I am obliqed to flush out the excretes from the strongholds of well developed igorance deposed to by many of our social media experts in narrow-minded, head-knowledge based literal dispositions from their short change in mental development, a depiction of their intellectual laziness.  

The Presidential power of President Muhammadu Buhari is dual on purpose, and it is represented by two flags: the national flag and the military flag, expressed as “the colour party”. We can commonly find the national flag wherever any civil authority officially resides, but this is not the same with the military flag. In the entire presidency (Aso Rock), the military flag is only found in one office, the office of the President, and secondly in the office of the Chief of Defence Staff.

The presidential power was given to Muhammadu Buhari by the popular votes of Nigerians, but the power of the Commander-in-Chief was imputed on him by virtue of the office he assumed as the executive president, and the swearing-in investitures with which he was personally decorated, especially his decoration as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR), which is a knightly expression of military honour, in this case, the highest in the land.

Now, the powers and authorities expressed in our constitution are upon concrete foundations cast in symbols and statutes like our national flag, our national anthem, our national pledge, our national coat of arms, our constitution: these are symbols and expressions of our authority and identity, and therefore fundamental to the spirit and general principles of our laws.

It is necessary to understand how section 145 of our constitution does not confer on the vice president the personal commitment of President Buhari in his swearing-in as President and Commander-in-Chief, neither did it assumingly, automatically confer any of the presidential investitures on the vice president, we would have seen them on him. He never even sworn-in to the office of Acting President, a letter put him there to “discharge the duties of Mr President” and not to takeover his office.

The office of the Acting President is a stop gap elevating the desk of the Vice President, it does not change his office as Vice President but upgrades his duties to that of the Acting President. Therefore, we must be able to distinguish the status of an office and that of the duties in that office – it is the office that sanctifies the duties and not otherwise. If this is clear, then it should be clear that all the rough hate drives President Buhari is exposed to is quite unnecessary and uncalled for.

Yes, there is suffering in the land, and so much more suffering, I will not live in self-denial, it is a common confession these days. But I tell you of truth, folks, that we are all better off this way, feeling expected pains, than to continue to wallow in our deadly gluttony glamourized by laziness and greed for wealth. It is not President Buhari’s fault that there is sufferings in the land, and I pray that we can quickly see the handwriting on our own national wall, as it was in Biblical Persia. This is all the lord’s doing, and until it becomes marvelous in our sight, how can we find healing for nation? How would we see the need to pray and rid this bad omen that has so bedevilled an innocent man whose goodwill has brought a ray of hope into our utter darkness?

Dont blame President Buhari for not having the powers to make Vice President Osinbajo our Commander-in-Chief. Prof Yemi is not a Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, he did not swear to uphold our constitution as executive president, he only swore to that of the Vice President. That swearing-in only constituted him to the Office of the Vice President, and no part of section 145 defines the letter in which it authorizes the president to send to the senate, to transfer presidential power (the power conferred by our votes to choose him to execute for us) on his vice president, imputes the spirit of his sweating-in on his vice president, neither of his presidential investitures.

It must here and now be made clear to all Nigerians, especially the security agencies how the trending clamour for the Acting President to be conferred with the power of the Commander-in-Chief as treasonable felony, and all who are found to promote this line of argument must be cautioned forthwith, or prosecuted for incitement to treasonable felony. What our laws do not provide for are unconstitutional, null, void and unacceptable.
We know the geographical location of the enemies of Nigeria and we can trace them out.

The military flag is one in the presidency and to suggest that the Acting President be made the Commander-in-Chief is to push for Osinbajo to either relocate the office of the president to his own or move into the office of Mr President, that is an illegal takeover of power, and by our laws, it is punishable by death. This must be made very very clear.

Now, if anyone thinks that President Buhari is mentally unfit to continue as President, my question is, is it his fault that he is still retained as President? During the Yar’Adua political nightmare, a Dora Akunyuli, wrote and presented a personal memo declaring the then President as unfit to discharhe presidential functions and that fulfilled the requirement of our constitution. Dora feared God, dwafting David Oyedepo, who also was in the know but had an interest to protect by a sullen silence.

Apart from the federal executive council outlet to solve this hype on President Buhari “unfit” mentality, what about our national assembly? Do they not also possess the same ammount of power President Buhari possesses, howbeit, in opposite direction, defining Newton’s Third Law of Motion? President Buhari has proven himself as the only Nigerian leader who has shown intent at operating according to our laws.

Everybody exploits the porousness of our laws, I am also guilty of this too, so it is despicable for anyone to point his soiled fingers at my president, for what looks to some as his acts of impunity. Come to my village, my family and my father’s house, and see the display of naked impunity exercised, not by a gentle man like President Buhari, but by those the holy book calls the “rulers of the darkness of this world”. 
We have to excuse President Buhari in all ways. Our focus should not be on him. I am expecting Prof Osinbajo to be devoted enough to the fear of God, as much as it demands from him the same responsibility demonstrated by Dora Akunyuli, but come to think of it, even the holy books demands our judging the expedience of our every decisions.

I therefore, and hereby indulge all Nigerians to discountenance the trending clamour that portrays President Buhari as subtracting from the power he transferred on the Acting President. This is from the head knowledge of some people, who conjecture that what they thinks is what should happen, and even attempt to use section 145 of our constitution, a pitiful provision, as defence. That section of our constitution is yet another very vague provisions of our laws.
Even with this, haters of Presidemt Buhari still have no basis for their assumption on the Commander-in-Chief issue. Nothing about the office of the President and that of the Vice President that the power transfer letter to the senate changed, what that letter did, was to upgrade the duties of the Vice President to that of the Acting President. The flag that symbolises the Military Colour Party remains in the Office of the President.

Until Yemi Osinbajo can sit on Mr President’s official seat in presidential council chambers, until he can resume duties in the office of the President, using Mr President’s desk, his official vehicle, his official quarters, his staff, the spirit behind his swearing-in, his…his prayer mat…his…his…please name yours, he cannot be Commander-in-Chief. If you are looking for who to blame for this, blame our laws, blame our lawmakers and blame our lawbreakers. This is my Sunday story.


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