​My mind works to achieve spiritual soundness first before any other need in life. Life is about a rise and fall, the right and the wrong, left and right, a birth and death, a beginning and an ending, et al. The natural man faces these choices on a daily basis in his pilgrimage on earth, in earthen vessel.

He possesses a body and the instrument of blood to vacate his responsibilities.

The Christ-believer who tailors his life after the tenets of Jesus Christ, from whom I grew to be Ini Christ, being “joint heir” with him in Christ, ensuring its no longer I that lives on this earth but Christ that lives in me, needs to understand that Christ had been from before the foundations of the world was laid and he preceded Jesus, who was elected of God to incarnate him in flesh and blood at the appointed time, to give all human beings the power to live the God-life.

Having understood this, I therefore call all human being to see another life here outside this earthly life, and to strive mentally to live it spiritually by the faith of God – this is eternal life, and it is all about the knowledge of God and his Christ.

Entering into eternal life is exactly like universities admission in Nigeria (my case study). You take admission examinations outside the university premises and pass first, before admissions can be granted. The entrance examination that admits into “heaven” is taken here on earth. So why should those who call on God as father make this world their home?

I have given explanations for my recent article on Pastor Adeboye’s (the personification of all church leaders worldwide) love for carnality and the Ooni’s (the personification of sheep led by men than by the Holy Ghost) child’s play. I was called to serve such meat, not milk, to the deserving, for spiritual nutrition and vital spiritual growth.

My mission is to spoil the exploitation by smart, well educated men on one part, and some hungry miscreants arrayed in God’s clothing. They must appear in their shameful Adamic nakedness they have chosen for themselves.

My head dey tear to kill their nonsense, whose corrupt tendencies dwarfs that of civil servants and policemen. Strategically calm and calculative.

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) was not a Christian, he was a member of the Rastafarian cult of Jamaica, but he was a patent reader of scripture and he followed after sound mind, howbeit many may not see him as a good model but he left an engraved revelation in this words:

 “…sucking the blood of the sufferers, building church and university, deceiving the people continually, graduating thieves and murderers”.

That legend was in that lyrics complaining openly about the character traits of the heads of churches worldwide. The children need truth to grow and Nigeria will be healed. Freedom is here, arise and shine, your light is here.

I commend Olugu Orji’s thesis “YOU CAN NOW SERVE GOD AND MAMMON!” for your reading: it is shared on my wall, please find it. It is the definition of the responsibility of church laity to begin to question the dominion of the clergy, and their mandate of imposing on the people the leadership style of Jewish religious leaders, and their exploitive financial systems, which brought the “black market” economy into the world. Why do you think Jesus turned their tables over within the temple and called them operators of the “den of thieves”?

After Jesus left the Samaritan woman of John 4, the world knew that worshipping God does not need any location. The Samaritan woman was worried about where to find the recommended location to worship God. Jesus answered and said “neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem shall the father be worshipped, time is now when those who shall worship the father shall worship him in truth and spirit, for such seeks the father to worship him”.

All locatable churches are therefore “the gates of hell”. Let’s recall that Jesus once asked his apostles who others say he was. A few suggestions cropped up, which led him to ask “who do you say I am?” After Simon Peter’s reply, Jesus emphatically said such revelation was from the Holy Spirit. Take note: Peter confessed Jesus for who he truly was and Jesus answered, and that becomes our lesson today, that upon the kind of confession (faith) Peter confess would his Church be built and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

I hereby therefore reveal further that we are not ignorant of what Jesus meant by “the gates of hell”. It is a sign of the “end times”. In Matthew 24:21-25 Jesus continued with the exposition of what his brothers would watch out for during this period. In verse 23 he said “Then if ANY MAN shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not”. The reference to “here” or “there” depicts location. So being able to locate where men say Christ is is a sign of the end.

I have shown you how the tithe received by these locatable churches is Antichrist and now I am showing you that locating Christ at an address is also Antichrist.


Matthew 24:26-28 – the passages speak for themselves and they tell you that since nobody tells you about lightening, because you see it for yourself just like everyone else, then the Holy Spirit is still on duty, multiply the one Church of Christ in the spirit of brotherhood, and not in the proliferation of beggarly assemblies bearing many un-colourful names. It is terrible in Nigeria. Please note that these churches are the “gates of hell” Jesus talked about.

These pastors would comb land and sea (here is Christ, there is Christ) to make proselytes, then turn them into twice the children of hell (Matthew 23:15). Now, where in your opinion are the “gates of hell” located?

I leave you in the peace of God and his Christ.


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