by Ini Morgan

It is a confirmed fact that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s political sagacity cannot be rubbished, indicted or impeached. I dare say that amongst all, I mean count all the politicians in this country, NO ONE of them compares to the Asiwaju. “Nothing compares… Nothing compares to you uh…”

I cannot defend the accusation that Bola Tinubu is corrupt, because I have a naturally induced limitation as to see a man like God sees him. This is the reason I cannot defend him from his accusers but the recent praise singing by Daar Communications PLC, credited to this Nigeria’s political idol, one standing like Nebuchadnezzar’s towering image of the “Danielan” era, shows how intimidating a political lord he is, I think those who dare him should know how to position themselves without prostrating to lick their vomits.

Like I said earlier, the Asiwaju’s alleged corrupt disposition has remain only in the imagination of his political opponents but one thing is clear and that is, from the time he voluntarily resigned his headship of the audit secretariat of Mobil Producing Unlimited, to “contribute to the political development of Nigeria”,  in spite of the pleadings by his superiors and friends alike, the Asiwaju has not looked back. He has remain deft, committed and bull dozing.

Let me briefly defend my position on his being, for me, the only politician who has shown cause and interest in advancing and deepening Nigeria’s politics; and in effect suggest how his selfless, committed struggles and contributions to the mission to make Nigeria great rules him out from the class of the average Nigerian politician.

So, to some level of human conviction, I have accepted the honest truth that it is hard to accuse the Asiwaju of corrupt practices and find the evidence to support such accusation. No be today e start na! Apart from his being the overall Head of Audit of Mobil Producing and a brilliant one at that, Bola Ahmed, grew up under the investment tutelage of an astute business giant, Hajiya Abibat Mogaji, the late legendary Iya oloja of Lagos State, who happened to be his mother.

I have long believed, how, even as a management staff of Mobil Producing, he nursed and nurtured diverse business interests. Bola Ahmed is also one politician who did not touch Nigeria wealth before venturing into politics, neither can anyone point to who can honestly lay claim to being the Asiwaju’s political godfather. He appeared upon the political turf in Nigeria as a development partner of the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the father of modern politics in Nigeria, standing alone. As we proceed, I will however expose Shehu’s leadership strides and his pan Nigerian disposition.

Bola Tinubu came on to the Nigerian political terrain in the aborted Third Republic welding enormous wealth. Which measured up to the same level of the sponsorship of Shehu in the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP). It was at this time that those who foreran our political system before his emergence, saw what a political colossus he would become. That was when people like Atiku Abubakar and Babagana Kingibe were running errants for Yar’Adua as “boys”, while Bola sat as Shehu’s political strategist.

One thing testified to this fact: As the 2003 presidential election approached, with the National Assembly already inaugurated, it was the aspiration of the Asiwaju to seek the office of the Senate President. Let me at this point stress the contribution of Shehu to the national positioning of the present political ideology of “rotation” and his signature upon it. He nursed being President of Nigeria but when Ibrahim Babangida barred his interest, it was his idea to shop for a presidential candidate from the South West, the situation that birth what is known to us today as the “June 12” mandate. He was not like the usual Nigerian politicians who would have insisted that because he could not run, another Northerner should replace him.

The same fate that Bola suffered in the course of his aspiration of becoming Nigeria’s Vice President last year, because of the the unfortunate notion that some section of Nigerians cannot accept a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” from the APC, was the same fate he suffered in 1992, when he was coasting home as Nigeria’s Senate President.

Bola was accepted by the SDP leadership to be their Senate President should the party win the Shehu Yar’Adua’s presidency, but when time was and Yar’Adua had to shop for MKO Abiola, who came into the presidential race late, a feat he achieved because of the death of Simbiat his wife, who insisted that it would be over her dead body that her husband will play Nigeria’s politics; the SDP leadership persuaded Bola to drop his ambition of being the Senate President because Nigerians cannot accept to locate the Presidency and the Senate Presidency in the South West.

In terms of political sacrifice, a phrase both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara hate to hear, Bola Tinubu stands waist taller than every Nigerian politician. Like the Christian lexis “.. as it was in the beginning, so shall it be now…” Just like Bola single handed made Yemi Osinbajo the incumbent Vice President, presently the Acting President of Nigeria, so did he single handedly install Iyochia Ayu as our Third Republic Senate President.

There is so much more to tell about this very selfless politician. As a member of the SDP, he was the second biggest contributor to the party – without access to government money. During the tyrannical regime of the late Sani Abacha, when many respected Nigerian politicians were endorsing Abachs as the “only one the cap fits”, Bola, together with late Alfred Rewane and others raised a civilian army in the defunct National Coalition for Democracy (NADECO) to fight Abacha’s dictatorship.

He funded “Radio Kudirat” and deployed the reverred Professor Wole Soyinka as the voice behind it: a lesson “Radio Biafra” did not learn from: the voice behind that radio is mediocre. The entire world took the message of that radio station seriously. Today, we cannot tell how Abacha died in his sleep but we are sure it was the work of mercenaries.

To the credit of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, we had a vibrant deepening of the political party systems of this country. No one individual politician  has founded and successfully nurtured three political parties in one fell dispensation as he has so far done. Apart from being one of those who, with Bola Ige, founded the Alliance for Democracy (AD); he singular handedly raised the Action Congress (AC) to resist Olusegun Obasanjo from taking Lagos State into the PDP, and he came out victorious. Since then, the Afenifere, the Yoruba cultural organization lost its glory, and as at today, they have become a part of the goat herds that eat Nigeria’s yams.

We all know the spirit behind the APC and the emergence of the present administration. Bola does not have a godfather but I am one who believes that Bola has raised political children, like the incumbent Vice President and at a point politically  breast fed President Buhari. His political offsprings are some of the best hands Nigeria has, except for a prodigal like Musiliu Obanikoro, who is a train “finger biter” of people who feed him. Let me here prove how President Buhari sucked Bola political breast milk and grew to realise the dream he lost hope about. It is not an easy thing to wake a man who has slipped into coma. 

Mohammadu Buhari has been an opposition candidate that sought and failed at 3 presidential elections. Before his third attempt, in 2010, Bola Tinubu, Bisi Akande and Lai Mohammed visited Buhari in his Kaduna residence to sell the idea of a mega party merger that should wrestle the soul of Nigeria from the witchcraft of the PDP. At the end, Buhari refused to negotiate and as Bola and company were leaving, Bola said to him “sir, you cannot be president with votes from the North only”, and Buhari replied “let me see to that myself”.

By the time he “saw”, he announced his retirement from partisan politics. He lost every hope he had, but Bola did not. In 2012, the three wise men from the West returned to Buhari. This time Nasir El was injected into the team as a pacifier. Buhari, who they knew does not, has never and may never go back to his vomit, had to be sedated by feeding him with the breast milk from Bola’s political boobs. When he woke up that sleep, he quickly accepted to return to his vomit, denounced his retirement, approved the mega party merger and endorsed Bola as his Vice President in the assembly of 5 men. The rest is our recent history.

So why should the Daar Communications Plc dare such a man? I was looking forward to their proving Bola:s corrupt tendencies in court but I now know better: the letter Ray Aleogho Dokpesi approved for Daar Communications PLC confirms. everything I have depose in this piece. I am now left will awaiting the case of Bukola Saraki at the Court of Conduct Tribunal. I pray the CCT will retract their charges against him and publish a retraction ala Daar Communications PLC. I rest my submission on  the bastion (stronghold) of the legacy of the late Sage, Obafemi Awolowo. What Awolowo left behind, Bola Tinubu accomplished. Today, an Awolowo is Acting President over Nigeria, like his Patriarch. Bola has made Awolowo to rest in peace, as it were.




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