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In my last article, “exposing the gates of hell”, I called the attention of “all human beings” to “locatable churches worldwide”, know also that these locations make those I call “the heads of (locatable) churches “International Presidents”, “General Overseers worldwide” and all the various rankings they choose for themselves. Can we all not still see that, apart from all these attainments been carnal, they are also vain?
Yet these men have followers who believe them as the “God” they “see” and can “go to hell” for them. Yet, Jesus, for the sake of “seeing” Thomas, blessed everyone who “has not seen but yet believe”.

I am concerned about the questions that may arise like “so is Ini Morgan saying we should not go to church again?” God forbid it, that is not my advocacy. Every Christ-believer has a duty in Church and “gathering together of brethren” is scriptural.

Worship and fellowship are both “ships” but their negotiations are parallel. This is what informed “exposing the gates of hell”

Sade Akindele herein volunteers:

Worship: is man’s response to his experiencing God. It is the outflow of a heart that has been impacted by witnessing God.

It is our life lived in recognition of the Supreme Being, God.

It’s in a song, it’s in our attitude, it’s in our dealing with our neighbor.

It is our life.

It is the highest quality of acknowledgement man can give to God. It is also the most precious he can ever give to God, for in worship He submits that there is One who is bigger than himself and deserves being thought of more than himself.

Fellowship: is an interaction of the essence of man, his heart, his spirit, with another. This leads to an exchange of virtue and life when done.

There is really nothing basic to add to what Sade Akindele has contributed, but her submission needs to be expatiated to accommodate answers to very peculiar questions that may arise here from.

Permit me to commend Mrs Akindele for been the only contact on my list who found time to share on making the world a better place. Sade is my counted blessing and I have seen what the lord has done.

Now, on Worship

Matthew began with two men whose procreation led to the incarnation of Christ in the body of Jesus: Abraham and David. They were worshipers. Abraham began the human Christ-species, and God called him his “friend”.

And at a time, at the peak of Israel’s glory in priesthood and kingship, a man who was of the tribe of Judah, against the strict restrictions of the Levitical order, ate “show bread” and wore the “ephod”, entitlements meant for Levites only. He did those by the faith of God. That man was David: God called him a man “after my heart”.

These two men, at a time, before the earthly manifestation of Christ had partook in the communion of the heavenly sanctuary. Jesus, admonishing on aspects of worship in the areas of prayers, alms giving, and fasting said these “…maybe in ‘secret’ and your father who sees in secret himself shall show, and reward you ‘openly'”.

Psalms 91:1 says “he that dwells in the ‘secret place’ of the most high, shall abide under the shelter of the almighty”. This is locating the place of worship as a “secret place”, I call it “closet”. Only this approach invokes the open showing of his children by God.

Take note that in distinguishing between worship and fellowship, our attention is to understand how the two have different locations for the vacation of spiritual responsibilities, and the church building, wherever it is located is a wrong place for worship. The church building is a ” Christian centre” for “christian actions” in every community.

Worship is therefore the personal communion, as a person or a people, in the attention we give to seeking and knowing God personally and collectively. It could be personal, family, kindred, tribal, community or even national, but it must stem from the personal or communally (relatable) lineage, following neighbourliness and brotherhood.

It matters that the Church ( as in location) is a place for all manner of people, nobody is restricted in fellowship in “church”, but it not all characters that should form your worship team. Worship goes beyond your lifting your heads up, eyes tightly licked and arms raise and waving…no, no, no, worship is self dedication…it is about personal dedication, whether personal or collective.

God still works with us from where he located us and through those he located us with. This was why Israel had tribes and they were distinctly quartered according to their tribes. The salvation process started from a lamb for a man (Isaac), graduated to a lamb for a family (on the night of the Exodus), to a lamb for a nation (when Israel was constituted upon the Sinai Peninsula) and finally to a lamb for the world (as Jesus vacated).

So unlike in the Levitical Order, where a place of worship was designated as “God is there”, today, “God (is) with us”. Jesus said if we desire to commune with God, we should do it in our closets, so that he would show us up “openly”. To, therefore seek a place of worship outside yourself, your family, your community, your nation in a neighbourly manner, in brotherhood, is to say “God is (still) there” and Antichrist.

Seeking God in another location to vacate worship robs the Holy Spirit of his universal administration of the one Church of God, and would be too Levitical to find relevance in our time. The temple, altar. and the sacrifice of our dispensation has changed. They are all, now, heavenly, offered once forever. Today, we offer the sacrifice of praise, bringing in the fruits of our lips to God. No longer does the blood of bulls find relevance with us, because the father has his begotten son’s blood on his altar, in an everlasting covenant, and his prodigal sons are back in his house.

God in dwells us and we are his temple. We therefore do not need locations for worship, but need them for fellowship.

Now, what is fellowship?

Fellowship. as the name implies is ordinarily literally a “ship” with “fellows” on board. In a fellowship, though there may be a leader, such leader is expected to be a servant of others. In a fellowship, the natural situation if leadership changes. That is one point. 

Jesus would usually forgo eating for his disciples, he demonstrated leadership by washing the fleets of his apostles. The “Church” is a social centre, expected in every community for Christians to congregate and strategize for community action(s).
Once Jesus said “where two or three are gathered together in my name…I am in their mudst. Whatsoever they bind (or loise) on eaarth is bind (or loose) in heaven”. This is an assurance of divine support, not for worship, but for fellowship. Worshio can be thoroughly vacated by one person, but fellow needs more than an individual. And the referred passage  speaks about divine support for christian action on earth.

Therefore, a church must ensure, aamongst the following, catering for the hungry and homeless, ensuee education and health care for those who cannot afford it. Public works execution in the community. 

It is the erroneous concept of the church been for worship that makes  christians travel many miles away from their homes and communities to “attend service” in “Bible-believing” churches. This is a grand deception. Whatsoever takes a christian out of his home and ccommunity for “worship” and “fellowship” elsewhere, miles away from thence, believes “charity begins” abroad. 


​My mind works to achieve spiritual soundness first before any other need in life. Life is about a rise and fall, the right and the wrong, left and right, a birth and death, a beginning and an ending, et al. The natural man faces these choices on a daily basis in his pilgrimage on earth, in earthen vessel.

He possesses a body and the instrument of blood to vacate his responsibilities.

The Christ-believer who tailors his life after the tenets of Jesus Christ, from whom I grew to be Ini Christ, being “joint heir” with him in Christ, ensuring its no longer I that lives on this earth but Christ that lives in me, needs to understand that Christ had been from before the foundations of the world was laid and he preceded Jesus, who was elected of God to incarnate him in flesh and blood at the appointed time, to give all human beings the power to live the God-life.

Having understood this, I therefore call all human being to see another life here outside this earthly life, and to strive mentally to live it spiritually by the faith of God – this is eternal life, and it is all about the knowledge of God and his Christ.

Entering into eternal life is exactly like universities admission in Nigeria (my case study). You take admission examinations outside the university premises and pass first, before admissions can be granted. The entrance examination that admits into “heaven” is taken here on earth. So why should those who call on God as father make this world their home?

I have given explanations for my recent article on Pastor Adeboye’s (the personification of all church leaders worldwide) love for carnality and the Ooni’s (the personification of sheep led by men than by the Holy Ghost) child’s play. I was called to serve such meat, not milk, to the deserving, for spiritual nutrition and vital spiritual growth.

My mission is to spoil the exploitation by smart, well educated men on one part, and some hungry miscreants arrayed in God’s clothing. They must appear in their shameful Adamic nakedness they have chosen for themselves.

My head dey tear to kill their nonsense, whose corrupt tendencies dwarfs that of civil servants and policemen. Strategically calm and calculative.

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) was not a Christian, he was a member of the Rastafarian cult of Jamaica, but he was a patent reader of scripture and he followed after sound mind, howbeit many may not see him as a good model but he left an engraved revelation in this words:

 “…sucking the blood of the sufferers, building church and university, deceiving the people continually, graduating thieves and murderers”.

That legend was in that lyrics complaining openly about the character traits of the heads of churches worldwide. The children need truth to grow and Nigeria will be healed. Freedom is here, arise and shine, your light is here.

I commend Olugu Orji’s thesis “YOU CAN NOW SERVE GOD AND MAMMON!” for your reading: it is shared on my wall, please find it. It is the definition of the responsibility of church laity to begin to question the dominion of the clergy, and their mandate of imposing on the people the leadership style of Jewish religious leaders, and their exploitive financial systems, which brought the “black market” economy into the world. Why do you think Jesus turned their tables over within the temple and called them operators of the “den of thieves”?

After Jesus left the Samaritan woman of John 4, the world knew that worshipping God does not need any location. The Samaritan woman was worried about where to find the recommended location to worship God. Jesus answered and said “neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem shall the father be worshipped, time is now when those who shall worship the father shall worship him in truth and spirit, for such seeks the father to worship him”.

All locatable churches are therefore “the gates of hell”. Let’s recall that Jesus once asked his apostles who others say he was. A few suggestions cropped up, which led him to ask “who do you say I am?” After Simon Peter’s reply, Jesus emphatically said such revelation was from the Holy Spirit. Take note: Peter confessed Jesus for who he truly was and Jesus answered, and that becomes our lesson today, that upon the kind of confession (faith) Peter confess would his Church be built and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

I hereby therefore reveal further that we are not ignorant of what Jesus meant by “the gates of hell”. It is a sign of the “end times”. In Matthew 24:21-25 Jesus continued with the exposition of what his brothers would watch out for during this period. In verse 23 he said “Then if ANY MAN shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not”. The reference to “here” or “there” depicts location. So being able to locate where men say Christ is is a sign of the end.

I have shown you how the tithe received by these locatable churches is Antichrist and now I am showing you that locating Christ at an address is also Antichrist.


Matthew 24:26-28 – the passages speak for themselves and they tell you that since nobody tells you about lightening, because you see it for yourself just like everyone else, then the Holy Spirit is still on duty, multiply the one Church of Christ in the spirit of brotherhood, and not in the proliferation of beggarly assemblies bearing many un-colourful names. It is terrible in Nigeria. Please note that these churches are the “gates of hell” Jesus talked about.

These pastors would comb land and sea (here is Christ, there is Christ) to make proselytes, then turn them into twice the children of hell (Matthew 23:15). Now, where in your opinion are the “gates of hell” located?

I leave you in the peace of God and his Christ.


I have an unction this Sunday morning to resist the mental slavery enforced on a mentally lazy and a spuritually challenged people, by an equally mentally ignorant but spiritually arrogant Church leaders in Nigeria, and their literal offsprings, borne from their leaders’ blind and quarter-measured tutorials and instructions. God forbid ur, not me!

My mission, in this era in Nigeria, as a very vocal Nigerian, is to speak to a world that is set to inherit my children because my father did not speak to the world that inherited me, for me. I will say my mindful persuasions from the mountain top and discountenance any blind nuances targetted at painting me upon a bigoted canvass, for the sake of humanity and the future.

Christianity is not a secular, nor a natural human pursuit or phenomenum, It is a spiritual embarkation. Everything about Christ tenders to “the spiritual” and nothing else can comprehend or admit this tendering in any other way. The very reverse of the spiritual position is vain carnality, and I see many Church leaders fall into the self-conceived contraption that exploits the vulnerable and the lazy, creating a human status that swallow folly gladly, which uncludes supposed responsible and respectable people. The mental slavery of spiritually robbed mindsets.

The Christ-life is lived through a mental vacation of the character and characteristics of Jesus Christ, according to the spiritual norms he clearly taught and admonished on his followers: “he who is not for me is against me, and he who gathers not with me scatters”. This is truth: the life of Christ is practicably unshrouded by beclouding lithurgies and doctrines of impisive men.

Such Christian living does not conform to the world’s innuendos, but gets transforms (a processive personal mental work) by the “renewing of the (natural) mind”.

It is in the light of this that I see theg Ooni of Ife’s vacation of his chiefly “throne” for Pastor EA Adeboye to “take”, as the most infantile display of royal stupidity and the perfection of unholy hero-worshipping.

Kindly excuse my anger please Nigerians. I am very angry and feel very abusively embarrassed as a Christ-beliver. Christianity was clearly misinterpreted in that demonstration of royal childishness and spiritual insanity.

If the chair Pastor Adeboye sat on is meant for “Kings”, for God’s sake, Pastor Afeboye is not a “King” for whom the seat he sat on is meant for. This is quite the truth.

The process of a pastor’s calling is different from the call of traditions. And so are their requirements different. The offerings and prestige of the Office of the Ooni of Ife, which holds up the Yoruba traditional dynasty, stretches and goes beyond the temporary occupation of Oba Ogunwusi. He is under obligation, if he must therefore err, to do so on the side of caution, especially when setting unprecedented precedents.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Pastor Adeboye visiting his spiritual “son” in his place of primary assignment. After all, he has before now visited the Vice President, who is also a pastor under him. I am aware he has also visited President Buhari. I have nor heard it that they appointed to receive him in the Executive Chambers of the Presidency. The Ooni has an official resident and an office in his palace, but the “throne” is the Yorubas not his please.

Hear me right: there is nothing wrong with Pastor Adeboye visiting the Ooni of Ife in his office or house, or even in his palace. But something is wrong when a man of God deliberately courts unnecessary controversy. I am an unveiling victim of the politicisation of the tenets of tradition, and I see this as removing “the ancient landmarks (our fathers) set”. This is a scriptural admonition and true in this case. The Church and tradition are a parallel.

Let’s assume the Ooni of Ife was a traditional “worshipper”, as his “throne” supposes, would Pastor Adeboye had dared to visit that palace as he did, and if he did, as assumed, maybe by circumstance, would he have taken the offer to sit on the “throne” meant for other human kings in the category of the Ooni? There are offers I would clearly and comparatively reject.

I may excuse him if he sat on that throne ignorantly but comparatively, he should have sensed the “fake” honour from the Ooni. I am aware that Pastor Adeboye’s vocation is preaching the word of God but it is wrong if he taught Oba Ogunwusi to see him as “God” on earth – very wrong indeed. It was a gross display of ignorance by the Ooni to term the visit of Pastor Adeboye as the “coming of God” to his palace. It is heresy for Pastor Adeboye to accept and feel comfortable with such erroneous appellation. Pastor Adeboye is just like any living believer of Christ, QED.

The very foundation of the Christian faith is, in one word, called “Emmanuel”. That means “God with us”. I would rather that Oba Adewusi saw Pastor Adeboye’s visit as the meeting of the church, as in “where two or three are gathered together in my name…”. As a christian, the Ooni was so ignorant not to see himself inhabiting Christ in him and receiving another man with Christ in him also, or maybe he is a pagan who quickly sees agod in a man, I do not know.

But I know we are all gods and no man should array himself in apparels meant for clothing the Almighty God.

However, I recognize the person of Pastor Adeboye as an illustrous Nigerian but I have a lot of questions people like him have not been able to answer.

If anyone here is close to any preacher who preaches the kind of “Tithe” imposed on believing Christians worldwide, to the point of lying to Christian that Melchizedek, the Priest and King of Peace, benefitted materially from Abram (story in Genesis 14), ask them this question:

Why have they not been able to deny that what they attributed to the benefit of Melchizedek was despised afterwards by Abram? Does it make any sense? Yet this is from where they, the “men of God”, become rich. Abram benefitted a revelation from Melchizedek, and Melchizedek took a commitment from Abram, which made him to surrender the political and economic powers of Sodom back to the King of Sodom. Nobody has been able to repeat such a national tithe remittance, which benefit went to the King of Sodom. So next time when you heat “Abram paid tithe to Melchizedek, tell them its a lie. The tithe Abram remitted was from a commitment to God and the beneficiary of that tithe, rather than bern elchuzedek, was the King of Sodom. This is from where I tag pastors as mentally ignorant.

It is time up for deliberate thieves and lovers of carnal vanities to give up their lies. Tell your “children” the truth, that they have been trodded on like in a winepress much too long. Tell them the truth now


By Ini Akpan Morgan

My target here and now is to call the Christian community in Nigeria back to scripture and from there trace how the Nigerian Church got to this stage where there is the feeling of the ridiculous. The main point I wish to make here is that no Christian, the world over, especially those of the Orthodox and Pentecostal leanings, would deny that the doctrine of the Church in Nigeria is a mixture of the Levitical and the Melchizedekan orders deposed to by both the Old and the New Testaments. And the aspects of the Levitical order adopted by the Church is strictly limited to Church finance and leadership.
When the almighty God constituted the nation Israel in the Sinai Wilderness by Moses, it happened upon them to demand an intermediary between them and God. They chose Moses and ip so facto, the tribe of Levite to stand between them and God. But the works and walk of Jesus Christ, which birthed the Christian specie of humans tells us “whosoever will may come”. This call is individualized: “Come unto me, ALL YOU that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” It is very pertinent to note that between the Levitical and the Melchizedekan order is the marked difference of the “anointing of the Holy Spirit”, which is both individualized and collective. If the Holy Spirit is the difference between the two orders, and as we believed, the Holy Spirit is a living being, then it means that Christ injected life into the worship of the dead body of liturgies, so that the things that were dead should have life, putting old things away, making all things new for “whosoever wills”.
It is important to note that the Roman Empire colonized many nations, covering 4 continents of the world of that time, but only the nation Israel, also a colony, was respected enough to be permitted to run their laws, and operate their religion without interference, so much so that the judgment of Pontius Pilate, the vicar of Tiberius Caesar, was despised by the Jews, preferring the ruling of the Jewish Sanhedrin: Pilate found Jesus innocent and accepted to release Barrabas to his people, they cried out “crucify him”. Pilate had to wash his hands off the consequence of killing an innocent man and release Jesus to be crucified. How did the Jews weld such powers over their master and the Nigerian Church is now cowering to an unnoticed FRCN? Haba! 
And some minds who have all their spiritual lives been under the spiritual leadership of a man who robs them of the same experience he is projecting to them and making them pay for it, are now up in arms with President Buhari, inciting law abiding Christians to believe that there is an agenda to “Islamize” Nigeria. Their foolishness started when they forgot that it was the Churches who sought govt attention to give them life, and also using her legal tender. Stupidity if you ask me.
It was possible for a Roman colony to reject the judgment of Caesar and insist on their own. In the Nigerian context, Pastor Adeboye would have resisted the new law than obeying it. What then did the Jews do to have such audacity that Pastor Adeboye lacks?
First, the Jewish Sanhedrin, which is the highest political, judicial and legislative council on the Jewish administrative organogram, comprising the High Priest as President, the priesthood, the class of scribes, the class of the Pharisees and that of the Sadducees; Dr EA Adeboye is the president of such council in a Nigerian replica, had their own money called the “Temple Shekel”, which was stronger than all legal tender the world over: this is why the Jews can run down any budiness in the world. Collectively, Israel is the richest nation on earth, why? Because all their wealth can be gathered together faster than any nation. And asking them to register their organisation with the Roman “Corporate Affairs Commission” was something the Roman government would never have achieved. You can ask the United Nations about the nation Israel.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Nigeria was subjected to the authority of the Nigeria’s CAC by obeying what made for their approval to operate. There is already an underpinning submission to govt before RCCG or any other such organization came alive. This is where I salute the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.
The RCCG, every other Church and Mosques in Nigeria too, operates because the Nigerian government permits them to operate through their registration with the Nigerian government. Again, the legal tender used in the operation of their Churches and Mosques is the Nigerian Naira, and so all who operate with the national currency are bound by any law issued to regulate its use. Dont forget, it is also the Nigerian government that pays for the printing and minting of the legal tender they apply, rather too threatening. 
Only Mr President oversees more people in Nig​
eria than these Church heads. If they are clever men who truly want to liberate Nigeria, they can come together to take political power, but no! They are government sheep while Nigerian Christians are their sheep. Double wahala for dead body and its owner.

Recently the Australian govt directed that fundamentalist Moslem organisations must align with the laws and customs of Australia, or they leave Australia. I am very sure many Christian in Nigeria were en-joyed by this. A Christian minister posted the news to my whatsapp wall. What is then the difference with the case in Nigeria? This is Nigeria, the Church must align by the rules and customs enshrined as laws of the country, as long as it was govt that approved every Church and Mosque in Nigeria and it is the Nigerian government that owns the Nigerian Naira entirely. 
Now, let’s look at the adulteration of the purely Melchizedekan order that Jesus Christ instituted, resting the Levitical order by declaring it as an inferior order as expressed in Hebrews 7, examining it under the truth that the whole Old Testament realities, including circumcision, was to bring us to Jesus and after that they were ALL nailed to the tree as a curse. 
We will see how the Churches took a part of the Levitical order that deals with finances and leadership so that we can be milked sheep, ordered around by our own Sanhedrin, the council that put Jesus to death, while instructing us to obey them sheepishly. They deliberately stand in the place of the Holy Spirit, on our behalf, leaving the people with the “letters” of scripture, denying us the “Holy Spirit baptism”. And they forget that we are not all sheep owned by them, we have remnants that believe that the letter kills but it is the spirit that gives life. Majority of Nigerian Christian are strange to scriptural disposition. People perish when they are ignorant.
The conclusion of the matter is that the leadership of most churches worldwide quickly adopted the circumstance where they make us believe that they stand between us and God – Levitical, and anti-Melchizedekan. Nobody stands in any gap for me, not even Moses would I permit to stand for me. The gospel of Matthew has, in its first verse, two names traced to Jesus and his incarnation. I would chose those because one was “a friend” of God and the other “the man after” God’s heart. They met God without an intermediary. They were the two who had what to say about the Melchizedekan order. Why adopt anything Levitical when all references to Christ in the New Testament is linked to their spiritual fatherhood? Why should the Church chose Moses and the Levitical order in matters of leadership and finance, instead of Abraham, who is called “the father of faith” and the Melchizedekan order? Seek the answer in the picture Jesus painted of the Pharisaic disposition to religion and why Jesus said that this kind of people make his “father’s house the den of thieves”.
You know why they are been ordered around? They adopted the Levitical manner of making “black market” cash but unlike the Jewish leadership, failed see the essence of having their own money and body of laws that should be respected worldwide. Checkout the Vatican and the papacy, no government can direct them. They (governments) all stand when the Pope is up. 
Mushroom leadership all over the place: Adeboye is one down, Oyedepo, Kumuyi et all…loading. And if they do not retire, I will support their arrest and imprisonment. With the rate of poverty in the land, they have running taps of effortlessly flowing Naira from hypnotized flocks, but they would chose to build investment that are beyond the poor. Do you know that Christians ignore street beggars because they are taking care of “daddy GO” for their spiritual security? They even think that poverty is self-inflicted. But Jesus preferred the poor.
Nigerian Christians, e ronu!


I am writing this piece as a humanist – I believe in the sanctity of human life – and as a timely intervention at ensuring the successful conduct of free, fair, transparent and widely acceptable elections come December 10 2016 in Rivers State, when the rescheduled constituency and senatorial elections into the State House of Assembly and the National Assembly would hold. It is, however, unfortunate how every institution making up the fabric of the “working-Nigeria” has been held down by corruption, sabotaged by disingeneous individuals who have continued to array themselves towards destroying our communality as a people, passionately frustrating our collective efforts at building a virile, egalitarian society, lest we should attain a prosperous and an enduring nation. 
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) appears the most stigmatised of all Nigeria’s public institutions, and about the most compromised outside of the national headquarters of the Commission.

What our nation’s Chief Electoral Commissioner must do, in order to conduct a bloodless and an evil-damning elections in Rivers State in the next few weeks, is to mobilize the required number of staff needed for the “Rivers Rerun” elections from the commission across the nation to conduct the December 10 2016 elections in Rivers State. 
One thing an INEC staff would not do is to be entirely responsible for the victory of a politician participating in an election in which he is an umpire. INEC’s dependence on civil servants, teachers and corps members, as “Ad Hoc staff” will always compromise the polls at certain levels and make it as bloody as it usually is in the “Rivers of Blood”, as some call it. 
It is in the process of admitting lists of names of various workers sent in from various branches of govt that the basis for the usual bargain between INEC staff at the level of such “Ad Hoc” recruitments and the politicians who want to win their elections “by all means” is initiated. 

The recruitment of Ad Hoc staff by INEC absorbs the actual INEC staff of absolute responsibility for the elections he is conducting, save the “Chief Returning Officer” who beats full responsibility for the outcome. 
INEC has no mechanism to “check” the authenticity of the lists of men and women they admit for consideration as their Ad Hoc staff. INEC also does not have the mechanism to check who is a true NYSC member except for the uniforms they wear, because the names on the lists of Ad Hoc staff do not bear certain biometric information needed for the usual checks on the true identities of those admitted to conduct the elections. 
INEC is structured in a way that allows for decisions taken on election results to emanate from field reports by the staff deplored at various stages during the elections. That a result in an election is returned or cancelled derives from the field reports by the deployed staff. Imagine when these staff are compromised.
Going further on the matter of the over-rescheduled 2015 legislative elections in Rivers State, I think Governor Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike should spare Malama Amina Zakari his usual political harassments, because, as the representative of the INEC Chairman, Malama Zakari, only authenticated and announced the content of the field report she got on the results relating to the Tai Local Govt Area in the last legislative rerun elections of March 2016. The PDP in the State also enjoyed the upholding of already announced results at various levels in the same elections in more than 8 Local Govt Areas of the State, so why is APC’s 1 of 9 Local Govt Areas an advantage so great to induce an electoral loss for the PDP to warrant the deliberate tagging of an innocent woman with criminality. 
If the results announcement for Tai LGA in that election preceded the cancellation of the announced result by the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the State, such result announcements supersedes its cancellation by any authority in INEC, except it is in the reverse. INEC can only cancel election results before they are announced in all cases. 

When election results are announced, wherever, at any level of the elections, INEC ceases to have powers over such declared results, only competent courts of jurisdiction can upturn such announced results. 
Governor Wike, by his instigating the resistance against Malama Zakari has behaved as a sportsman with a bad spirit: by seeking to dent the integrity of INEC because the responsibility fell on Amina Zakari to announce the new position of the Commission on the results of the elections held in Tai Local Govt Area of the State, after due diligence, is sad and in bad taste for political governance. 

On the matter of INEC printing fake results sheets at a printing press in D-Line in Port Harcourt: only those who are ignorant of the operations of the logistics stores in INEC would believe such unconditional machinated script of preemptive melodrama acted our in Port Harcourt and promoted slyly by the Governor of Rivers State. 
First and foremost, that Amina Zakari is the National Commissioner in charge of Elections in the INEC does not translate to her been in charge of, nor confer on her the powers of procurement in the INEC. It was noteworthy how the National Assembly compelled Prof Attahiru Jega, erstwhile INEC Chairman, to print the Commission’s sensitive materials for the 2015 elections with the Nigerian Printing and Minting Company (NPMC), and that made national “sense” for the savings that accrued from that decision in terms of finance, and the foreign exchange conserved and reserved. 
Attahiru Jega’s INEC made to print sensitive materials abroad but was curtailed. Printed materials meant for the 2015 general elections, including the result sheets, are under an existing contract until the conclusion of that “branded” election. As long as the 2015 elections are concerned, and under the same approved guidelines, the company that was contracted to handle printed materials still has a valid contract until all the 2015 elections are concluded. So, to hurriedly bring INEC and Malama Amina Zakari into the matter of the printing of fake results sheets in Port Harcourt is an artful political distraction. 
Apart from this, all supplies to INEC State offices from the National Headquarters, in any election, are done from the central stores in Abuja; and sensitive materials, particularly, are especially guided, received, transited, transmitted and delivered in the presence of all stakeholders. It is therefore very inappropriate and bad-nursery for Governor Nyesom Wike to accuse INEC and Malama Amina Zakari of such political sabotage, chronic social ill-response and childish irresponsibility.

Governor Wike, in my view, is a preemptive political strategist, a political “eagle eye” who sights his political advantages far ahead of time, and has succeeded with his political acts so far, except for his Ali Modu Sheriff gamble. Governor Wike was the self-made adoptive PDP Chairman after sitting Uche Secondus, who was acting Chairman at that time, down and tutoring him on the concept of “Wikeism”: Chairman Secondus could not pay staff salaries at the PDP national secretariat, and Wike could not help him. He however succeeded in making Ali Modu Sheriff pay off all the accumulated salaries of PDP staff at the national secretariat. Governor Wike met a stronger political match in Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, the only Nigerian who, among a very few, rejected ministerial nomination at a point in his life. 
I would have tolerated Governor Wike’s dragnet of political condemnation better if he had accused Rotimi Amaechi of aiding the printing of the fake result sheets in Port Harcourt than to point his short fingers at INEC and Malama Zakari. At least Wike would have had another platform to attempt the tumbling down of Amaechi from the “ministers’ hill”. 
Bringing INEC into such contraption is socio-politically anarchical. He, the governor has noted this fact by himself, and this only reveals Wike’s surreptitious intention to cause a self-conceived resistance against the federal government. He’s been on political offensive against the Federal government is not cimpletely hidden. 
If Amina Zakari is accused of been a member of the APC, an accusation I cannot defend her from, and she is a National Commissioner of INEC, who then is ignorant that Ogbuefi Lawrence Nwuruku, an incumbent National Commissioner of INEC, is a card carrying member of the PDP? He is a two-timed National Commissioner, who was an Obasanjo Minister of State for Industries and a Jonathan foreign Ambassador. Both Lawrence Nwuruku and the late Senator Polycarp Nwite set the fire under the then Governor Sam Egwu’s ass in Ebonyi State. Let the PDP remove the log in its eye before seeing clearly to accuse an innocent woman and a Nigerian institution.

I am particularly irked by Governor Wike’s questioning of how the printers of the fake result sheets got INEC’s serial numbers if INEC was not involved in the irresponsibility. I still think he should not bring INEC into this. I was a voter in Rivers State in the last elections. It was before me that Oji Ngofa, the incumbent National Assistant Secretary of the APC and a recent Ambassadorial nominee, who was a Council Chairman then, asked the presiding officer for the Presidential/National Assembly elections at my polling unit to produce the result sheets for the unit and none was available for him to show. Oji stopped the elections by asking his people to vacate all polling units and the elections. It was on national news that “no elections held in Rivers State”, but that news came from Rotimi Amaechi’s directive that all LGA officials must stop elections in their areas of jurisdictions. 
Amaechi attempted to stop elections but left the election materials intact, and in the hands of hungry looking NYSC members. And because he had no such powers to stop an election, the PDP had a free ride in that election. Amaechi mistook immunity for impunity. But his complaint was notable: that the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Rivers State had compromised the election result sheets. PDP was accused of having the result sheets, and Gesila Khan was accused of giving it out to them in a Jonathanian arrangement to short change Amaechi’s political hold over Rivers State. 
So some Rivers men and women have INEC’s 2015 results sheets for the National Assembly elections and could deploy same for the printing of fake result sheets in Port Harcourt.

This is Nigeria and I am a very enlightened Nigerian, and I cannot be fooled. I was with INEC Rivers State at the time of the preparations for the 2002 Voters Registration exercise. I was at the point of been indulged in a bad franchise invited into an office occupied by a well respected chieftain of the ruling party, who a few months later became a senator of the federal republic, where I saw so many thousands of INEC registration forms already colour-copied exactly like the originals. Someone had sneaked a copy of the less than 5,000 original ones meant for distribution, out of INEC. The forms were for applicants who would serve as (Ad Hoc) Registration Officers in the conduct of the Voters Registration exercise that year against the 2003 general elections. 
So accessing INEC’s documents for multiplication can be by the hands of a cleaner in the Commission who stumbles over a “misplaced” copy. 
Now the scenario in 2015 shows that all result sheets were compromised. It should therefore not appear “the big story” that INEC and Amina Zakari are involved, as it is clear where the 2015 Rivers election result sheets are.

Governor Wike is a very good preemptive political strategist, and it has been very good for him all along, but his forceful pursuance of political gains just needs to be tampered this time. It is important for INEC to cut all access of politicians to the staff and election materials for the coming election. This can only be achieved if the INEC chairman would use the commission’s staff to conduct the December 10 2016 elections and save lives that would surely be lost if it insists on admitting Ad Hoc staff to conduct the elections in the State. 
INEC has no mechanism to check where their staff take the list they admit for posting as election staff, and this is the avenue where the “do or die” politician use to infiltrate INEC with their agents, paying huge sums of money to the commission staff to ensure their agents deployment to strategic areas of importance to them. All the commission’s staff does and pocket millions of Naira is to ensure the name of the election-agent is on the list of election staff and his deloyment is to the demanded area, and the staff would probably enjoy a new car, a new house, a new lifestyle and a good business concern. He is not responsible for the irresponsibility of the man he enlisted and posted for election duties. No one cares how many innocent people lose their lives: this is sad. 

It is said “a stitch in time saves nigh”. A word is therefore enough for a “wise” INEC. A foolish INEC will return another rescheduled elections in Rivers State and some new Rivers graves. Governor Nyesom Wike seems to go about with death in his briefcase for any rigging INEC staff. I pray that his death threats covers every INEC staff who rigs the forthcoming elections for the PDP: electoral malpractice in an election is like a two-edged sword – there are “both ways”.

​Ini A Morgan writes from Port Harcourt. He is an architect, writer, teacher and a social critic. He can be reached via “”.



First, it must be accepted that there is no one in Nigeria, except those who, by omission or commission, are in prisons across the country, who is not free born, or maybe the intent of tagging Nigeria with slavery was to showcase the “freedom of conscience”, in which case, is a personal illness. It is a fallacy to say “Nigerians need to be free”. I am a Nigerian and I am a free man. It is very unfortunate that some Nigerians see their country as a “zoo”. Some hold their country in derision because of what they suffer from the lack of capacity and initiative. I know of the divine power behind the prayer that invites peace and prosperity to a nation, that it also blesses the citizens and inhabitants with an equal degree of peace and prosperity as conveyed in the prayer.
On the confession of the justices recent arrested on reasons bordering on corruption, it is certain that what they revealed were afterthoughts. Apart from their words/affidavits been against that of Minister Rotimi Amaechi and his company, they have also already indicted themselves for concealing vital information on and official acts of corrupt practices, as demanded by their oaths of office and the law which they interpret, the same laws which they use in finding some citizens guilty and cutting off all their fundamental rights. Was that act of criminal negligence on Amaechi and Onu fair play by the justices? Noo! They should resign on that basis: they are not trustworthy.
From the first letter purportedly written by Justice Abdullahi Liman of the Fed High Court in Port Harcourt, I hinted on the possibility of the take-over of the press war between the executive and the judicial arms of govt by third party interests at the preliminary stage of this controversy. Some interests have come out openly to “protect” the judiciary and to write “open letters” on behalf of the justices to the CJN. None if the letters read in the media is within the official reach of the CJN, if I would be believed. In that piece, I put a lie to Justice Liman’s purported resignation from the federal civil service on public media, being a civil servant who undertook to abide and be guided by the rules and regulations governing the civil service. I said, and so accurately, that Justice Liman did not write that letter. 
There are procedures for the “resignation of engagement” in the service and it starts by first reporting the matter officially to your Head of Establishment or await an enquiry by him into the matter. No civil servant would rush to the press to address an official matter such as resignation of engagement. Fortunately, the Justices who later wrote to the CJN after “Justice Ladan’s” misfiring, took note of that lie, and all others decided to rather “write to the CJN” instead of “resigning” like “Justice Liman” did. All the communications could not have emerged from the said justices but from agents working at covering up all the mess under investigations.
I doubt the speed with which an internal memo, between two or more colleagues staying doors away from one another, gets to the press, if the initial intention was not directed towards catching the attention of the media. Gov Wike’s night watch over Justice Liman, on the night of 8 October 2016 had some journalists in his team who were “passers by” and who were well kitted to cover a “breaking news”. I am not deceived. 
I agree that it is important to investigate Minister Amaechi’s culpability in what he is accused of. If he actually tried to bribe a judge, then he is one of our oppressors. It is too cheap a characteristic to be good in buying the “justice” one enjoys. I am therefore now not surprised at how Amaechi became the Governor of Rivers State. Both Amaechi and Wike were, then, in a joint venture agreement, which has currently gone soar. Nevertheless, we know what that judgment read and how it was “rascally” delivered. Now is judgment day for buyers and sellers of judicial victories. They must vomit all their overeating in their illegitimate gluttony.
We must not be distracted from our present focus by the childish blabbing of old men. The present matter involves the DSS and some “corrupt judges”. They are facing national security issues that involves currency trafficking and hoarding of foreign exchange in the face of national recession. If they say the DSS planted the monies traced to them, they would not only need to prove this but to also disprove the properties traced to them, and CCTV footages capturing them “pants down” and prove that they were photo-shopped. How can any one diminish such huge criminal conspiracy and turn to dish out an after thought to Nigerians? The judges were under oaths to have reported Amaechi and Onu immediately they interacted, and felt threatened by them. In a botched military coup d’etat, these justices are dead men already for confessing their been aware of a felony and hid it against the law and the people.
No one should be telling us about what he verbally discussed with the CJN. Talking is not a permissive process of official documentation in government related interactions. Why did not these (now) “writing justices” stroll as usual into the CJN’s office to “talk” the invasions on them “over” with him? Why are they writing now? I am not going to contest, and I will never contest that there are severe socio-political and religio-regional divisions and barricades amongst Nigerians, thick enough to permit a knife through it. 
I belong to a class of nonpartisan Nigerians who, for some reasons bordering on national development and egalitarianism, sympathise with the person of President Mohammadu Buhari, and wish his administration better days. I am confident that though the times are hard, harsh and hopeless, blurring the vision to see and perceive the best times that are ahead, I can bet that if the present momentum is sustained, Nigerians would be better off for it in the end. This is my expectation and faith-creed for Nigeria.
It is therefore necessary to consider what the justices revealed about Amaechi and Onu. I have no sympathy for anyone who for reasons less than honourable sabotages Mr President’s onerous task of getting us to our El Dorado. I expect that those involved, if it is true what the justices accused them of, should be talking to Mr President by now. Denial is ok but it must bear justification. So Amaech, Onu and others should search themselves very well. They are not in govt to play politics but to deliver on good governance. If they are culpable of what they are accused of, should sustain the respect some of us have for them, resign their appointments with immediate effect.
On one hand are Nigerians who feel we should be together any more and for them, holding them back in Nigeria is a detention, but what these pines won’t puck up sensibly is how their desire would affect other components of Nigeria. Another thing about this group of people, is that they have clearly demonstrated that the release they seek is because President Buhari, a Fulani man, is President. But why should any man be offended by that. 
He underwent a democratic process which threw him up. So if Ndigbo feel strangulated, let them seek a referendum. Nigerians are not slaves, we are freeborn. If there is anything enslaving, it is an abstract called “corruption”, and more than anything, President Buhari is leading that war of freedom from the front.
The second camp are the “parapo” gang. I actually have sympathy for these ones: at the beginning of the 4th Republic, the PDP had a gentlemanly agreement which mellowed the North’s quest for power at the centre. They are said to be “born to rule”, according to Ndigbo. They conceded their constitutional right to contest for Presidency in 1999 and 2003. When, by that arrangement the North took its turn, Obasanjo robbed them of the chance of making their choice. He set the north up to lose their time prematurely. 
It was in the defense of their privilege to aspire to the highest office that made them come together against the PDP, as it were, in 2015. Of course no one expects them to care, because they suffered the same thing. Nevertheless for a nation to grow in unity and harmony, all citizens must live under absolute equity.
This is the reason I have insisted that there is a third class of Nigerians. They are the symbols of Nigeria’s unity. A group of Nigerians who are ready to rise to the occasion when matters of national development are on board. They do not take sides unimpressively. They are chance-givers. They are the real sufferers Nigerian has. 
They are happy in the face of adversity, in the feeling of hunger, they look unto the future with smiles on their faces nudging on in divine assurance that “all will be well”. They pray daily for Nigeria asking for her peace and prosperity. They do not see freedom and immunity in the molds of others who see Nigeria through the prisms of deceit, intolerance, division, bigotry and sectionalism. They are the downtrodden. They are us and we are them – Nigerians who want in with present administration with only national interest as their focus.

Ini Morgan wrote in from Port Harcourt. He is an architect, writer and a social critic. He can be reached via “”. Mobile: +2348102466347.


Methinks it will be very safe for Nigerians and the leadership to understand how rebellion brewed in Port Harcourt in the South South region of Nigeria, and how it was replicated in Ado Ekiti in the South West of the country a few days ago, is clear for all to see. It was a huge topic, and a very popular one among discussants on the electronic, print and new media: the night-sweep on suspected corrupt justices, at the various levels and hierarchy, of the nation’s judiciary. Gov Nyesom Wike showed his specialty in been a “Night Prefect”; the moon-angel watching over Rivers State. I still think he took a great risk with his life, confronting agents of the Department of State Services that dawn of 8 October 2016.
This is my reason:
It is true-story that many Nigerians, before the advent of the “New Media”, unlike now when news travel around the globe with the speed of light, were reported to have died from the “stray bullets” of policemen’s gun. These days such scenes are captured on camera as security agents shoot down Nigerians. Wike is a Nigerian. He is just like any Nigerian before a mutinous agent who is trigger happy. Immunity only covers the living, the dead is not immune from God’s judgment. 
I believe that if we must account for “every idle word” we speak, it means we will also account for how we spend our life-time out here. Gov Wike took a deadly risk with his life that night, let us accept that fact first. I know “otumokpo” is a valid source of personal protection (can he do that and still kneel before pastors for prayers?) I bet the kind of (north-born) soldiers I heard were brought to arrest the craze of militants in Port Harcourt at the beginning of the Amaechi administration. I heard they had pad locks on their mouths.
There could be an agent who would not care how Wike looks because he sees himself as a “special agent” undertaking a “special sting operation”. This is the possibility I see. It was too risky to be tolerated by the leadership. Gov Wike’s act could not have produce any good fruit for Nigerians, especially if something had happened to him.
I can score Wike well for attempting to “protect the rule of law and due process” for, and on behalf of a federal govt staff, who “lives under” his “watch”. I doubt if Ayo Fayose would score above nothing for protecting a lawless mistress of a notorious friend, one of our country’s “chance-grabber”. He clearly proved he was trying out the “Wike Experiment” in Ado Ekiti. His act was like it has always been known to be – “motor-park-ish”.
This is the picture I see. I am sure I am protected by the constitution of Nigeria to hold an “inspired opinion”. Ayo Fayose got wind that Femi Olukayode’s mistress was passing on to Abuja and he demanded that she stops by to see him in Ado Ekiti. Probably, Femi may not have known his intention for the invitation.


He could even have asked him: “how do you pick money up these days, now that your accounts are frozen?” “I have this Chikedu’s account I usually deposit money in for ‘survival'” Femi may have replied. “Hmm! And what is the status of that account” Ayo may have asked. “Well, recently it was noted by the EFCC, (but I am not too sure), when I submitted my BVN on the account” Femi replied. “Well, tell your ‘wife’ to stop by in ‘Ado’ pls'”, quipped Ayo. “So long bros, ‘bata a pe le se'”, concluded Femi.
Now Chikwendu stops by in Govt House, Ado Ekiti. Took some refreshments, and changed diapers for the Aragon boy. Time to go: Mr Gov gave madam a good “brown” envelope and asked her permission to test run her (joint) account with some N200,000 via mobile transfer – the account under “no debit order” by the EFCC. “This is Ado Ekiti” Fayose may have blabbed. “On your way out, try to make some withdrawals, and I will be standing by”. 
Look! no country can progress with leaders, or are they rulers, having such surplus mental rascality. The best Ayo wishes for these days is to be seen as the “re-kindler” of the Yoruba Leadership Torch. I saw how he hurriedly defended Asiwaju Tinubu the other day. You do not win a “dynasty” by supporting another man’s girlfriend to commit a crime and then come out to defend her. 
Gov Wike’s act was more sensible and patronising. Look folks! Ayo Fayose can never be like Nyesom Wike. He can only copy him. It is a “Micky Mouse” show for Gov Ayo Fayose to walk into the banking hall of Access Bank in Ado Ekiti, before the Police, invited to take Sonia Chikendu into custody, arrived, and after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has turned down her immediate referral, to pick a financial defaulter  out of a temporary, ineffective custody. He walked on feeling good and posing for snapshots. Gov Fayose is not a serious man but loves very serious things.
So, President Buhari must see very clearly the already brewed security threats arising from the incumbent governments of the opposition, the PDP. It must not be treated lightly. I expect that the National Security Adviser, should already know better to advice Mr President to send a formal complaint to the National Assembly telling the new trend evolving, where “a house” is clearly “divided against itself”. 
More than anything else, both Wike and Fayose desire to color themselves as the “peoples’ heroes”. Heroism is not an act of self-coloration. It is the coloration of a good man by the very simple people in any human sector, both rich and poor, who love him so much as to see duty in keeping his memory alive and in very good state. It is not self-conferred, it is people-driven. No matter one’s drive for heroism, he cannot sustain it by dishing out money to his hangers -on. The day he goes broke, his heroism dies. I was once a hero like that. 
There was a clear abuse of office, and of privilege by both Govs Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State. They cannot fit into the shoes of the rebellion of Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, because they have only their hangers-on to fight on their side – some call them “thugs”. Emeka Ojukwu had the military formations in the then Eastern Nigeria under his command. He never complained of having a “strange” Police Commissioner posted to his State.
President Buhari MUST not allow this rascality in government go unattended to please. He must write to the National Assembly and let them discuss how tolerant the Federal Govt should be in the face of such anarchical provocations and dispositions, and if there is need to water down the immunity clause to divorce its covering over indiscrete and criminal acts of those enjoying it, then let the needful be done. Some people do not mind Nigeria burning, ordinary people believe so much in a good future with Nigeria, than an utopia under seeming brutal human spirits.
In the face of the many security challenges Mr President is dealing with, such officious anarchical dispositions by governors should be nibbed on the bud. I am therefore and hereby fronting the decongestion of Mr President’s security challenges. He should discuss the possibility of releasing Nnamdi Kanu to the leadership of Ndigbo, with strict caution and endorsement to be well behaved. It is criminal to mount upon national infrastructure and mount equipment to operate a non-licensed radio station.
The political nature of the continuous imprisonment of Charlse Okah should be divorced from its legal hold and his case reviewed accordingly. If he is held strictly politically, I think he should be set free.
The dialogue proposed with the Niger Delta Avengers is another serious business Mr President must undertake quickly. An Ibibio proverb says “we havr no forest to throw away bad children”. I am not in any way supporting the acts that gave rise to all our security headaches, but some of us know when to be obstructive. Mr President must not allow Wike and Fayose to aggravate the already aggravated security situations we are facing. Mr President must decongest his table and face the two “official militants”rearing themselves in the mold of heroes. 
Fayose should not fan himself so much. Taking a delayed woman from bank staffs, before the arrival of policemen, and in the deliberate absence of the officers of the EFCC is liken here to little girl-children playing “ten-ten”. He was shallow and depreciated.
The embittered governors of Rivers and Ekiti States are only endeavoring to cash in on the present security distractions of government in order to cause a government-supported insurrection and Mr President must see this as the biggest threat to our collective security. The acts of these two opposition governors must be officially address and speedily too.


Ini A Morgan wrote in from Port Harcourt. He is an architect, writer and a social critic. He can be reached via “”. His mobile is 08102466347. His blog: “”