Christianity reveals that the almighty God (Ubangiji Almasihu) is a democrat. According to Biblical expositions, God runs a government embodied by what Christians called “the Trinity”, whose leadership is expressed on earth in the dispensations he had predestinated, especially in the revelation of his divine nature, in order to teach humans his ways, and to nurse their mental faculty to maturity, in order that they may appreciate their leadership of the entire earth. When the creation of the human specie was contemplated, as the earth’s manifestation progressed, records have it that the decision to create the man for the purpose of establishing order on earth was taken in the Council of the almighty God, expressed in the Trinity (Genesis 1:26-27). No man was there to witness this truth but by the faith of God, this understanding is impressed upon the hearts of those who accept and live by that faith, which is the facility provided to convict, convince and reassure humans that God is the author of truth and the creator of all things, whether on earth or in heaven.

It is therefore pertinent to understand how the government of man took cue from the government of God to establish the systems we have so far adopted in the governance of the nations of the earth. When Israel was constituted by God as a nation in the Palestine wilderness, through his prophet Moses (Musa), he instituted theocracy, which in essence was the actuation of “divine democracy” on earth. Israel accepted the notion that they were a people under God’s supreme leadership by the guidance of Moses. It is therefore important to observe how government, in itself, emanated from divine wisdom and why the (national) relationship with God must be a vital part of human governance, acting as the conscience of nations.

God revealed that the foundation for building a virile nation is subsumed in the relationship the nations have with him. True relationship with God is not embedded in the observance of liturgies, laws and rituals, but in an active, growing relationship with him. Commandments were not rules to be obeyed, but conditions of this relationship engraved in our hearts. According to Robert C Linthicum, the director of the office of Urban Advance of World Vision International, in his book “City of God, City of Satan”, he posited that “whether the blueprint for human governance is Plato’s Republic, or Thomas Moore’s Utopia, or Karl Marx’s communists manifesto, every creator of a new governance order for humanity made fatal mistakes. All such dreams of a perfect society have failed because humans are not perfect”: only God is, and for nations to enjoy perfect leadership over the people, God must be the central focus of all human governments. This is actually the expectation at the end of time, when human governments is expected to fail completely and men shall seek God for rescue. Government is impossible without God in it. This is the problem troubling Nigeria: s nation where citizens profess God with their mouth and claim to believe him in their hearts, yet exclude him complete in thr governance of the people and the Nigeria church is helpless about this short fall.

As civilisation advanced, the role of (national) religion in governance became actively complimentary. As humanity spread and nations emerged, it became impossible for religious institutions to effectively actualize their mandates without contributing to the development of the political framework of nations, otherwise, why would Pope Francis find it necessary to embark on tours of nations, advising governments and advocating critical changes that should ensure the good governance of the people. In God’s view, human governments should be more about a religion of relationship, the politics of justice and the economics of stewardship.

The new society that Moses prepared Israel for was not a Utopian State; therefore the commandments, stipulations and decrees that formed the fibre of that new society were not for perfection but for Justice. The framework of the concept of theocracy that God ordained as governance structure for Israel had him as King over them, directing Moses as the leader of his people, through whom he constituted Israel as a nation on earth. It was God that instructed Moses to dedicate the Tribe of Levi as the Tribe of Priesthood, they represented God to the people in their worship; and the people to God in their reverence, submission and offerings. God strove, with so much mercy, with Israel in his desire to inculcate this divine concept in the heart of Israel, and in the administration of their affairs, until they rejected him and demanded that Samuel (Shammil), a latter day prophet, the first prophet called by God to lead Israel, anoints a king for them like it is in other nations.

On the long run, the people whom God chose for himself turned against him, to the extent of Israel’s Kings conniving with their Priests to terrorise the people, and at one point sawed a prophet in two upon the altar of prayer. The emergence of prophets in Israel was to checkmate the immoral conspiracy between the kings and the priests against God’s people. Here is how Israel came to be administered by a three-arm leadership: the king (executive), the priests (judiciary: called the Sanhedrin) and the prophets (legislature, watchdogs). The prophets became the mouthpiece of God reminding the hierarchy and the people of the righteous demands of God’s laws.

Bringing all this into perspective as it pertains to Nigeria, it will be recalled how events leading to the last presidential election exposed the Nigerian church and her leaders as greedy, ill-nurtured, ill-natured and self-sent. The Holy book makes it very clear that if a prophet speaks in the name of God and his prophesy fails, then he is not sent: he is fake. This is the testimony that strengthens the fact that unless the confessions of a clergy comes to pass, they are not of, and from God. My family attends a renown church in Nigeria, with functional international branches in major cities of the world, and involved in businesses relating to sectors in aviation, education, lifestyle, and publishing. I was taken aback when my family returned home one night with a sad report from a fasting and prayer meeting in February of 2015: it was one of the several and sequential prayer and fasting programs clandestinely organised  for Goodluck Jonathan’s reelection.

They complained of how “papa”, as the founder of the church is called by his followers, gave offence to his followers with the prayer points he raised for the reelection of the former president. This stupidity was replicated in many other churches nationwide, to the extent that church leaders would curse anyone who stands in the way of Jonathan’s reelection: my family believed in the predestination of Mohammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s next president, and so, not only did they disobeyed “papa”, they rejected his leadership in this matter. I then wondered why this man who lives not too far from the Awujale of Ijebuland, could not take example from the respected monarch. It was the Awujale who, during Jonathan’s “bribery” visit to his palace, clearly told him that as a father to his people, he cannot afford to be partisan. This is a man who represents his ancestors with dignity. How then would you classify a “man of God” who openly is partisan and clearly created a sharp and painful divide among his followers: can this kind of character truly be God’s representatives? Did he dignify God with his partisanship? Why did he not see how the almighty God rejected President Jonathan since 2011? God brought Jonathan to lead Nigeria but when he erred by usurping the North’s continuity with Nigeria’s presidency. Jonathan’s presidency was a divine privilege. God expected Jonathan to be content with this privilege even if he had one day over Nigeria as leader, but no, he had to cause the shedding of the blood of the innocent. It is Jonathan’s hypocrisy when he said his “ambition is not worth the blood of Nigerians”: what of those who lost their lives since 2011? The question is, was it the North’s turn to lead Nigeria from 2007 to 2015?

I therefore would rather be a true representative of my ancestors, like the Awujale, than be a pretentious representative of God because I enjoy import waivers and a presidential purse. My first disappointment in this man was when he was invited to pray for the late President Umar Yar’Adua, when he returned shyly to us unprofitably, at a time Nigerians desperately sought news about the well being of their president. If God is no respecter of man, his ambassador should also not be a respecter of man. This was where I codified his indignity. He is presently scheming a succession therapy to make his church another family business. Time alone, oh! Time will tell…is a song in our mouths.

As the postponed February 2015 presidential election drew near, I got a mobile message on my device from a church in Umuahia demonizing Mohammadu Buhari and calling all Christians to reject him as a godless man, all in the bid to justify the filty lucre collected from Jonathan. Indeed “cow wey no get tail, na God dey drive flies from him body”. I will not rob the little honour some of these clergy, whose prophesy I saw as sort of “sitting on the fence“, enjoy. However, only one man stood out clearly and boldly, in the midst of those who hate Mohammadu Buhari the most, shouting it for all to hear – “our good luck has turned to bad luck” – he went ahead to boldly and confidently pronounce Mohammadu Buhari as the next president to govern Nigeria. That man is Reverend Father Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka, founder of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, formerly the priest over Christ the King Catholic Parish in GRA, Enugu, now priest over Our Lady Catholic Parish, Emene-Enugu.

This fiery prophet-priest has, from the day he made the pronouncement against Jonathan’s reelection, been a victim of political conspiracy between church leaders and high profile politicians. Unfortunately, his recent alert that some politicians were after the life of Mr President became his waterloo (set back). Every self-seeking individual, and supporters of the rascality of the last administration, implored and blackmailed the Catholic Diocese of Enugu to reprimand him. Sadly, people in position of authority are people who discard, disregard and scoff at implementable messages they receive for the purpose of positive advancement, choosing rather to “kill” the messenger. This is too kindergarten. What is wrong with a prophet calling for a close body protection for Mr President? Before Father Mbaka made this revelation recently, Hajiya Najatu Mohammed had raised this concern in August 2015. I submitted an opinion on this concern to news, titled “Our Internal Wars: Why It Is About President Buhari’s life” but it was not published, possibly because of national security.

My opening remark in that article written in August 2015 barely 3 months after President Buhari’s inauguration said “recently, Hajiya Najatu Mohammed, a  chieftain of the All Progressive Congress and close ally of President Muhammadu Buhari expressed open fear about the possibility of assassinating President Buhari in the attempt to abort his resolve at ‘killing corruption’ in Nigeria. It was particularly touching…I believe that if measures are not quadrupled, by presidential guards, security agencies, associates, and family members of Mr President, to protect Mr President from murderous men, the fate he suffered in 1985, when those who should support his reforms turned against him, may result differently if Mr.President’s life is not given extreme priority. It is certain that ‘corruption will fight back'”.

I am very certain that though Father Mbaka may have heard of this intended assassination of President Buhari from his God, he was not the first to express the concern. If scripture agrees that at the mouth of two or three witnesses, a matter is confirmed, it certifies Father Mbaka’s “death” alert. Why then should self-seeking church leaders connive with desperate politicians to make life difficult for the man of God? These self-sent clerics must understand how God demands that his Church should be the conscience of nations and of the world, with an expectation to take them over for Christ. This is the claim of the Christian scripture, and if these men were sent by God, and are not usurpers, why are they “kicking against the goad”?

Agreed! Transfers are routine in all organisations, especially in the administration of the Church, but Father Mbaka’s recent transfer was ill-timed and unfortunate; and his demotion says it all that it was not a routine and a normal transfer. Father Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka’s transfer and demotion was influenced by outsiders. Where is justice in allowing priests like John Cardinal Onaiyekan of the Catholic Diocese of Abuja and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto to opine, suggest and influence nation discussions and the political direction of Nigeria without sanctions? What really was Father Mbaka’s sins? Many say he should be apolitical, and methinks the suggestion is from ignoramuses and those with very elementary understanding of God’s demand for human leadership. Every man is a political being with political dispositions, whether he is a father, priest, school principal…leadership is a political activity and God allows his messengers to positively interfere in the politics of a people, as the conscience of nations.

Finally, I wish to take this war of reason a little further; I am not interested in government probing erstwhile President Jonathan, but because of the obscene amount of hard currency he expended bribing church leaders to support his reelection bid, I recommend that the present administration should invite him to explain the source of that wastage which has propelled the present economic draught in the country. Father Mbaka confessed to been given a bag full of Dollars, which the Holy Spirit instructed him to return. I am sure some of the other church leaders Jonathan visited will pretend they did not receive the same courtesy, but Jonathan’s interrogation will expose them as it is in #dasukigate.

If those monies are also traced to the “arms procurement funds”, all the church leaders who received such inducement must immediately be invited to refund what they collected, and they should be prosecuted accordingly; if found guilty, they should be jailed – we are tired of this senselessness abeg! I will never see justice in demonizing Olu Falae, Tanko Yakassai and many more who partook of this blood money. The church leaders who received such bribes from Jonathan for prayers are no better than Attahiru Bafarawa, so they should be arrested and interrogated, I do not care whether such pastors have all Nigerians Christians as his followers, he does not have me as one, and God be praised for this. We have a government that is ready to cleanse us from all these unrighteous greedy yam eating goats. Justice should not only be seen to be done, it must prevail for this administration. In closing, let me wish Father Mbaka well and remind him that tough times make tough people. He should see his divine promotion in his present travail.



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