By Ini Akpan Morgan

My target here and now is to call the Christian community in Nigeria back to scripture and from there trace how the Nigerian Church got to this stage where there is the feeling of the ridiculous. The main point I wish to make here is that no Christian, the world over, especially those of the Orthodox and Pentecostal leanings, would deny that the doctrine of the Church in Nigeria is a mixture of the Levitical and the Melchizedekan orders deposed to by both the Old and the New Testaments. And the aspects of the Levitical order adopted by the Church is strictly limited to Church finance and leadership.
When the almighty God constituted the nation Israel in the Sinai Wilderness by Moses, it happened upon them to demand an intermediary between them and God. They chose Moses and ip so facto, the tribe of Levite to stand between them and God. But the works and walk of Jesus Christ, which birthed the Christian specie of humans tells us “whosoever will may come”. This call is individualized: “Come unto me, ALL YOU that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” It is very pertinent to note that between the Levitical and the Melchizedekan order is the marked difference of the “anointing of the Holy Spirit”, which is both individualized and collective. If the Holy Spirit is the difference between the two orders, and as we believed, the Holy Spirit is a living being, then it means that Christ injected life into the worship of the dead body of liturgies, so that the things that were dead should have life, putting old things away, making all things new for “whosoever wills”.
It is important to note that the Roman Empire colonized many nations, covering 4 continents of the world of that time, but only the nation Israel, also a colony, was respected enough to be permitted to run their laws, and operate their religion without interference, so much so that the judgment of Pontius Pilate, the vicar of Tiberius Caesar, was despised by the Jews, preferring the ruling of the Jewish Sanhedrin: Pilate found Jesus innocent and accepted to release Barrabas to his people, they cried out “crucify him”. Pilate had to wash his hands off the consequence of killing an innocent man and release Jesus to be crucified. How did the Jews weld such powers over their master and the Nigerian Church is now cowering to an unnoticed FRCN? Haba! 
And some minds who have all their spiritual lives been under the spiritual leadership of a man who robs them of the same experience he is projecting to them and making them pay for it, are now up in arms with President Buhari, inciting law abiding Christians to believe that there is an agenda to “Islamize” Nigeria. Their foolishness started when they forgot that it was the Churches who sought govt attention to give them life, and also using her legal tender. Stupidity if you ask me.
It was possible for a Roman colony to reject the judgment of Caesar and insist on their own. In the Nigerian context, Pastor Adeboye would have resisted the new law than obeying it. What then did the Jews do to have such audacity that Pastor Adeboye lacks?
First, the Jewish Sanhedrin, which is the highest political, judicial and legislative council on the Jewish administrative organogram, comprising the High Priest as President, the priesthood, the class of scribes, the class of the Pharisees and that of the Sadducees; Dr EA Adeboye is the president of such council in a Nigerian replica, had their own money called the “Temple Shekel”, which was stronger than all legal tender the world over: this is why the Jews can run down any budiness in the world. Collectively, Israel is the richest nation on earth, why? Because all their wealth can be gathered together faster than any nation. And asking them to register their organisation with the Roman “Corporate Affairs Commission” was something the Roman government would never have achieved. You can ask the United Nations about the nation Israel.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Nigeria was subjected to the authority of the Nigeria’s CAC by obeying what made for their approval to operate. There is already an underpinning submission to govt before RCCG or any other such organization came alive. This is where I salute the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.
The RCCG, every other Church and Mosques in Nigeria too, operates because the Nigerian government permits them to operate through their registration with the Nigerian government. Again, the legal tender used in the operation of their Churches and Mosques is the Nigerian Naira, and so all who operate with the national currency are bound by any law issued to regulate its use. Dont forget, it is also the Nigerian government that pays for the printing and minting of the legal tender they apply, rather too threatening. 
Only Mr President oversees more people in Nig​
eria than these Church heads. If they are clever men who truly want to liberate Nigeria, they can come together to take political power, but no! They are government sheep while Nigerian Christians are their sheep. Double wahala for dead body and its owner.

Recently the Australian govt directed that fundamentalist Moslem organisations must align with the laws and customs of Australia, or they leave Australia. I am very sure many Christian in Nigeria were en-joyed by this. A Christian minister posted the news to my whatsapp wall. What is then the difference with the case in Nigeria? This is Nigeria, the Church must align by the rules and customs enshrined as laws of the country, as long as it was govt that approved every Church and Mosque in Nigeria and it is the Nigerian government that owns the Nigerian Naira entirely. 
Now, let’s look at the adulteration of the purely Melchizedekan order that Jesus Christ instituted, resting the Levitical order by declaring it as an inferior order as expressed in Hebrews 7, examining it under the truth that the whole Old Testament realities, including circumcision, was to bring us to Jesus and after that they were ALL nailed to the tree as a curse. 
We will see how the Churches took a part of the Levitical order that deals with finances and leadership so that we can be milked sheep, ordered around by our own Sanhedrin, the council that put Jesus to death, while instructing us to obey them sheepishly. They deliberately stand in the place of the Holy Spirit, on our behalf, leaving the people with the “letters” of scripture, denying us the “Holy Spirit baptism”. And they forget that we are not all sheep owned by them, we have remnants that believe that the letter kills but it is the spirit that gives life. Majority of Nigerian Christian are strange to scriptural disposition. People perish when they are ignorant.
The conclusion of the matter is that the leadership of most churches worldwide quickly adopted the circumstance where they make us believe that they stand between us and God – Levitical, and anti-Melchizedekan. Nobody stands in any gap for me, not even Moses would I permit to stand for me. The gospel of Matthew has, in its first verse, two names traced to Jesus and his incarnation. I would chose those because one was “a friend” of God and the other “the man after” God’s heart. They met God without an intermediary. They were the two who had what to say about the Melchizedekan order. Why adopt anything Levitical when all references to Christ in the New Testament is linked to their spiritual fatherhood? Why should the Church chose Moses and the Levitical order in matters of leadership and finance, instead of Abraham, who is called “the father of faith” and the Melchizedekan order? Seek the answer in the picture Jesus painted of the Pharisaic disposition to religion and why Jesus said that this kind of people make his “father’s house the den of thieves”.
You know why they are been ordered around? They adopted the Levitical manner of making “black market” cash but unlike the Jewish leadership, failed see the essence of having their own money and body of laws that should be respected worldwide. Checkout the Vatican and the papacy, no government can direct them. They (governments) all stand when the Pope is up. 
Mushroom leadership all over the place: Adeboye is one down, Oyedepo, Kumuyi et all…loading. And if they do not retire, I will support their arrest and imprisonment. With the rate of poverty in the land, they have running taps of effortlessly flowing Naira from hypnotized flocks, but they would chose to build investment that are beyond the poor. Do you know that Christians ignore street beggars because they are taking care of “daddy GO” for their spiritual security? They even think that poverty is self-inflicted. But Jesus preferred the poor.
Nigerian Christians, e ronu!


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