I have an unction this Sunday morning to resist the mental slavery enforced on a mentally lazy and a spuritually challenged people, by an equally mentally ignorant but spiritually arrogant Church leaders in Nigeria, and their literal offsprings, borne from their leaders’ blind and quarter-measured tutorials and instructions. God forbid ur, not me!

My mission, in this era in Nigeria, as a very vocal Nigerian, is to speak to a world that is set to inherit my children because my father did not speak to the world that inherited me, for me. I will say my mindful persuasions from the mountain top and discountenance any blind nuances targetted at painting me upon a bigoted canvass, for the sake of humanity and the future.

Christianity is not a secular, nor a natural human pursuit or phenomenum, It is a spiritual embarkation. Everything about Christ tenders to “the spiritual” and nothing else can comprehend or admit this tendering in any other way. The very reverse of the spiritual position is vain carnality, and I see many Church leaders fall into the self-conceived contraption that exploits the vulnerable and the lazy, creating a human status that swallow folly gladly, which uncludes supposed responsible and respectable people. The mental slavery of spiritually robbed mindsets.

The Christ-life is lived through a mental vacation of the character and characteristics of Jesus Christ, according to the spiritual norms he clearly taught and admonished on his followers: “he who is not for me is against me, and he who gathers not with me scatters”. This is truth: the life of Christ is practicably unshrouded by beclouding lithurgies and doctrines of impisive men.

Such Christian living does not conform to the world’s innuendos, but gets transforms (a processive personal mental work) by the “renewing of the (natural) mind”.

It is in the light of this that I see theg Ooni of Ife’s vacation of his chiefly “throne” for Pastor EA Adeboye to “take”, as the most infantile display of royal stupidity and the perfection of unholy hero-worshipping.

Kindly excuse my anger please Nigerians. I am very angry and feel very abusively embarrassed as a Christ-beliver. Christianity was clearly misinterpreted in that demonstration of royal childishness and spiritual insanity.

If the chair Pastor Adeboye sat on is meant for “Kings”, for God’s sake, Pastor Afeboye is not a “King” for whom the seat he sat on is meant for. This is quite the truth.

The process of a pastor’s calling is different from the call of traditions. And so are their requirements different. The offerings and prestige of the Office of the Ooni of Ife, which holds up the Yoruba traditional dynasty, stretches and goes beyond the temporary occupation of Oba Ogunwusi. He is under obligation, if he must therefore err, to do so on the side of caution, especially when setting unprecedented precedents.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Pastor Adeboye visiting his spiritual “son” in his place of primary assignment. After all, he has before now visited the Vice President, who is also a pastor under him. I am aware he has also visited President Buhari. I have nor heard it that they appointed to receive him in the Executive Chambers of the Presidency. The Ooni has an official resident and an office in his palace, but the “throne” is the Yorubas not his please.

Hear me right: there is nothing wrong with Pastor Adeboye visiting the Ooni of Ife in his office or house, or even in his palace. But something is wrong when a man of God deliberately courts unnecessary controversy. I am an unveiling victim of the politicisation of the tenets of tradition, and I see this as removing “the ancient landmarks (our fathers) set”. This is a scriptural admonition and true in this case. The Church and tradition are a parallel.

Let’s assume the Ooni of Ife was a traditional “worshipper”, as his “throne” supposes, would Pastor Adeboye had dared to visit that palace as he did, and if he did, as assumed, maybe by circumstance, would he have taken the offer to sit on the “throne” meant for other human kings in the category of the Ooni? There are offers I would clearly and comparatively reject.

I may excuse him if he sat on that throne ignorantly but comparatively, he should have sensed the “fake” honour from the Ooni. I am aware that Pastor Adeboye’s vocation is preaching the word of God but it is wrong if he taught Oba Ogunwusi to see him as “God” on earth – very wrong indeed. It was a gross display of ignorance by the Ooni to term the visit of Pastor Adeboye as the “coming of God” to his palace. It is heresy for Pastor Adeboye to accept and feel comfortable with such erroneous appellation. Pastor Adeboye is just like any living believer of Christ, QED.

The very foundation of the Christian faith is, in one word, called “Emmanuel”. That means “God with us”. I would rather that Oba Adewusi saw Pastor Adeboye’s visit as the meeting of the church, as in “where two or three are gathered together in my name…”. As a christian, the Ooni was so ignorant not to see himself inhabiting Christ in him and receiving another man with Christ in him also, or maybe he is a pagan who quickly sees agod in a man, I do not know.

But I know we are all gods and no man should array himself in apparels meant for clothing the Almighty God.

However, I recognize the person of Pastor Adeboye as an illustrous Nigerian but I have a lot of questions people like him have not been able to answer.

If anyone here is close to any preacher who preaches the kind of “Tithe” imposed on believing Christians worldwide, to the point of lying to Christian that Melchizedek, the Priest and King of Peace, benefitted materially from Abram (story in Genesis 14), ask them this question:

Why have they not been able to deny that what they attributed to the benefit of Melchizedek was despised afterwards by Abram? Does it make any sense? Yet this is from where they, the “men of God”, become rich. Abram benefitted a revelation from Melchizedek, and Melchizedek took a commitment from Abram, which made him to surrender the political and economic powers of Sodom back to the King of Sodom. Nobody has been able to repeat such a national tithe remittance, which benefit went to the King of Sodom. So next time when you heat “Abram paid tithe to Melchizedek, tell them its a lie. The tithe Abram remitted was from a commitment to God and the beneficiary of that tithe, rather than bern elchuzedek, was the King of Sodom. This is from where I tag pastors as mentally ignorant.

It is time up for deliberate thieves and lovers of carnal vanities to give up their lies. Tell your “children” the truth, that they have been trodded on like in a winepress much too long. Tell them the truth now


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