In every thing we do through personal choice, we can only be limited in our capacity to discharge whatever choice we make after we have believed Jesus because we lack the level of faith required to carry us through whatever we have chosen to do. Righteousness is not in what is done but in accepting what has been done. And as long as anything has to do with the Almighty God, believe me brothers and sisters, there is no wrong or right in humanity – right and wrong in humanity is an aberration of the knowledge of God. Adam, by this aberration in mentality did not finish his “first day” in eternity. Adam died “in the day” he ate of that tree. It takes the fourth dimension vision to see this. But I have made this clear.

God created the systems of schools: you cannot be wrong for being in the class to which you belong, classes are not personally chosen, they are allocated by the abiding authority after accomplishing complimentary assessments meriting an upgrade. So it is with human visual dimensions. It is creditable for any human being to seek whatever level of capacity he can sustain self to live comfortably on earth. No one can be wrong for being in the class he belongs, especially as God has made it applicable that failure is only when one can no longer attempt and aspire to succeed.

It is possible to physically do all things in the flesh in the fourth dimension. That is why we cannot say the elderly folks undergoing adult education in our communities, learning to read and write like primary school pupils, are wrong. We can only be patient with them to grow in their learning. No one can exhausts the life of knowledge because knowledge is open ended, and limitless: until you stop learning, you can still learn. It is in humanity that we “see in part”. No matter your view, only faith can take you through the 4 dimensional vision. The best nature can attend is 3 dimensions and this is with permissible self development in knowledge. The natural mind is 2 dimensional.

Arithmetic defines this fact in length and breath having acceptable results, but it takes Mathematics to go 3 dimensional and the word of God to go 4 dimensional. It was necessary for man to avoid the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: it was the tree that made man see his nakedness oblivious of the truth of the requirement for his being, he was made naked, to live naked and we forget quickly that it was the man, on his own, who began to look for clothes for himself, and today in Church, we are divided by what we wear. We judge others for what they wear but find excuses for madmen: did anybody get that?

There are classes people belong to in life, be patient with the other if you are, in your thinking, in a higher spiritual class: do not use your stage for the other man and don’t think he should see as you see – he could be seeing better than you – pluck out your limitations to see well how you should either learn from or be patient with another in things pertaining to the Almighty God. There are no good and bad in the spirit realm, we can only have fake spirits which in 2 dimensions we call “evil spirits”, they are imitator spirits – like the serpent in Eden, they change what brings liberating knowledge to attract the shackled one. By their fruits, we know them. Separate you from them warns the scripture.

Very simple things get me very angry, especially if I am disrespected. Turn the earth upside down, it won’t be my business, but take me for granted lousily and you become “leprous” to me, whoever you are, even angels given to attend to me. Do you know you have the authority to question what happens to you? You must understand how Providences are divine and how they can be sweet and sometimes bitter, but we must be persuaded about all happenings which are in Providence and providential. It is in our powers to judge what happens to us and not another. It is in your powers to question what you are not persuaded about.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end…they are new every morning…great is your faithfulness O! Lord!”. His steadfast love, his mercies, his faithfulness…what more can we need…are all inexhaustible and “new every morning” – entirely left to you to explore and exploit for your life on earth. We cannot exhaust God brothers and sisters. The more we drink him in, the more he is expanded for us, until we know him as we are known.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Absolutely nothing that I cannot do. I can do all things without specifics, and where specifics comes in in what I do, it should draws from the expedience of what I choose to do, because all things are allowed but not all are expedient. Now expedience comes in in order for you to judge yourself. Self judgment is permitted in scripture but judging another for whatever reason is completely forbidden. Even when God knew that Adam had sinned from his commitment to Eve whose commitment was to the subtlety of the serpent, rather than his word, he did not accuse Adam, he only sought him and from Adam’s act, he asked him some questions. It was really not about what Adam did if an holy God cannot behold sin, but in his faith in God and in his confessions – of the abundant of your heart, you speak and judge yourself. God condemns nobody but condemnation is self inflicted when faith flees the heart.

3 men on earth had the indwelling of the spirit of Christ in them. And they symbolize the 3 dispensations of Christ’s attempts to indwell humans on earth: Abraham, David and Jesus (Mathew 1:1 and 17). Noting the scriptural notification, it would be observed that there was a dispensation of Christ roving on earth finding a man to indwell but found no one to dispense him for that period, and the period was described as the time “unto the carrying away into Babylon”. This shows that God’s work still continues on earth with or without man’s input. I defend this position with God appearing in a “strange land” to Ezekiel at a time the Jews were refusing to “sing the lord’s song in a strange land”.

Ezekiel, sitting with the Jews by River Chebar, a river in Babylon, saw the heavens open and God sitting on his throne. He saw what no other Jew saw, he beheld the fourth dimensional, like Abraham saw Melchizedek, Paul saw Jesus. So, it was the Jews who were actually limited by their persuasion of God’s presence in a strange land. Nevertheless, the (Lord’s) song Moses wrote for them was for God to remember them in his desertion. So next time when you are enjoying singing the song “by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, where we wept, when we remember Zion. For there, they that carried us away captives required of us a song. How can we sing the lord’s song in a strange land”, let’s remember to see the faithlessness in the song, no matter how sweet it sounds. Yet God was there with them in a strange land, and they that carried the Jews captives felt his presence and for the sake of the Jews reminded them of Moses song and required of them to sing out their liberation, and another dispensation of Christ on earth, but no man was found faithful. In a whole nation none was found and for a witness against them Ezekiel saw God on his throne on a strange land. That song “by the Rivers of Babylon…” is the grandest exhibition of faithlessness by the people of God.

Do you then wonder why God seeks those who would worship him “in spirit and in truth”? Yes! God will not seek you for worship because you are on a mountain or in Jerusalem. God seeks the fourth dimensional vision for those who would worship him. He seeks those who have no limited vision, those who can see the supernatural in the congregation of the natural.

“Take my life, and let it be consecrated lord to thee. Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise”. At a point in my life, I sought the fourth dimensional vision and the Spirit of Christ located me according to my example. I believe Jesus Christ and recognize Abraham as the father of faith, but the life of David complements my life and so by the faith of God, my life is like the life of David. This is where I was bringing you this morning. In the eyes of those who judge David, there are several things David did that ordinarily were counted as sins against God, especially and particularly as it pertains to the Levitical laws and in n some cases moral: specified divine laws as at that time.

It was the Levites that were separated for the service of God and their supplies, clothing, food, duties were specifically specified and special to them alone in all Israel. Yet David, from the tribe of Judah, while the law of Moses was still in force in Israel, David wore the priestly ephod and ate the priestly showbread and went on with his life normally. By the laws of God he was qualified to die instantly like Uzza, who touched the Ark to protect it from falling to the ground. Yet nothing happened to David. In him was established the earthly kingdom of faith and today the State of Israel maintain their national flag as the “star of David”, and dares every country on earth, standing alone. Israel, as a nation on earth, is the only country that operates in the fourth dimension. Even when they advance for war in the Mosaic mentality, you find them “worshipping” and God counting it for them as “righteousness”. They are confident, bold, ready and always prayerful, even when faith in Christ is absent in their heart, they have the spirit of Christ hovering over them because faith came to us by them and it is our duty to call them to the faith of God.

Apostle Paul pleaded this in his Roman epistle in the 9th Chapter, and the 16th verse must be appreciated. But for us to get it in context, let us read the 8th Chapter comparing ourselves with the Jews and let’s appreciate how our distorted mentality keeps us chained spiritual to the flesh. We are more careful in what we choose to do than in accepting what has been done and living it out supernaturally on earth. This is what Romans 8:6 says: struggling to do right and to avoid wrong is being conscious of your carnality, and as we celebrate Easter this morning, let us remember Jesus saying “it is finished”, there is nothing any man on earth can “do” as pertaining to the life of God on earth more than what Jesus has accomplished.

Righteousness is not in what we do but in who we believe has done what we could not do, not been able to break from the mental consciousness of Adam after he ate of the tree. So if there is anything you cannot do in the flesh, it means you still see your flesh as yourself. My flesh is my vehicle, and I use it as I would my house given in service, my car given in service, my umbrella given to help my service and I should handle it to make physical life very comfortable and easy for me to discharge my duty to my fellow man – known in scripture as my “Neighbour”: affording everything I seek in life and raising contentment as my banner.

Like David, I live above every restrictive law in natural by the liberty I find in my spiritual mentality to allow the indwelling of the knowledge of God. Condemnation holds sway before God when it is self driven. No man can condemn you by the laws of God, neither would God, but condemnation stays with God for accounting on his day when self testifies to be in wrong. Romans 14:22b makes this clear. Make up your mind about what you want to do, filter its expediency and prepare to confront the devil with his lies by the knowledge of God in you: this is the ability which makes you able to “DO ALL THINGS”.

I serve bones, not meat, and not milk. Please pardon me where your sensibilities cannot generate the required grasp for some of my expositions here – I can understand limitations. This is not “April Fool”, it is the word of God made plain.

God bless you all.

Ini A Morgan

1 April 2018



Villa Ebenezer, Morgan Akpan’s Estate, Kilometer 2, Odot/Ikot Ubo Road, Odot 1, Nsit Atai Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Email: tel: 08033127653

29 March 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari
Aso Rock Villa
3 Arms Zone

Mr President sir,



Permit me Mr President to first of all use this concluding part of my “literary insurgency” to dedicate my sincere thanks to the Almighty God to you. Thank you Mr President for acting decisively as the national leader of the APC, at this auspicious time, it would have not augur well for Nigerians if you had allowed the elongation of tenure for the APC NWC. The question is: what have they been able to achieve in over 3 years of their leadership other than to “cut Bola Tinubu to size”? That is clearly what I see as their achievement all the while.

Mr President, I think it should worry you that the prominent voices in the APC today are those of the political nomads who betrayed the PDP with a “walk out” from the grounds of the PDP convention where n August 2014. You cannot trust people who are like that Mr President. They wined and dined with your predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, but when it mattered to their self interest, they all walked out on him. Mr President, please take note of each and everyone of them and you will observe that one thing classifies them: they are politically unstable, non ideological political participants and the violent ones. Their mantra is “do or die” Mr President, but you are the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, meaning you can command national violence to check parochial violence.

Mr President I am happy with you because I place two demands before you in my desire to make you “sit up” as the national leader of the APC and Nigeria’s Commander in Chief, and you have acted as national leader of the APC, Mr President, for the very first time: you were always hiding behind Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and each time you address him as “national leader of our party”, I see you mocking him because you would not convince me that you do not know that Bola Tinubu has been “cut to size” by those you overlook sir. It is your duty now to restore him by being guided. I am also here to do this guiding at every step of our national advance and need. I submit to the will of God and I believe that between now and the next election, you have a vital role to play in making or marring your reputation either as a reelected President or the oust one.

Mr President, please forgive me for talking too much, but in as much as there are issues to deal with, truth must be spelt out Mr President. It is after this fact that I wish to ask you to attend to one more letter from me. Let me use this opportunity to quickly ask you to step on the certain advance the Oyegun/Saraki team have initiated to truncate your desire for the APC to be well positioned to lead you to success in your reelection bid. You have instituted the “Tinubu Reconciliation Committee”, they have a good job to do, and please Mr President, support the Asiwaju to complete his work by the second week of May 2018, starting immediately, and the congresses that should lead to the elective national convention of the party on June 30 can start with the ward congresses in the first week of June, the local government congress in the second and the state congresses in the third.

Mr President, do you not wonder that the NWC of our party which appeared unprepared for any elective convention, desiring a regime extension has within 2 days of your rejection of their self propagation, have issued a timetable for elective congressess starting from 7 April 2018. They have clearly targeted the Asiwaju Reconciliation Committee for redundancy; Mr President, you must be consistent with your activities as national leader of the APC. The Asiwaju Committee is your personal creation, a baby you gave birth to, would you clearly abort it? Your reputation is at stake Mr President. It is in your powers Mr President to also kill the Oyegun/Saraki’s “Plan B” to unseat you diabolically. They know what Bola Tinubu will come out with if you allow him do his job independently. Mr President, none of these men can stand alone politically like Tinubu has shown political capacity alone since 2001, when he fell out with the AD.

Mr President, Please fault the time table recently released by the Oyegun/Saraki group in the face of your desire for the work of the reconciliation committee to be accomplished, and also fault the attempt by a committee which is vacating office in June, for another set of elected officials, to dictate what should happen in the new administration. Mr President, the shortest cut to solving your present problem – that of avoiding a disgrace at the 2019 presidential election and every inherent plot to betray you thereof – is to pass a vote of no confidence in the “working committees” of the APC at all levels, asking the members to resign, and ensure caretaker committees are set up with Adams Oshiomole as Acting Chairman, to work with the “Asiwaju Committee”, and like I insist Mr President you do not need the men who joined the APC from the PDP, but if Ayo Fayose desires to come on your side, he should be the only exemption. He knows where his cookies crumble. I can forgive him.

Mr President, the urgent matter for attention is to cancel the timetable the APC leadership just released for its bad timing and arrogating the plan already put in place as a next step in their futile attempt to “live longer” than they specially deserve. Place your desire for a reconciliation before them, and show them how their present actions is geared to sabotaging your desire for a reelection, declare your lack of confidence in the leadership of the APC at all levels, and ask them to resign. This is about your confidence Mr President, in a bunch of unproductive men and women, who cannot deliver their wards in an election but would antagonize a Kingmaker because of jealousy. These men should, Mr President. If they were decent, feel your blow of tenure rejection was and resign, but they are shameless. No wonder a Saraki boy, Bolaji Abdullahi, has been ranting about President Buhari having just one vote in APC NEC: he does not know that the APC is synonymous with your person and personality Mr President. Nigerians voted Muhammadu Buhari and not the APC.

Mr President, your work as the national leader of the APC is enormous and you must begin to show some muscles as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. You are not a coward and politics should not make you one. Be decisive in asking the members of the working committees of our party to resign. Put caretaker committee in place to work with the Asiwaju Committee and watch political “nomadicism” in Nolkywood. Let them go but you will retain members of the “legacy parties” that made up the APC before their rascally invasion. The problem with their leaving will not be APC’s when you do this Mr President, the problem will be on the political party that admits the ones that the Asiwaju would “cleanse” from the APC. You need peace in your party Mr President to win your reelection in 2019. And your game has already stated with your rejection of tenure elongation.

While standing in the gap for Nigeria and Nigerians Mr President, take note of my second desire in having you exercise your power as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces should the national assembly attempt to override your rejection of their attempt to alter the sequence of elections. The question they need to answer is on what or whose interest is the amendment sought? There must be an interest informing the decision to alter the sequence of election and this interest must be clearly national. We cannot contain an illogical and senseless demonstration of the dereliction of duty by a bunch only good at manipulating structures, systems and institutions to sustain self propagation in our social politics. Challenge the national assembly, and the Saraki/Dogara leadership to visit section 16 (2) (c) of the Nigerian constitution, Me President, and let them show you reasons why they should continue in office in the face of the gross abuse of that section of our constitution in reference to the revelation that members of the national assembly take N13.5m home every month against the N18,000 minimum wage and in the face of many more Nigerians, over 80%, taking nothing home: this is unacceptable Mr President.. Are they really representing the people or themselves Mr President? This is why you should think more on regimentation for the good of majority of Nigerians whom you represent (none of them had up to a million votes Mr President), than on democracy…we are a democratic work to be done, what we have is a very big lie.

To touch on few issues that should have been address in this epistle, for which I have requested of you Mr President that you allow your attention for one more letter from me:

1. Why would the NLC continue to agitate for increase in minimum wage when they constitute only about 18% of our population, and over 80% of Nigerians do not even know what a minimum wage is? It is fraudulent Mr President. What we need is wage balancing: between the highest paid and the lowest paid in the civil service should not exceed 2,000% fairly, meaning that if our minimum wage is N18,000 then the maximum wage should be N360,000. This will control price of goods and service in common markets and bridge the gap against obscene spending. Profit will be determined by turnover than on high cost of commodity. Operate the civil service like a construction site.

2. Time management is vital: we are cursed with the “African time”, and this “time” is a debased consciousness we have exported to the outside world Mr President. Yes! “African time” is a Nigerian creation Mr President and we are living with it normally irresponsibly. This is why our annual budgets starts in May every year instead of January: a corruption that is hidden and uncontainable. This is unfortunate Mr President.

3. Security reforms: Mr President, we do not need more than 1 IG, 2 DIGs and 6 AIGs and so for every security agency in the country dealing with internal security. The other levels of the security authorities should be as reasonable as demand permits. Mobilize funds drawn from closing many unnecessary security offices which are ineffective in protecting lives and properties of citizens, limit the reach of our securitt forces which extorts from citizens, and create from the funds mobilized two more security formations equivalent to electoral wards and electoral units all over the country, manned by inspectors and sergeants. Build “national centers” at every polling unit and registration areas, equipped with a hall, offices for police, civil defence, INEC, National Population Commission, National Identity Registration Commission and a “police cell”. Take the federal government to the polling units across the country and touch the people in our villages more closely. And Mr President if a citizen cannot serve in the national youths service corps scheme except he is a graduate of a tertiary institution why burden Nigerians with posting security operatives, who barely have home training, from their homes and communities, to carry guns around disrespectfully us: we prefer our brothers and sisters to insult our sensibilities than someone who would not insult his elder brother to come and he beating up our paramount rulers because they feel they are ” untouchable”. Kill the rumors of the “Fulani invasion”. Post every low ranking security man to work in his community Mr President.

Tax reforms: Mr President our laws permit corruption that is why it is hard to deal with. You need to introduce pleasure and property tax in this country tax drive to check and make thieves pay through their noise for flaunting houses and cars before citizens, wealth which they ordinarily cannot afford.

Mr President, it is in the light of these and more that I demand your attention for another letter. Thank you for sitting up as national leader of the APC Mr President. God bless you.

Long live Mr President

Long live the Nigerian federation

To the Almighty God is all glory, honour and majesty.

And to Jesus Christ, the Author of Peace and the sender of “a sword” for “peace on earth”, we bow our heads on our knees.


Ini A Morgan
Office of the Citizen
Federal Republic of Nigeria


This is a minimum demand for all office seekers in 2019. As a first call in my promise to list minimum demands for leaders seeking elective offices in 2019, I call for the activation of section 16 of our constitution, a section which has remained in the cooler from the commencement of the 1999 constitution.

I am determined to ensure that I shout this out to Nigerians to insist on their rights under our laws. This provision is a part of the fundamental OBLIGATION of government, not the one they have concentrated on for long.

Revenue allocation in this country should start with Section 16 (2) (c and d) before attending to Sections 84 and 124. Section 16 deals will revenue to “all citizen”. Let it be known that we have a constitutional roles as citizens to ensure that our laws are respected. Section 84 and 124 deals with less than 20% of Nigerians, embracing our leaders civil servants and their hangers on.

At least it is said, “first thing first”, and “first come, first served”: Section 16 comes first before section 84 and 124. And it is roguery to totally abandon a fundamental principle and obligation of government to concentrate on sharing the bread of sorrow.

To this effect, 30% of our annual national budget should be dedicated to vacating Section 16 of the constitution because it deals with revenue allocation to “all citizens”.

This is a fundamental demand. We must call our leaders to respect section 16 of our constitution and stop being selfish and bloodsuckers.

The beneficiaries of section 84 and 124 can have the rest 70% for themselves. If the like they build roads, hospitals, schools and provide the fundamental needs of good governance to the people.

After all, I provide my water, power, healthcare and education for my children and I need a touch from governance.

We are tired of having an N18,000 minimum monthly wage, while some Nigerians take home N13m monthly. We can no longer accept this stupidity from nonentities.

As political campaign starts soon, let this demand be the first call for politicians who seek office in 2019. We will only elect a lawmaker who would insist that the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission vacates section 16 of our constitution meant for all Nigerians before servicing Section 84 and 124, which deals with less than 20% of Nigerians.

This should be our first demand. I will progressively continue with other demands to put before us during the political campaigns.

We must free ourselves from the shackles of slavery, and prevent money politics and political violence by beating our politicians up when they refuse to listen to bus during the campaigns.

They are to listen to our demands and not tell us lies any longer. God will punish any labour leader who asks for any increase in minimum wage when they should he asking for reasonable gap in wage differences.

There are over 80% of Nigerians out there who do not know what a minimum wage is, and each wage increase to thieves and prostitutes makes market indices unbearable for the over 80% of Nigerians who are “not entitled” to minimum wage. This must change. NLC and TUC should take note.

Help us God

Ini A Morgan



A belated Sunday Homily for your encouragement:

I was in the crowd that watched a magical performance while still in Elementary school and I did this on my way from school one afternoon – so many things happen on street corners and open spaces in our urban centres.

The Muchian Dan’Auta Roundabout in Sabon Gari Zaria in Kaduna State, Nigeria was on my way to school. This magician, who decided to use the space by the transformer, took a bowl, took enough sand to fill the bowl, put some stones on them, he covered it with a white scarf, waved his magic wand over it and spoke strange things.

My mother had warned me about been distracted by anything on my way to school. But lately I have discovered how the Almighty has led me this far, using my yesterday to explain my today and leaving an assurance of a sure tomorrow for me, because I can look back and see myself in the palm of his hand. The footprints on my path in life are God’s.

So, I stopped by on the way that day and got distracted to watch that magical show, which event has brought up a picture to help me explain Truth today: on pulling the white scarf off the bowl, believe me brothers and sisters, here was some sumptuously looking cooked white rice, with stew over it and some balls of meat accompanying. The magician called out to whoever would eat the food he “cooked” from sand.

No one dared volunteer to eat, even when he assured everyone that it was edible. As appetizing as that food looked, no one dared to eat of it. So I pulled back from the crowd after some time, filled with awe, and left the place on my way home. I was likely 8 years old.

Today, I am reminded of a similar picture in the devil’s “Temptation” story, where asked Jesus to “turn stones into bread”. Jesus refused to turn stones into bread, even when it was in his power to so do. It was in the power of Jesus to ask and receive everything, whatsoever he requested of his father.

But one who personifies wisdom and understanding must ensure a blameless judgment when his justifications are judged. So Jesus refused to turn stones to bread even in the face of the painful hunger he suffered and in the face of the certain release he enjoyed from fellowship with his father: angels ministering to him.

It was after his mission fellowship with God was over, and he has received his mandate to wipe out sin and death that the devil came to tempt Jesus, seeking accusations against him. Noteworthy is the fact that the first Adam learned from God in a lush fruits filled garden but the Last Adam learned from God in a howling and desolate wilderness. Sometimes we must learn from the eagle:The devil came to Jesus when he was already at liberty to refresh himself. He comes at auspicious times always. Wisdom is justified of her children.

On New Year day of 2012, shortly before the “Arab Spring” began, the fireworks over America that new year morning was described by a CNN presenter as “America ‘turning the night into day'”. I quickly responded “behind the American day lies the “True Night” that cannot be subdued by temporary lights. Every justification in life must be judged according to its origin. This is why the abundance of our heart is judged well by the words of our mouth.

Our magician turned sand into rice but nobody ate his supply because, though he brought rice to be, the origin of the supply was sand, not rice grains. Jesus, again, though able to turn “stones into bread”, refused to do so because though he could draw bread from doing so, the origin of the bread will and can never be flour but stone – the origin of bread is flour: Jesus thoughtfully refused to use divine ability to produce magic. He refused to be a magician.

Man is given to grow, multiply, increase, dominate, rule and bring “kinds” to bear after their kind. And so when there was a need to multiply bread and bring to bear fishes after their kind, Jesus did not need to be instructed by the devil. He took 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, raised them up to God, without a “white scarf” over them and nor a “magic wand”, neither did he need to speak a strange tongue.

Jesus thanked God for the supplies and for hearing him always: many were fed, they and ate to their fills, leaving an indication of his sufficiency in God. 12 baskets were filled up with left lovers according to the tribes of Israel, symbolizing the supply of “the children’s bread”, as demonstrated in the supply of manna in the Sinai Peninsula.

So between magic and miracle, there will always be the difference of the “multiplying of kinds”. While it is impossible to multiply kinds in magic, the multiplication of kinds is what Christians call miracle. Healing is from multiplication of grace, prosperity is from the multiplication of supplies, procreation is from the multiplication of life. Life begets life, and this is why stones cannot be bread: our justifications in life MUST BE ORIGINATED.

Thank you and Shalom!

Ini A Morgan


I have said my own ooo!

Let’s start now, as a people, to gather “heaps of stones” at political “campaign grounds”, or go to the grounds with bags full of ” stones”, and await the political “campaign tours” of this present crop of politicians. It is time to question our politicians on their achievements, their obscene and offensive spendings (the Naira is our national property) and make them tremble before us.

This is time to seize the opportunity thrown at us by the constitutional obligation placed on our politicians to meet us one-on-one at “political campaigns”, as that is the only time they make themselves available: this is our moment to take back our national dignity as a people and begin a righteous advance as a nation.

I will not refer to the lessons of the 2012 “Arab Spring” in some part of North Africa and the Middle East. It is too soon to forget that the people pursued Ghaddafi until they killed him. They pursued Mubarak until they made him face justice on a stretcher. Its cheap to task recent history. Lets consider the rare:

Let us learn from the Jews: no one takes the Jew for granted without paying the price: they are more spontaneous to violence than the Arabs in matters of their personal and collective dignity – they will allow you gather them together, and then they judge you instantly if they have to do so.

The Jewish authority, in terms of violence, rests with the people. They take it violently all the time. And truly, scripturally too, there are violent people (specialists in mental and spiritual violence) we must force to “release” Nigerians “by force”. Now understand the times like the “sons of Issachar”. I follow Jesus Christ too.

I swear no court can judge this matter, no case file can stand, except against me who advocates this and I am ready to lay down my life to advocate Nigeria’s redemption and release: I have “balls” like Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Nnamdi Kanu and Abubakar Shekau, but while these brothers believe in raising their army against injustice, I volunteer to raise Nigerians to confront “the real enemies”.

Asari and Tompolo had problems with our oil pipes lines and expatriates, in order to feed their followers. They got “amnesty” for it. Kanu had problems with producing a radio program to reach his own but later enjoyed government patronage and ethnic “worship”. Shekau is just an unlearned rascal, he rejected “amnesty” but keeps having problem with common people. I want nothing but for Nigerians to “open their eyes.”

Its time to face those who caused these notorious brothers to be rebellious against the rest of us. Come to think of it well, they are the same people that unleashed these men on us. “Nigerians unite, unite so we can build our country…”: may your soul find rest Sonny Okusun.

Clearly, this is how we can redeem our country – by chasing “all those crazy Baldheads…” And mark this well, no redemption comes without “blood letting or shedding”. We must stop joking with our collective destinies. It is a serious business. If church leaders advocate “arming self to protection self” against “Islamic invasion”, then I am advocating better by pointing to the actual culprits who use religion to “divide and rule” us and call for them to be punished.

Blood is shed everyday in Nigeria and everywhere around us, but it is the “wrong blood” that is shed, and so they are “wasted”. For how long shall we continue to allow the innocent die when those who should die are keeping us in chains? We have before us the “blood” needed for our national redemption: these sets of politicians are our “rams for the slaughter”.

Their ” blood” would do the magic and get us out of our national shit hole. If I am ready to die as a divine contribution to making Nigeria great again: I drilled my own water, I generate my own electricity through fuel scarcities, I am encumbered by the health and education of my children, I farm to feed; if I do these things and I am ready to put my life on the line like Asari, Tompolo, Kanu and Shekau did, I think every politician in Nigeria should be prepared to die for Nigeria. They have “eaten” enough to prepare them to “die”.

Leave the Jews for now, let’s come back to Africa: case study – Ghana. Until “oppressors” are summarily executed before the people, the people perish. This is between choosing the duty of a citizen or the shackles of slavery.

Let’s raise a NGO for political “stone gathering” at “campaign grounds” or we sew “stone bags”, and when we are “gathered unto them” as a people, I tell you brothers and sisters, even their body guards will join us to pick “stones” against them for our national release, when they see the heat our advance publishes.

I have set before you Nigerians this day “the Jews” and “the Ghanians”: choose you this day which lesson you would adopt, it time to be one of two statuses: a citizen or a slave. I am ready for the “handcuffs” or the “noose” if my passion for an egalitarian, virile, prosperous, self sustaining and an internationally respected nation is criminal. We won’t get there with these sets of very “arrogant”, self seeking politicians parading before us as “leaders”.

This should be read out aloud in both chambers of the national assembly, if anyone reading this cares to speed up the gift of my life for Nigeria. If they are afraid to die, let them make a law for the ” just” to die and they can pray hard to “inherit the earth”. Some have or will read this. I am not telling a lie please. The wrong blood is shed everywhere and we are getting nowhere. I don’t mind if my own blood is tried if it will help…I don’t care again. But let our politicians all prepare to “die” on “campaign grounds” when our laws brings them before us.

I will dedicate a post to list the minimum demands Nigerians will ask from whoever will come out to preach nonsense to us in 2019. Its time to question them on their manifestoes and ask how they intend to achieve them. We will remain fools if they just talk to us, we clap, we shout, we get wounded and we die, just because there is N2000 to collect, it is most pitiable…we will remain unborn. Pray we do not “exodus” into Ghana some day like they “exodused” into Nigeria between the late 70s and the early 80s. It will not be in my life time.

We are an international apology, a national disgrace and a divine mistake. Lets take our faith in our hands and end this national rape, like the Jews would, and like Ghanaians did. It will soon be “campaign” season, and we now know what to do. Some people must give way for Nigeria to move on. So Shehu Sani, for “enjoying” monies you are not told what it should be used for makes it “blood money” – you are guilty for our deaths in Nigeria.

So many Nigerians have died because Section 16 Subsection 2 (a to d) is not applied to our national life, as stipulated in our constitution on revenue sharing in this country. This is why there is the excess revenue they pilfer and share out without clear instructions on what they are meant for.

“You see how we know dunces?”

It is sad when your leaders are dunces. In 2015, the 7th Assembly approved guidelines for the 2015 elections but “sleepfully forgot” to amend the Electoral Law to recognized it. This made the 2015 elections a bunch of “lawless” elections – such that produced Udom Emmanuel, Nyesom Wike and Ifeanyi Okowa.

God bless Nigerian

Ini A Morgan




Scripture describes and consigns the earth to the word “beneath”. When Satan was evicted from the presence of God, he was said to be “thrown down from heaven”, and we know how it was just “the heaven and the earth” that God brought to be “in the beginning” and how it means Satan was thrown down from heaven to the earth.

In the 23rd Psalms, David expressed a revelation such as suggest his mortal living as a “walk through the ‘valley’ of the shadow of death”. A valley is a highly edged in thorough way, and the human valley is cast on with ” the shadow of death”: this is the picture of our path on our journey through mortal life.

Like it is said that “there is no smoke without the fire causing it”, so is it also a true saying that there is no shadow without the body casting it. So if the shadow is that of “death”, it means death overshadows every human being. Yet David said he will “walk through” without fearing “any evil”. His eyes can see the shadow but he will not fear to die because God’s rod (discipline) and staff (guidance) “comforts” him.

It is for this reason that God removes us to the “mountain” (over the valley) when he “finds” the heart of worship and removes us into the wilderness (a plain land) when needs to fast tract our travel delineations.

I have never seized telling of how I cheated death 5 times in my life and I can show them clearly how his “staff” redirected my path and I looked back a few minutes after and found people dead at the points I just left. In my lifetime, I have passed through times when I try to appreciate death. I don’t think anyone should fear death. It is a vehicle man introduced into his life because he could not stand the wisdom of God.

In 1976, I returned from Daura on holiday from my first term in Secondary School to the news of the death of a girl I use to play with at home, whose mother was my mother’s sewing apprentice. It was the first that came close to me and all I knew then was her unavailability. I kept asking where did she go to? In 1977, in my second year in Daura, there was the outbreak of meningitis and I lost a classmate. My concerns were furthered because these deaths brought so much awe to me. I kept asking myself “what is death…how is death?”

A true search for knowledge, at any given time, will always be fed sumptuously from the source of the knowledge sought. This is a true saying: that no search for knowledge returns barren. Chapter 2 of Genesis has its 9th verse tell of “trees” planted that are “pleasant to the eyes…and good for food”. The 6th verse of the 3rd chapter of Genesis has something similar, but having an addition which implies an excess arrogantly drawn from permitted divine allocation.

I don’t know how Eve got the instruction about “the ‘fruits of the tree’ in the midst of the garden” when the instruction Adam received was not to eat of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. If Eve had wanted to eat of the trees that were “pleasant to the eyes”, they were available, without her having to sin, and if she desired the trees that were ” good for food”, they were available without having to sin. Nevertheless, we must not lose sight of the fact that beyond being “pleasant to the eyes and good for food”, the “tree” Eve took from enabled an unlearned “wisdom”, now known and called the ” wisdom of man”, a contradiction to the wisdom of God; a failed wisdom.

Man was made a learning creature (Genesis 2:19): in that scripture the Lord God made animals and brought them to Adam “TO SEE” what names he would call them. The phrase “to see” indicate “assessment”, agree with the truth that before God brought animals to be named, Adam had learned a language and can talk literately. Adam had a teacher from whom he learned and from which learning he taught Eve and ordered earthly creation, but Eve accepted another teacher.

The first demonstration of Adam’s new found wisdom in his new found learning, which his wife desired for both of them, and which he willingly accepted, was to run away from God when he came for fellowship with him. This is the “dynamics of death”: that a “spirit filled man should run away from a living God”. It shows the man hates life, and death is the absence of life.

God is by nature “omniscient”, he did start being so after Adam ran from him: he has always been all knowing but God would not attribute to man what man has not attributed to himself. This is why he gave man his ” freewill”. “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. So, that Adam, you would usually sit at the feet of God taking administrative instructions to run the earth, ran from God, testifies to a change in his “consciousness”.

It was at this time man first began to feel the “pull of gravity” and the urge for descent, a loving of the “grave”. God knew that Adam had acquired a new wisdom and an altered consciousness. He had no problems being naked but now it was a terrible distraction for him. Until Adam ran from God, he was always in “fellowship with God”, but after the fall, fellowship with God became a matter of “worship” for the fallen man. God demanded worship from then on because no one cannot fellowship with an unseen person.

Man had death overcasting over him when God became unseen to him. Therefore sin and death became man’s companion and hence the enemies of God (1 Corinthians 15:25-26). Sin is a “willing and deliberate separation from God”, the source of life, it is what causes death. God knew Adam had acquired a new consciousness but he still came to him: a holy God who is said not to behold sin, approached Adam and Even in their disobedience. But when they “heard” him approaching they “hid” themselves. Hiding and running away from God is sin, not “wrongdoings”.

Yes! Wrongdoing is not sin: God approached Adam in his disobedience, meaning he had a chance to info what he did, but he lost the opportunity to be corrected when he ran away. Sin is a “personally acknowledged separation” from him. Until a man can come again into fellowship with the Holy Spirit, death is made unconditional for him any time, anyhow and however.

What happened?

All natural laws set itself against man, making his life laborious. The first struggle of a new born is against the force of gravity, as he is suspended upside down to indicate he has life in him. This was no so from the beginning. This is why it takes faith to break the bond of sin and death, and faith is the ability to hear God’s word speak to your hear: “faith comes by hearing, and ‘hearing by the word of God'”.

From the book “The Mystery of Death” by Ini A Morgan

Next time we shall look at “How And What Brought Death”.

God bless you as you enjoy a very swell Sunday.




Eternal life is the sustained consciousness of living the life of God and this life is celestial. It is possible to live the celestial life physically, mentally or spiritually, each, and together forever. It can happen even in our present life time or after (John 11:25-26). Death is therefore the vehicle for conveying those who could not sustain the fellowship of the celestial life in their lives physically and mentally while in this life. And sure, the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth. This makes it possible for the continuous “strive to enter in by the strait gate into life”. This is the way we (humans) have wired our world.

There are two types of bodies: terrestrial (earthly) and celestial (heavenly), humans are terrestrial beings living on earth. By the appointment of the almighty God, we are terrestrial beings with access to celestial fellowship through our minds and hearts. This is what distinguishes man from other created tendencies: it is what makes a man to possess features in the likeness of the almighty God, if this can be understood thus.

Every knowledge begins with the “basics”, like our academic systems begin with our understanding alphabets and symbols related to the language and classics of the knowledge we seek, many of which we now take for granted. Every learning has it elements. For a mortal man to understand the knowledge of God, he must receive it fundamentally as would a child learning the basics and the elements.

This is the reason a mortal man must first be “born again” to find the capacity to “enter into the kingdom of God”. Being born again is a process that ensures the renewing of a man’s mind (the “truth” he habits) and his heart (the “spirit” he believes). This is in order to sow God’s truth and spirit in the man’s mind and heart. Growing in these leads to “Eternal Life”. I pray daily that I may find the grace and mercies to keep on keeping on.

According to Apostle Paul, “the dead in Christ shall rise first…and they who live and remain shall be caught up to be with the Lord in the air”. This means that when a man dies in Christ, he is transported first into the air, and they who live believing Christ shall be enraptured to join up with them, and since rapture is an event, men who are raptured are spiritually enraptured: meaning a conscious lifting up to be with the lord bodily.

Men get enraptured consistently like it happened to Enoch and Elijah, and so many dead in Christ have risen and are situated in the “blossom of Abraham”. God has never stopped his moves in all creation at any time: however, he is at rest according to scripture, but like an investor whose money works for him, God’s investments in creation are at work constantly for him.

So up there, there are celestial bodies (of those who died in Christ) and there are bodies-celestial (of those who are spiritually enraptured). It is wrong to locate these happening to a certain period when all earth were all stand still and there are confusions everywhere. Our God is a God of order and orderliness. No matter the distraction of man, God is Constant. His ways are sure and infallible.

There are records showing humans who were taken out of this world bodily, and yes you can commence your next divine assignment before the second death, even from where you are right now: the consciousness of man is shared in two, bodily – the physical consciousness and the mental consciousness, and both submit information attending to spiritual consciousness (information attending to the presence, or not, of the Holy Spirit in a human life). This is why eternal life is knowledge in itself (John 17:3).

Why should a mortal man possessing the spirit of an unending life yet die?

This is not the problem if he believed and strove to abide in faith. A believer gets to the “shore” of life in Christ after all, what matters at the shore depends on the desire of each man to “drink” from the “waters of life”, and importantly, what “depth” we are content with while inside the “rivers of life”. It is possible to drown in the ” Rivera of life” and “drink in” so much life to be translated into celestial living.

It is possible to be scared to enter into the river, it is possible to be content with been “ankle” deep, or “knee” deep, or “waist” deep, or “neck” deep or even “drown”. It depends on individual contentment with the “waters of life”. It is possible not to die. It is possible for your human body not to suffer corruption. No one on earth has been able to locate the burial place of Moses, meaning his bones have not been located up till now. So, it really does not matter whether we are alive or dead, because, either way, we are Christ’s.

But something is the matter.

I was on my farm working. I did not know that I stepped on the gathering of biting ants and I was stung by some, painfully though but the incident raised a concern in my heart, and I said quietly in my heart “God, did you really create these ants”, and he answered ” no!”, I only permitted it to be, but it is a product of human degradation of his environment. They are by reason of the “dead”. They exist because the flesh dies and the spirit wanders desiring a body.

Our earth was polluted when death was introduced by the disobedience of man. The Lord God killed the first flesh to make skins to cover Adam’s nakedness. Then a man killed his brother, and so did the “body of matter” contribute to the pollution of the earth by its decomposition and the generation of biogenetics in our environments led to the existence of mosquitoes – they constantly die and get translated until they are no more. We will discuss this in another chapter of this book, on “the dynamics of death”.

When God sentenced the woman to birth labour and the man to hard labour, he meant so many things. “Thistles and thorns” came into space and time, and sincerely, when ants bit me, in my ancestral farm, I was persuaded that they were vexatious spirits of dead sinful ancestors striving continuously in wickedness, struggling to find relevance, because he died without Christ and lacked the knowledge of regeneration.

So what happens to those who die without Christ?

So while the dead in Christ finds space in joining the lord in the air, the spirit of the unbeliever is redressed with typical terrestrial clothing as God deems fit according to his testaments in life (1 Corinthians 15:34-39). How did I come about this? Scripture has it that Nebuchadnezzar, the Emperor of “Babylon” was for a season “enraptured” into a “beast”, still possessing the “sensibilities of man”: this is a testation that just like human beings can be transported into the celestial without corrupting the body, it is also certain that men are also translated into conscious less animals with human sensibilities even in death.

In this I sympathize with Charles Darwin’s because he put his “cart” before his “horse”. The theory of Evolution can only find reasonable space in explaining the circumstance of an unrighteous man after he dies, not as a circumstance leading to his generation as he suggested.

An unrighteous man evolves by degenerating from being a man of divine capacity to being a creation of depraved capacity. Do not be surprise if you are a sinner, to find that after you die, you are translated into a biting ant, living on farmlands, or a mosquito breeding in mud water, and still possessing the sensibilities of man, until an appointed time.

From the book “The Mystery of Death” by Ini A Morgan

Altar Call:

Confess Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour, believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead to save you from your sins. Ask him to indwell you by his Spirit, teach you his ways and help you with grace and faith. Thank God for your new life in Christ. Amen

You are born again and you are now on the shore of life: move to the waters and drink from the rivers of life.