First, it must be accepted that there is no one in Nigeria, except those who, by omission or commission, are in prisons across the country, who is not free born, or maybe the intent of tagging Nigeria with slavery was to showcase the “freedom of conscience”, in which case, is a personal illness. It is a fallacy to say “Nigerians need to be free”. I am a Nigerian and I am a free man. It is very unfortunate that some Nigerians see their country as a “zoo”. Some hold their country in derision because of what they suffer from the lack of capacity and initiative. I know of the divine power behind the prayer that invites peace and prosperity to a nation, that it also blesses the citizens and inhabitants with an equal degree of peace and prosperity as conveyed in the prayer.
On the confession of the justices recent arrested on reasons bordering on corruption, it is certain that what they revealed were afterthoughts. Apart from their words/affidavits been against that of Minister Rotimi Amaechi and his company, they have also already indicted themselves for concealing vital information on and official acts of corrupt practices, as demanded by their oaths of office and the law which they interpret, the same laws which they use in finding some citizens guilty and cutting off all their fundamental rights. Was that act of criminal negligence on Amaechi and Onu fair play by the justices? Noo! They should resign on that basis: they are not trustworthy.
From the first letter purportedly written by Justice Abdullahi Liman of the Fed High Court in Port Harcourt, I hinted on the possibility of the take-over of the press war between the executive and the judicial arms of govt by third party interests at the preliminary stage of this controversy. Some interests have come out openly to “protect” the judiciary and to write “open letters” on behalf of the justices to the CJN. None if the letters read in the media is within the official reach of the CJN, if I would be believed. In that piece, I put a lie to Justice Liman’s purported resignation from the federal civil service on public media, being a civil servant who undertook to abide and be guided by the rules and regulations governing the civil service. I said, and so accurately, that Justice Liman did not write that letter. 
There are procedures for the “resignation of engagement” in the service and it starts by first reporting the matter officially to your Head of Establishment or await an enquiry by him into the matter. No civil servant would rush to the press to address an official matter such as resignation of engagement. Fortunately, the Justices who later wrote to the CJN after “Justice Ladan’s” misfiring, took note of that lie, and all others decided to rather “write to the CJN” instead of “resigning” like “Justice Liman” did. All the communications could not have emerged from the said justices but from agents working at covering up all the mess under investigations.
I doubt the speed with which an internal memo, between two or more colleagues staying doors away from one another, gets to the press, if the initial intention was not directed towards catching the attention of the media. Gov Wike’s night watch over Justice Liman, on the night of 8 October 2016 had some journalists in his team who were “passers by” and who were well kitted to cover a “breaking news”. I am not deceived. 
I agree that it is important to investigate Minister Amaechi’s culpability in what he is accused of. If he actually tried to bribe a judge, then he is one of our oppressors. It is too cheap a characteristic to be good in buying the “justice” one enjoys. I am therefore now not surprised at how Amaechi became the Governor of Rivers State. Both Amaechi and Wike were, then, in a joint venture agreement, which has currently gone soar. Nevertheless, we know what that judgment read and how it was “rascally” delivered. Now is judgment day for buyers and sellers of judicial victories. They must vomit all their overeating in their illegitimate gluttony.
We must not be distracted from our present focus by the childish blabbing of old men. The present matter involves the DSS and some “corrupt judges”. They are facing national security issues that involves currency trafficking and hoarding of foreign exchange in the face of national recession. If they say the DSS planted the monies traced to them, they would not only need to prove this but to also disprove the properties traced to them, and CCTV footages capturing them “pants down” and prove that they were photo-shopped. How can any one diminish such huge criminal conspiracy and turn to dish out an after thought to Nigerians? The judges were under oaths to have reported Amaechi and Onu immediately they interacted, and felt threatened by them. In a botched military coup d’etat, these justices are dead men already for confessing their been aware of a felony and hid it against the law and the people.
No one should be telling us about what he verbally discussed with the CJN. Talking is not a permissive process of official documentation in government related interactions. Why did not these (now) “writing justices” stroll as usual into the CJN’s office to “talk” the invasions on them “over” with him? Why are they writing now? I am not going to contest, and I will never contest that there are severe socio-political and religio-regional divisions and barricades amongst Nigerians, thick enough to permit a knife through it. 
I belong to a class of nonpartisan Nigerians who, for some reasons bordering on national development and egalitarianism, sympathise with the person of President Mohammadu Buhari, and wish his administration better days. I am confident that though the times are hard, harsh and hopeless, blurring the vision to see and perceive the best times that are ahead, I can bet that if the present momentum is sustained, Nigerians would be better off for it in the end. This is my expectation and faith-creed for Nigeria.
It is therefore necessary to consider what the justices revealed about Amaechi and Onu. I have no sympathy for anyone who for reasons less than honourable sabotages Mr President’s onerous task of getting us to our El Dorado. I expect that those involved, if it is true what the justices accused them of, should be talking to Mr President by now. Denial is ok but it must bear justification. So Amaech, Onu and others should search themselves very well. They are not in govt to play politics but to deliver on good governance. If they are culpable of what they are accused of, should sustain the respect some of us have for them, resign their appointments with immediate effect.
On one hand are Nigerians who feel we should be together any more and for them, holding them back in Nigeria is a detention, but what these pines won’t puck up sensibly is how their desire would affect other components of Nigeria. Another thing about this group of people, is that they have clearly demonstrated that the release they seek is because President Buhari, a Fulani man, is President. But why should any man be offended by that. 
He underwent a democratic process which threw him up. So if Ndigbo feel strangulated, let them seek a referendum. Nigerians are not slaves, we are freeborn. If there is anything enslaving, it is an abstract called “corruption”, and more than anything, President Buhari is leading that war of freedom from the front.
The second camp are the “parapo” gang. I actually have sympathy for these ones: at the beginning of the 4th Republic, the PDP had a gentlemanly agreement which mellowed the North’s quest for power at the centre. They are said to be “born to rule”, according to Ndigbo. They conceded their constitutional right to contest for Presidency in 1999 and 2003. When, by that arrangement the North took its turn, Obasanjo robbed them of the chance of making their choice. He set the north up to lose their time prematurely. 
It was in the defense of their privilege to aspire to the highest office that made them come together against the PDP, as it were, in 2015. Of course no one expects them to care, because they suffered the same thing. Nevertheless for a nation to grow in unity and harmony, all citizens must live under absolute equity.
This is the reason I have insisted that there is a third class of Nigerians. They are the symbols of Nigeria’s unity. A group of Nigerians who are ready to rise to the occasion when matters of national development are on board. They do not take sides unimpressively. They are chance-givers. They are the real sufferers Nigerian has. 
They are happy in the face of adversity, in the feeling of hunger, they look unto the future with smiles on their faces nudging on in divine assurance that “all will be well”. They pray daily for Nigeria asking for her peace and prosperity. They do not see freedom and immunity in the molds of others who see Nigeria through the prisms of deceit, intolerance, division, bigotry and sectionalism. They are the downtrodden. They are us and we are them – Nigerians who want in with present administration with only national interest as their focus.

Ini Morgan wrote in from Port Harcourt. He is an architect, writer and a social critic. He can be reached via “”. Mobile: +2348102466347.


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