In my last article, “exposing the gates of hell”, I called the attention of “all human beings” to “locatable churches worldwide”, know also that these locations make those I call “the heads of (locatable) churches “International Presidents”, “General Overseers worldwide” and all the various rankings they choose for themselves. Can we all not still see that, apart from all these attainments been carnal, they are also vain?
Yet these men have followers who believe them as the “God” they “see” and can “go to hell” for them. Yet, Jesus, for the sake of “seeing” Thomas, blessed everyone who “has not seen but yet believe”.

I am concerned about the questions that may arise like “so is Ini Morgan saying we should not go to church again?” God forbid it, that is not my advocacy. Every Christ-believer has a duty in Church and “gathering together of brethren” is scriptural.

Worship and fellowship are both “ships” but their negotiations are parallel. This is what informed “exposing the gates of hell”

Sade Akindele herein volunteers:

Worship: is man’s response to his experiencing God. It is the outflow of a heart that has been impacted by witnessing God.

It is our life lived in recognition of the Supreme Being, God.

It’s in a song, it’s in our attitude, it’s in our dealing with our neighbor.

It is our life.

It is the highest quality of acknowledgement man can give to God. It is also the most precious he can ever give to God, for in worship He submits that there is One who is bigger than himself and deserves being thought of more than himself.

Fellowship: is an interaction of the essence of man, his heart, his spirit, with another. This leads to an exchange of virtue and life when done.

There is really nothing basic to add to what Sade Akindele has contributed, but her submission needs to be expatiated to accommodate answers to very peculiar questions that may arise here from.

Permit me to commend Mrs Akindele for been the only contact on my list who found time to share on making the world a better place. Sade is my counted blessing and I have seen what the lord has done.

Now, on Worship

Matthew began with two men whose procreation led to the incarnation of Christ in the body of Jesus: Abraham and David. They were worshipers. Abraham began the human Christ-species, and God called him his “friend”.

And at a time, at the peak of Israel’s glory in priesthood and kingship, a man who was of the tribe of Judah, against the strict restrictions of the Levitical order, ate “show bread” and wore the “ephod”, entitlements meant for Levites only. He did those by the faith of God. That man was David: God called him a man “after my heart”.

These two men, at a time, before the earthly manifestation of Christ had partook in the communion of the heavenly sanctuary. Jesus, admonishing on aspects of worship in the areas of prayers, alms giving, and fasting said these “…maybe in ‘secret’ and your father who sees in secret himself shall show, and reward you ‘openly'”.

Psalms 91:1 says “he that dwells in the ‘secret place’ of the most high, shall abide under the shelter of the almighty”. This is locating the place of worship as a “secret place”, I call it “closet”. Only this approach invokes the open showing of his children by God.

Take note that in distinguishing between worship and fellowship, our attention is to understand how the two have different locations for the vacation of spiritual responsibilities, and the church building, wherever it is located is a wrong place for worship. The church building is a ” Christian centre” for “christian actions” in every community.

Worship is therefore the personal communion, as a person or a people, in the attention we give to seeking and knowing God personally and collectively. It could be personal, family, kindred, tribal, community or even national, but it must stem from the personal or communally (relatable) lineage, following neighbourliness and brotherhood.

It matters that the Church ( as in location) is a place for all manner of people, nobody is restricted in fellowship in “church”, but it not all characters that should form your worship team. Worship goes beyond your lifting your heads up, eyes tightly licked and arms raise and waving…no, no, no, worship is self dedication…it is about personal dedication, whether personal or collective.

God still works with us from where he located us and through those he located us with. This was why Israel had tribes and they were distinctly quartered according to their tribes. The salvation process started from a lamb for a man (Isaac), graduated to a lamb for a family (on the night of the Exodus), to a lamb for a nation (when Israel was constituted upon the Sinai Peninsula) and finally to a lamb for the world (as Jesus vacated).

So unlike in the Levitical Order, where a place of worship was designated as “God is there”, today, “God (is) with us”. Jesus said if we desire to commune with God, we should do it in our closets, so that he would show us up “openly”. To, therefore seek a place of worship outside yourself, your family, your community, your nation in a neighbourly manner, in brotherhood, is to say “God is (still) there” and Antichrist.

Seeking God in another location to vacate worship robs the Holy Spirit of his universal administration of the one Church of God, and would be too Levitical to find relevance in our time. The temple, altar. and the sacrifice of our dispensation has changed. They are all, now, heavenly, offered once forever. Today, we offer the sacrifice of praise, bringing in the fruits of our lips to God. No longer does the blood of bulls find relevance with us, because the father has his begotten son’s blood on his altar, in an everlasting covenant, and his prodigal sons are back in his house.

God in dwells us and we are his temple. We therefore do not need locations for worship, but need them for fellowship.

Now, what is fellowship?

Fellowship. as the name implies is ordinarily literally a “ship” with “fellows” on board. In a fellowship, though there may be a leader, such leader is expected to be a servant of others. In a fellowship, the natural situation if leadership changes. That is one point. 

Jesus would usually forgo eating for his disciples, he demonstrated leadership by washing the fleets of his apostles. The “Church” is a social centre, expected in every community for Christians to congregate and strategize for community action(s).
Once Jesus said “where two or three are gathered together in my name…I am in their mudst. Whatsoever they bind (or loise) on eaarth is bind (or loose) in heaven”. This is an assurance of divine support, not for worship, but for fellowship. Worshio can be thoroughly vacated by one person, but fellow needs more than an individual. And the referred passage  speaks about divine support for christian action on earth.

Therefore, a church must ensure, aamongst the following, catering for the hungry and homeless, ensuee education and health care for those who cannot afford it. Public works execution in the community. 

It is the erroneous concept of the church been for worship that makes  christians travel many miles away from their homes and communities to “attend service” in “Bible-believing” churches. This is a grand deception. Whatsoever takes a christian out of his home and ccommunity for “worship” and “fellowship” elsewhere, miles away from thence, believes “charity begins” abroad. 


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