Methinks it will be very safe for Nigerians and the leadership to understand how rebellion brewed in Port Harcourt in the South South region of Nigeria, and how it was replicated in Ado Ekiti in the South West of the country a few days ago, is clear for all to see. It was a huge topic, and a very popular one among discussants on the electronic, print and new media: the night-sweep on suspected corrupt justices, at the various levels and hierarchy, of the nation’s judiciary. Gov Nyesom Wike showed his specialty in been a “Night Prefect”; the moon-angel watching over Rivers State. I still think he took a great risk with his life, confronting agents of the Department of State Services that dawn of 8 October 2016.
This is my reason:
It is true-story that many Nigerians, before the advent of the “New Media”, unlike now when news travel around the globe with the speed of light, were reported to have died from the “stray bullets” of policemen’s gun. These days such scenes are captured on camera as security agents shoot down Nigerians. Wike is a Nigerian. He is just like any Nigerian before a mutinous agent who is trigger happy. Immunity only covers the living, the dead is not immune from God’s judgment. 
I believe that if we must account for “every idle word” we speak, it means we will also account for how we spend our life-time out here. Gov Wike took a deadly risk with his life that night, let us accept that fact first. I know “otumokpo” is a valid source of personal protection (can he do that and still kneel before pastors for prayers?) I bet the kind of (north-born) soldiers I heard were brought to arrest the craze of militants in Port Harcourt at the beginning of the Amaechi administration. I heard they had pad locks on their mouths.
There could be an agent who would not care how Wike looks because he sees himself as a “special agent” undertaking a “special sting operation”. This is the possibility I see. It was too risky to be tolerated by the leadership. Gov Wike’s act could not have produce any good fruit for Nigerians, especially if something had happened to him.
I can score Wike well for attempting to “protect the rule of law and due process” for, and on behalf of a federal govt staff, who “lives under” his “watch”. I doubt if Ayo Fayose would score above nothing for protecting a lawless mistress of a notorious friend, one of our country’s “chance-grabber”. He clearly proved he was trying out the “Wike Experiment” in Ado Ekiti. His act was like it has always been known to be – “motor-park-ish”.
This is the picture I see. I am sure I am protected by the constitution of Nigeria to hold an “inspired opinion”. Ayo Fayose got wind that Femi Olukayode’s mistress was passing on to Abuja and he demanded that she stops by to see him in Ado Ekiti. Probably, Femi may not have known his intention for the invitation.


He could even have asked him: “how do you pick money up these days, now that your accounts are frozen?” “I have this Chikedu’s account I usually deposit money in for ‘survival'” Femi may have replied. “Hmm! And what is the status of that account” Ayo may have asked. “Well, recently it was noted by the EFCC, (but I am not too sure), when I submitted my BVN on the account” Femi replied. “Well, tell your ‘wife’ to stop by in ‘Ado’ pls'”, quipped Ayo. “So long bros, ‘bata a pe le se'”, concluded Femi.
Now Chikwendu stops by in Govt House, Ado Ekiti. Took some refreshments, and changed diapers for the Aragon boy. Time to go: Mr Gov gave madam a good “brown” envelope and asked her permission to test run her (joint) account with some N200,000 via mobile transfer – the account under “no debit order” by the EFCC. “This is Ado Ekiti” Fayose may have blabbed. “On your way out, try to make some withdrawals, and I will be standing by”. 
Look! no country can progress with leaders, or are they rulers, having such surplus mental rascality. The best Ayo wishes for these days is to be seen as the “re-kindler” of the Yoruba Leadership Torch. I saw how he hurriedly defended Asiwaju Tinubu the other day. You do not win a “dynasty” by supporting another man’s girlfriend to commit a crime and then come out to defend her. 
Gov Wike’s act was more sensible and patronising. Look folks! Ayo Fayose can never be like Nyesom Wike. He can only copy him. It is a “Micky Mouse” show for Gov Ayo Fayose to walk into the banking hall of Access Bank in Ado Ekiti, before the Police, invited to take Sonia Chikendu into custody, arrived, and after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has turned down her immediate referral, to pick a financial defaulter  out of a temporary, ineffective custody. He walked on feeling good and posing for snapshots. Gov Fayose is not a serious man but loves very serious things.
So, President Buhari must see very clearly the already brewed security threats arising from the incumbent governments of the opposition, the PDP. It must not be treated lightly. I expect that the National Security Adviser, should already know better to advice Mr President to send a formal complaint to the National Assembly telling the new trend evolving, where “a house” is clearly “divided against itself”. 
More than anything else, both Wike and Fayose desire to color themselves as the “peoples’ heroes”. Heroism is not an act of self-coloration. It is the coloration of a good man by the very simple people in any human sector, both rich and poor, who love him so much as to see duty in keeping his memory alive and in very good state. It is not self-conferred, it is people-driven. No matter one’s drive for heroism, he cannot sustain it by dishing out money to his hangers -on. The day he goes broke, his heroism dies. I was once a hero like that. 
There was a clear abuse of office, and of privilege by both Govs Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State. They cannot fit into the shoes of the rebellion of Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, because they have only their hangers-on to fight on their side – some call them “thugs”. Emeka Ojukwu had the military formations in the then Eastern Nigeria under his command. He never complained of having a “strange” Police Commissioner posted to his State.
President Buhari MUST not allow this rascality in government go unattended to please. He must write to the National Assembly and let them discuss how tolerant the Federal Govt should be in the face of such anarchical provocations and dispositions, and if there is need to water down the immunity clause to divorce its covering over indiscrete and criminal acts of those enjoying it, then let the needful be done. Some people do not mind Nigeria burning, ordinary people believe so much in a good future with Nigeria, than an utopia under seeming brutal human spirits.
In the face of the many security challenges Mr President is dealing with, such officious anarchical dispositions by governors should be nibbed on the bud. I am therefore and hereby fronting the decongestion of Mr President’s security challenges. He should discuss the possibility of releasing Nnamdi Kanu to the leadership of Ndigbo, with strict caution and endorsement to be well behaved. It is criminal to mount upon national infrastructure and mount equipment to operate a non-licensed radio station.
The political nature of the continuous imprisonment of Charlse Okah should be divorced from its legal hold and his case reviewed accordingly. If he is held strictly politically, I think he should be set free.
The dialogue proposed with the Niger Delta Avengers is another serious business Mr President must undertake quickly. An Ibibio proverb says “we havr no forest to throw away bad children”. I am not in any way supporting the acts that gave rise to all our security headaches, but some of us know when to be obstructive. Mr President must not allow Wike and Fayose to aggravate the already aggravated security situations we are facing. Mr President must decongest his table and face the two “official militants”rearing themselves in the mold of heroes. 
Fayose should not fan himself so much. Taking a delayed woman from bank staffs, before the arrival of policemen, and in the deliberate absence of the officers of the EFCC is liken here to little girl-children playing “ten-ten”. He was shallow and depreciated.
The embittered governors of Rivers and Ekiti States are only endeavoring to cash in on the present security distractions of government in order to cause a government-supported insurrection and Mr President must see this as the biggest threat to our collective security. The acts of these two opposition governors must be officially address and speedily too.


Ini A Morgan wrote in from Port Harcourt. He is an architect, writer and a social critic. He can be reached via “arcinimorgan@yahoo.com”. His mobile is 08102466347. His blog: “apostolicvisioninternational@WordPress.com”


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