Upon my persuasion that spiritual things can only be explained by the mindset of God, I am very troubled that those who have handled the words of truth have digressed more to canonizing and sensual-icing the things of the spirit. It is a certain certainty that a natural mindset cannot understand the things of God because they are spiritually discerned.

I have accepted to live in the best way I can afford and be of no offence to myself and to my fellow men in flesh and blood. I have never hidden my


imperfections nor pretended about how I feel about the parallel between natural and spiritual things. I make sure I do not hide the facts of my fallibility – in flesh and blood and I do not hide my celebration of the life that cannot sin though fallible, because my righteousness is of God and no man on earth is competent to validate me. The righteousness of God is unconditionally imputed to anyone who has the mind of God. This is because I know that nothing can come out of my flesh and blood that can help me in eternity. My flesh is my covering, and my blood is the testament to the temporariness of my natural state (can anyone change the content of blood?) – both make me sense my natural needs, pains and the pulse to express them, but God is above all.

I am conscious that although I have a divine duty to do unto others as I desire that others do unto me, and sometimes I strive to do better to others than I desire them to do unto me (exerting intense pain upon a point of pain relieves the original pain instantly), I have long realised that there is no limit to goodness: no one can outstretch the good – it has no elastic limit nor a yield point because no man is good but God. No man has the perfect righteousness in himself, this is why no natural man is God. But the life of God is available to all who would “come” to him as a suckling, purging himself of all natural wisdom.

So, I live in the consciousness that I am not bound to please anyone on earth but God. I am also persuaded that it takes faith to please anyone who desires to be pleased. Brothers and sisters, I would not volunteer my spiritual bread for dogs inasmuch as I will neither stop them from accessing the crumbs that falls from my table. So my messages are for the “deep” who can “call unto the deep”. My confrontation, if any, is against the descendants of “thieves and murderers” – your “politicians” and your “heads of churches”, who keep the truth away from “children”, making them deformed in godliness.

I am instructed to understand that though the rich man gave not to Lazarus, Lazarus still made his wounds available to dogs because it was all about his flesh and blood – nothing to do with his eternal destination. Reading through his spirit as I was meditating upon his story, I heard him, sitting by the rich man’s gate and singing Jim Reeves’ “This world is not my home”. That song was sang already in the spirit time before Jim was gifted with it, this is why Genesis 1:1 starts the way it started. If you get what I mean: the human natural and spiritual history began in verse 2.

So I strive more for a blameless conscience and a fearless spirit. I care to tell everyone who would listen that after realising that I can stand before God and converse with him boldly, I made up my mind to stand boldly before any man – whosoever he is and I will say the issues from my spirited-mind as I care to, even if it draws offenses because as long as it has to do with the truth, offenses must come. I am not bothered by the opinion of those who take offence in my spiritual disposition.

This is why it is important for me to say that any believer (I will spare Christians and believers of other religions this one): any believer in Christ who has not conquered the fear of death, has no part with Christ, because a believer has already been delivered from the power of death and has passed from death into life – there has been a Passover already. This is the message of the RAPTURE, I do not know who is coming along with me.

Why should the believer be awaiting the rapture when he is available for it? What is rapture in the first place? I am persuaded that unless John the beloved was under rapture he would not have seen and written about the end of all things bodily: let my readers hold onto this.

I will take three Merriam-Webster dictionary meanings of what is defined as rapture: 1. A state or feeling of great happiness, pleasure or love. 2. The final assumption of Christians into heaven during the end times, according to Christian theology. 3. A mystical experience in which a (human) spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things.

All three definitions are clear but the subject matter wishes to capture the second and third definitions in the essence of pushing my believe that Christians have dwelt too much on canons and have sensual-iced scriptures. The icing on a cake makes the cake beautiful to the eyes and it captures the messages intended for a celebrant but it is not a part of then actual cake. Interestingly on children can really enjoy eating the icings on cakes.

We have refused to understand why Jesus hid the truth of scripture under the cloak of parables, such that his apostles would usually ask “what did you mean by that parable, lord?”. We are all bound to be in that same confusion when dealing with the letters of scripture: the letter kills but it is the spirit that gives life – not just any life, but the life of God.

The other day I talked about the 2-way baptism of the Holy Spirit – that by the dove (witness, the sent) and that by the tongues of fire (regeneration, refining). It is possible to have the father baptize you by the dove as he did Jesus. This is the baptism that raptures the natural man bodily. The joint work of Logos and Rhema in a natural man transports him into eternal life. Whether in the body or out of the body, it is possible for the natural man to be seated with God in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus according to the promise of Jesus in John 16:12-16.

This is therefore the spiritual day:

That at creation, the entire human history was enshrouded in both physical and spiritual darkness in the womb of the Holy Spirit. The physical darkness was that which God solved immediately. He provided for, and handed over the solving of the spiritual darkness on earth to the “innocent” man (Genesis 1:14-15): this is why the man’s conscience became the sense of spirits after the fall of Adam, and it became the duty of the fallen man to ensure he sustains a blameless conscience before God (Romans 14:22-23 – emphasis on “whatsoever is not of faith…”) to attain the baptism by the dove – the baptism for the messengers of God.

That initial human spiritual darkness continued to the darkest point in human spiritual historic day when Christ – the only innocent man after Adam – hung on the cross to die for the sins of all men. The human spiritual daybreak soon came when he resurrected from dead and the human spiritual historic early morning sun rose when he was taken into glory. The human spiritual historic day then progressed to the mid morning with the works of the apostles and the institution of the spiritual body of Christ – the church and the bride of Christ. If the brightest part of the day is noon, and in Christ there is not night, can we not now know how we are available for rapture and can we understand why the human spiritual day is just a 12-hour day day before God? This is therefore the dispensations of Christ’s spiritual work on earth when the first faith of God was instituted on earth having found the right heart in Abram, a heathen, to birth it:

1. The dispensation of the spirit of the unrevealed Christ: when Christ walked with chosen men from behind the veil. The life of faith was instituted on earth for natural men to access.

2. The dispensation of the spirit of the revealed Christ: when Christ walked in the body of Jesus to meet John the Baptist in order to fulfill all the requirements needed to establish the righteousness of God on earth.

3. The dispensation of the spirit of the glorified Christ, when Christ ministered the spirit of righteousness to his apostles and upon the Church, his bride; to adorn her for his wedding banquet.

4. We are now in the dispensation of the spirit of Christ’s wedding banquet, the final feast that will usher in the completion of the spiritual history of man when the man comes to the “true light”, and he knows Christ as he is and he is also known of Christ. Rapture is therefore the end of spiritual darkness for the natural man. The mystery of 1 Corinthian 15 will find its vent as a follow up to this another day.

Who is still awaiting the rapture? Do not be like the Foolish Virgins who spent all their time waiting and not been ready for the marriage feast, who realised themselves when Christ was already at his banquet, who were distracted because they had no burning lamps and missed admission because they deserted the venue to find oil for their lamps. My message is rare!


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