also, are his brands of businesses “made in Nigeria”? If it so portrays, why can he not sell his business brands to the northeners? So people like Senator Bruce should shut their mouths up. If Ben Murray Bruce wants to propagate the “made in Nigeria” brand, let him begin with his name and businesses. It is not a Nigerian brand for young women to expose themselves in their briefs to the free view of licentious men.

President Buhari has no need to raise another class of young Nigerian dollar-billionaires against the growth of our dying economy

The present  exponents of devaluation are descendants of those who propounded the same devaluation of the Naira during the Sani Abacha administration, and are quickly pointing to that era of their economic progenitors, in comparison to the Buhari administration. Sani Abacha pegged the Naira at N22 to $1 when it exchanged for N85 in the parallel market. This is like President Buhari pegging the Naira at N199 to $1, while in the parallel market it exchanges for about N400 at a point. The scenario from the illustrated perspective is undoubtedly the same, but the half truth of these devaluation wizards is exposed in their silence over the truth that while Sani Abacha pegged the Naira at N22 to the Dollar and the parallel market exchanged for N85, issuance of foreign exchange for whatever purpose did not abate. Those who had access to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) foreign reserves, rather than using the dollars they got at N22 for imports or other economic-beneficial ventures, they injected the dollars received at N22 to $1 back into the economy by taking the dollars to Bureau De Changes, exchanging them at N85 parallel market rate, fleecing Nigerians of N63 causing an inflation in the economy that we never recovered from. From that time the Naira has kept descending in its rate.

It must be clear to Nigerians that during the Sani Abacha era, individuals and treasury staff of lending banks who had a access to our foreign reserves took their Dollars at N22 and all they did was to take them to BDCs to exchange at the parallel market rate making N63/dollar exchanged; for doing nothing. Whoever doubts me should trace when the present mega banks were established. It is clear how all our renowned bankers and business moguls are products of the exploitation of Nigerians during the Abacha era. Nigerians need to know the real owners of the BDCs in this country. Unlike as it was in the Abacha era, President Buhari has pegged the Naira at N199 and has also refused access to our foreign reserves for any frivolous import proposal, and also watching those who are hoping to take the dollars issued for exchange at the BDCs. How is President Buhari’s foreign exchange policy similar to that of the Abacha era?

These men find ways to handle government regulated exchange rate and deploy them back unto the economy through the BDCs generating levels of inflation Nigerians have been suffering. But God has chosen to intervene on behalf of the poor so that all Nigerians would appreciate the divine and understand how one cannot eat up his cake and still have it. My concern is upon the fact that the gloom-preachers of devaluation are distracting us from our real focus: praying for our leaders. The poor Nigerians have been suffering since Ibrahim Babangida. The economic theorizers should relax their “Satanic verses” and worrying about poor Nigerians. They do not need to also worry about the costs of food stuffs in the country. When we have built the right character from our present sufferings, the sustainable building of our economy will be secured, otherwise, if Nigerians refuse to build character as President Buhari is insisting we must, then we are hopeless and will still be enslaved to a merrygoround economic swings.


A Dino Malaye abuse of our foreign reserves



There is absolutely no need for Governor Ayodele Peter Fayose to hide under the cloak of a social crusader, a garb he is so incompetent to wear, to nurse and nurture his aspiration to dethrone Governor Olusegun Mimiko, the incumbent Governor of Ondo State, as the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDPGF). From the very beginning, when the governors of that unfortunate gathering of monsters called the Peoples Democratic Party gathered to accept the Governor of Ondo State as their chairman, this unfortunate political imposition on the good people of Ekiti State has not ceased to behalf like a tout of reason, which I wish to believe he is.

I cannot help but ask Governor Fayose to shut his mouth up and face the good governance of the people of Ekiti State, whose mandate he unfortunately stole with the connivance of erstwhile President Jonathan. His heinous acts against our laws and the people are not yet so quickly forgotten, neither can they be swept under the carpet of despair in anyway. Therefore his attitude of been distracted by President Buhari’s business only shows he has nothing to offer the Ekiti people in terms of concrete developmental policies; otherwise he would be too busy to mind another man’s business, which is far more challenging and demanding than his. After all, is he the only governor in Nigeria, so what is his distasteful melodrama all about?

A father who thinks the future of his children lies in their filled stomachs can only be suffering from chronic administrative myopia, and is it not a shame that he, as governor of a very small state in Nigeria, relies sorely on fiscal allocations from the federation account to find relevance in governance? Otherwise, why should he blame President Buhari for his inability to pay workers’ salaries in his State? I think it is the right time this touting son of a Togolese migrant father watches his mouth because he is surely one of those who enjoys the patronage of “a benevolent god who cracks his nuts” for him. If he fails to heed this humble advice, those of us who voted for President Buhari to lead this country will rally and make sure he gets five insults for each one he targets at our President. Did this idiotic governor realise how his unreasonable and obscene spendings in June 2014 to realise his dubious mandate would affect the economy of this nation? Is he aware that every cause has its effect? And that the effect of the free fall of the Naira in the international market derives its cause from the stupidity of spending hard currency within the country without productivity? Let those who care, quantify the waste Nigeria incurred by Jonathan’s light fingered hard currency spending in the twilight of his unfortunate regime, and from there deduce the present effect to the comatose state of our once vibrant economy.

Governor Fayose is shameless and overambitious. I therefore advice him to first of all draw up a policy framework for the development of Ekiti State and the people, only then would some of us see him as an effective governor. It is not enough for him to waste his State’s resources on filling the septic tanks in Ekiti State. Faeces happens to be the end product of the frameless policy he labels “stomach infrastructure”. To this common tout, the governance of his people is a huge joke. It is absolutely clear how dogs have licked the face of this being, who very unfortunately fell among the human specie instead of rodents. He should have emerged on earth as a rat and not a human being. His acts proves this as fact and those of us who cohabit with rats know how true this insinuation is about him.

The question he should answer is, how would President Buhari’s confinement to Aso Rock help the rate of the Naira in the international market, or how would it change the effect of the “mid night election spendings” and the abuse to our economy by President Jonathan? How did Ayo Fayose spend the $37m, which translates to about N12bn, doled out to him from our commonwealth to pursue his personal ambition? How is he expecting President Buhari to tackle the apparent budget deficit presently confronting his programs? It is quite ridiculous that Fayose fails to understand that the frivolous and unholy spendings they embarked on for very selfish reasons would backfire on the whole country. This is the evidence that the man is a dunce. It is only in Nigeria that this kind of a person can find relevance like Ali Modu Sheriff, a man who should be rotting in jail for having the blood of thousands of Nigerians in hand, but is today the Acting Chairman of his party, the same PDP. This is the calibre of people we have unfortunately been bedevilled with for 16 years.

I challenge Governor Fayose to teach us how President Buhari should undo the 16 years of the abuse of our economy in 9 months. Let him tell us how he expects President Buhari to help the present price benchmark of “crude” in the international market. A certain Lere Olayinka, the mouthpiece of this idiotic governor, is a semblance of his master’s peeled lips, he also is a product of cigarette smoke; so how can he be different and reasonable? It is an absolute minus for anyone to work with that misnomer governor, least, proudly representing him. Lere Olayinka is one belly-fool who would not mind denigrating Mr President to keep his meal tickets. We will let him enjoy his booties of criminality while it can last but he should not forget that when the cookies crumble, when the fowls come home to roost, then will be time for wound licking. June 2018 is just around the corner and the James Ibori saga should be a kind reminder for these kinds of dishonourable men.

What Ayo Fayose seeks from President Buhari is not at all hidden, because he makes it very plain and clear how he is expecting President Buhari to come after him. I therefore thank my President for ignoring him this far. I also congratulate Mr President for his perseverance and tolerance, another milestone I have endorsed and credited to the “change” mandate. We can comfortably recall how people like Ayo Fayose, whose only vocation is been loudmouthed and parochially vindictive, labelled President Buhari with despicable names, expecting nothing but his meanness, quickly referencing his 30 years old administration of 1984, in order to poison the minds of Nigerians against him, I think Nigerians must commend Mr President for proving all of them as liars and opportunity seekers. I therefore prophesy and so shall it be that after his tenure as governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose will become a jail bird; Nigerians should mark my words.

Is Ayo Fayose and his PDP now forgetting how they drummed it in our ears, at the height of the late President Yar’Adua’s illness, that the President can govern Nigeria from anywhere in the world? Have they forgotten so soon how they almost made Yar’Adua rule us for a time in his comatose state, upon his death bed from Saudi Arabia? Is it not rather preferable for a healthy man to govern us from anywhere in the world than for a dying man? I have only recalled that what is good for the choose is also good for the gander. How could Ayo Fayose so quickly forget our “Ajala Travel”? Who used a whole 4-year term junketing around the world, while Atiku Abubakar schemed to supplant his presidency. Fayose and his likes may think that they can fool Nigerians, but I have news for them – you can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Governor Fayose should not use his constant attack on our President as campaign strategy in his desire to unseat his colleague who is far better than him. He is not in any way comparable to Governor Olusegun Mimiko, though he also is a mimicking individual. I still remember how it was in Ado Ekiti, during the zonal campaigns for Yar’Adia’s presidency, that the then President Obasanjo openly and nationally called him a thief. Olusegun Mimiko served the Obasanjo administration as Minister of Housing. So I am sure his principal knew him better. Even with this characteristic, Ayo Fayose ought to understand how Olusegun Mimiko is a better administrator than he is. The crisis within the PDPGF, though not quite open to view, is a reality, like a chick; and it is subsumed in the overall crisis within the ranks of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the hen.

The Thanksgiving service organised in honour of Governor Udom Emmanuel, in celebration of his electoral victory at the Supreme Court, which held inside the “bird’s nest” stadium in Uyo, and the PDP governors who attended the service, patronized by no less a person than the founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is clearly depreciating in honour by his childish disposition caused by old age, clearly showed that all is not well with the PDPGF. There happens to be an unhidden competition amongst the heads of Nigerian churches to gain the most influential politicians in the country on their sides. So they do not mind throwing caution to the wind by proudly claiming the spiritual fatherhood of men who “walk the red carpet” on the blood of Nigerians, meaning they do not mind associating with murderers in the name of the Lord.

The governors who attended that Thanksgiving service were Governors Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, who himself was the first to oppose the imposition of Governor Mimiko when Senator Akpabio chose him to take over the mantle of the PDPGF from him; Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, who is using his attack on President Buhari as the pedestal for indicating himself as fearless; and Nyesom Wike of Rivers State. These 4 governors are in league against the leadership of Olusegun Mimiko as Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum; and their senior prefect is none other than Ayodele Peter Fayose, who is portraying himself as the only PDP governor that can stand up to President Buhari – he is just playing childish politics – he needs a good brain and the competence of his brought-up to actualise this.

Let me therefore appeals to all Nigerians to see the efforts of Mr President and support him in their prayers and supplications to the almighty God. Nigerians must learn to see the positive benefits Obasanjo’s globe trotting drew to this country in terms of debt forgiveness and realise how the schemes of people like the idiotic governor of Ekiti State is to distract our president from pursuing the repatriation of our resources starched away in foreign banks all over the world. I am sure Governor Fayose fears he could be exposed as one of these offenders and pilferers of our commonwealth. For Nigerians who think that President Buhari should delegate a subordinate to embark on the mission he is pursuing, I think they should understand how such a serious diplomatic issue like the repatriation of stolen funds from another sovereignty is, and how it is a matter to be treated by the dialogue between the Heads of Government because of the effects such repatriations would have on the economy on the repatriating nation. President Buhari’s trip cannot justifiably be proven to be frivolous by this uncommon noise maker.

We must support our President to recover all stolen funds kept in foreign banks. This is one area Mr President is targeting his anti corruption crusade, and not a million Fayoses, nor the entire PDP can do anything to hinder the success of this campaign. I plead with Nigerians to rally round this administration and support the efforts geared towards our redemption as a people. Long live President Buhari and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.