There is absolutely no need for Governor Ayodele Peter Fayose to hide under the cloak of a social crusader, a garb he is so incompetent to wear, to nurse and nurture his aspiration to dethrone Governor Olusegun Mimiko, the incumbent Governor of Ondo State, as the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDPGF). From the very beginning, when the governors of that unfortunate gathering of monsters called the Peoples Democratic Party gathered to accept the Governor of Ondo State as their chairman, this unfortunate political imposition on the good people of Ekiti State has not ceased to behalf like a tout of reason, which I wish to believe he is.

I cannot help but ask Governor Fayose to shut his mouth up and face the good governance of the people of Ekiti State, whose mandate he unfortunately stole with the connivance of erstwhile President Jonathan. His heinous acts against our laws and the people are not yet so quickly forgotten, neither can they be swept under the carpet of despair in anyway. Therefore his attitude of been distracted by President Buhari’s business only shows he has nothing to offer the Ekiti people in terms of concrete developmental policies; otherwise he would be too busy to mind another man’s business, which is far more challenging and demanding than his. After all, is he the only governor in Nigeria, so what is his distasteful melodrama all about?

A father who thinks the future of his children lies in their filled stomachs can only be suffering from chronic administrative myopia, and is it not a shame that he, as governor of a very small state in Nigeria, relies sorely on fiscal allocations from the federation account to find relevance in governance? Otherwise, why should he blame President Buhari for his inability to pay workers’ salaries in his State? I think it is the right time this touting son of a Togolese migrant father watches his mouth because he is surely one of those who enjoys the patronage of “a benevolent god who cracks his nuts” for him. If he fails to heed this humble advice, those of us who voted for President Buhari to lead this country will rally and make sure he gets five insults for each one he targets at our President. Did this idiotic governor realise how his unreasonable and obscene spendings in June 2014 to realise his dubious mandate would affect the economy of this nation? Is he aware that every cause has its effect? And that the effect of the free fall of the Naira in the international market derives its cause from the stupidity of spending hard currency within the country without productivity? Let those who care, quantify the waste Nigeria incurred by Jonathan’s light fingered hard currency spending in the twilight of his unfortunate regime, and from there deduce the present effect to the comatose state of our once vibrant economy.

Governor Fayose is shameless and overambitious. I therefore advice him to first of all draw up a policy framework for the development of Ekiti State and the people, only then would some of us see him as an effective governor. It is not enough for him to waste his State’s resources on filling the septic tanks in Ekiti State. Faeces happens to be the end product of the frameless policy he labels “stomach infrastructure”. To this common tout, the governance of his people is a huge joke. It is absolutely clear how dogs have licked the face of this being, who very unfortunately fell among the human specie instead of rodents. He should have emerged on earth as a rat and not a human being. His acts proves this as fact and those of us who cohabit with rats know how true this insinuation is about him.

The question he should answer is, how would President Buhari’s confinement to Aso Rock help the rate of the Naira in the international market, or how would it change the effect of the “mid night election spendings” and the abuse to our economy by President Jonathan? How did Ayo Fayose spend the $37m, which translates to about N12bn, doled out to him from our commonwealth to pursue his personal ambition? How is he expecting President Buhari to tackle the apparent budget deficit presently confronting his programs? It is quite ridiculous that Fayose fails to understand that the frivolous and unholy spendings they embarked on for very selfish reasons would backfire on the whole country. This is the evidence that the man is a dunce. It is only in Nigeria that this kind of a person can find relevance like Ali Modu Sheriff, a man who should be rotting in jail for having the blood of thousands of Nigerians in hand, but is today the Acting Chairman of his party, the same PDP. This is the calibre of people we have unfortunately been bedevilled with for 16 years.

I challenge Governor Fayose to teach us how President Buhari should undo the 16 years of the abuse of our economy in 9 months. Let him tell us how he expects President Buhari to help the present price benchmark of “crude” in the international market. A certain Lere Olayinka, the mouthpiece of this idiotic governor, is a semblance of his master’s peeled lips, he also is a product of cigarette smoke; so how can he be different and reasonable? It is an absolute minus for anyone to work with that misnomer governor, least, proudly representing him. Lere Olayinka is one belly-fool who would not mind denigrating Mr President to keep his meal tickets. We will let him enjoy his booties of criminality while it can last but he should not forget that when the cookies crumble, when the fowls come home to roost, then will be time for wound licking. June 2018 is just around the corner and the James Ibori saga should be a kind reminder for these kinds of dishonourable men.

What Ayo Fayose seeks from President Buhari is not at all hidden, because he makes it very plain and clear how he is expecting President Buhari to come after him. I therefore thank my President for ignoring him this far. I also congratulate Mr President for his perseverance and tolerance, another milestone I have endorsed and credited to the “change” mandate. We can comfortably recall how people like Ayo Fayose, whose only vocation is been loudmouthed and parochially vindictive, labelled President Buhari with despicable names, expecting nothing but his meanness, quickly referencing his 30 years old administration of 1984, in order to poison the minds of Nigerians against him, I think Nigerians must commend Mr President for proving all of them as liars and opportunity seekers. I therefore prophesy and so shall it be that after his tenure as governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose will become a jail bird; Nigerians should mark my words.

Is Ayo Fayose and his PDP now forgetting how they drummed it in our ears, at the height of the late President Yar’Adua’s illness, that the President can govern Nigeria from anywhere in the world? Have they forgotten so soon how they almost made Yar’Adua rule us for a time in his comatose state, upon his death bed from Saudi Arabia? Is it not rather preferable for a healthy man to govern us from anywhere in the world than for a dying man? I have only recalled that what is good for the choose is also good for the gander. How could Ayo Fayose so quickly forget our “Ajala Travel”? Who used a whole 4-year term junketing around the world, while Atiku Abubakar schemed to supplant his presidency. Fayose and his likes may think that they can fool Nigerians, but I have news for them – you can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Governor Fayose should not use his constant attack on our President as campaign strategy in his desire to unseat his colleague who is far better than him. He is not in any way comparable to Governor Olusegun Mimiko, though he also is a mimicking individual. I still remember how it was in Ado Ekiti, during the zonal campaigns for Yar’Adia’s presidency, that the then President Obasanjo openly and nationally called him a thief. Olusegun Mimiko served the Obasanjo administration as Minister of Housing. So I am sure his principal knew him better. Even with this characteristic, Ayo Fayose ought to understand how Olusegun Mimiko is a better administrator than he is. The crisis within the PDPGF, though not quite open to view, is a reality, like a chick; and it is subsumed in the overall crisis within the ranks of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the hen.

The Thanksgiving service organised in honour of Governor Udom Emmanuel, in celebration of his electoral victory at the Supreme Court, which held inside the “bird’s nest” stadium in Uyo, and the PDP governors who attended the service, patronized by no less a person than the founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is clearly depreciating in honour by his childish disposition caused by old age, clearly showed that all is not well with the PDPGF. There happens to be an unhidden competition amongst the heads of Nigerian churches to gain the most influential politicians in the country on their sides. So they do not mind throwing caution to the wind by proudly claiming the spiritual fatherhood of men who “walk the red carpet” on the blood of Nigerians, meaning they do not mind associating with murderers in the name of the Lord.

The governors who attended that Thanksgiving service were Governors Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, who himself was the first to oppose the imposition of Governor Mimiko when Senator Akpabio chose him to take over the mantle of the PDPGF from him; Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, who is using his attack on President Buhari as the pedestal for indicating himself as fearless; and Nyesom Wike of Rivers State. These 4 governors are in league against the leadership of Olusegun Mimiko as Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum; and their senior prefect is none other than Ayodele Peter Fayose, who is portraying himself as the only PDP governor that can stand up to President Buhari – he is just playing childish politics – he needs a good brain and the competence of his brought-up to actualise this.

Let me therefore appeals to all Nigerians to see the efforts of Mr President and support him in their prayers and supplications to the almighty God. Nigerians must learn to see the positive benefits Obasanjo’s globe trotting drew to this country in terms of debt forgiveness and realise how the schemes of people like the idiotic governor of Ekiti State is to distract our president from pursuing the repatriation of our resources starched away in foreign banks all over the world. I am sure Governor Fayose fears he could be exposed as one of these offenders and pilferers of our commonwealth. For Nigerians who think that President Buhari should delegate a subordinate to embark on the mission he is pursuing, I think they should understand how such a serious diplomatic issue like the repatriation of stolen funds from another sovereignty is, and how it is a matter to be treated by the dialogue between the Heads of Government because of the effects such repatriations would have on the economy on the repatriating nation. President Buhari’s trip cannot justifiably be proven to be frivolous by this uncommon noise maker.

We must support our President to recover all stolen funds kept in foreign banks. This is one area Mr President is targeting his anti corruption crusade, and not a million Fayoses, nor the entire PDP can do anything to hinder the success of this campaign. I plead with Nigerians to rally round this administration and support the efforts geared towards our redemption as a people. Long live President Buhari and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.




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