Jonathan’s Arms Deals: Unveiling Nigeria’s Bloodsucking Witches And Yam Eating Goats

On the issue of erstwhile President Jonathan’s arms deals, methinks there are many questions begging for serious answers. The fact that the office of the National Security Adviser, a sensitive security advisory apparatus in the presidency, became the financial arm of a political party’s campaign organisation, and the occupant of the office became a black faced political Santa Claus, is enough to show how much God loves this country. Nigeria was already in the cesspool of economic extinction before God divinely fetched us out of the political bondage caused by the administrative “inexperience” of “good lucky Joe”. I sincerely believe that Jonathan may now have had the foreknowledge of the 6 weeks postponement of the 2015 presidential election in February if he claims ignorance to all the unfortunate direct financial withdrawals made by his National Security Adviser from the Central Bank; this shows the kind of an unfortunate president he turned out to be, thanks to “messiah” Olusegun Obasanjo.

Godwin Emefiele, the willy nilly Governor of the Central Bank, in all honesty, lacks the moral latitude to continue in office for aiding and abetting such high breach of administrative procedure. The principal objective of the Jonathan’s men fingered in these allegations of grandiose looting, observing their wicked acts closely, was to sell off Nigeria to themselves, with the intention to make Nigerians their personal properties until their deaths bequeath us and our national inheritance to their children, even to those unborn as spoils of war, when they are to yet conquer us. This was why they fronted their children in the alleged multi-million Naira scams, introducing them early enough to the mindset of oppressive and repressive looting of our collective patrimony.

While they insist that ordinary Nigerians endeavour to raise good and obedient children, these men set themselves up to raise the next generation of bloodsucking witches and yam eating goats, training them despicably to become heartless rogues, rapists, blood-letters and vicious arms users alar “@sugarbelly”, but “God win…” This is why being very frank sometimes sounds as being insensitive: God has continued to demonstrate his victory over darkness by annulling the power of incumbency and taking men out on the eve of their victories to confound the evil proposals of their wards.

It was clearly an abuse of institutional procedure for the “Chairman Emeritus” of Daar Communication Plc to become a cheque-picker for the organization he once led, if it is true as his counsel, Mike Ozekhome (SAN) suggested, that the Daar Communications Plc is an independent entity of its own. How did Chief Dokpesi’s function in retirement confer on him the duty of representing Daar Communications Plc accountants?  Is he really chairman emeritus as claimed or is all of this a grand deception designed to hoodwink public interest? It is just unexplainable. There are more to High Chief Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi’s claims than he can possibly prove with his recent unfortunate verbal vomits. Picking payments for media coverages handled by his media outfits for a political party from funds meant for arms procurements in the face of an insurgency which has already claimed over 20,000 Nigerian lives is dare devil; a kind of witchcraft that must not go unpunished if found to be culpable.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has a media/publicity arm, the Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation had a media/publicity arm, and the erstwhile administration had a vibrant Information Ministry, all capable and excessively empowered to handle the issues of media coverages of any kind for the PDP and its defeated presidential candidate. It is absolutely dubious for Chief (I do not care if he is high or low) Dokpesi to have picked cheques for media coverages from the NSA’s office. Something is fishy. This is someone who has already, at one time, been questioned for complicity in alleged acts of terrorism. What does he want with Nigerians?

I am the least surprised by the deeds of retired Colonel Sambo Dasuki while serving as National Security Adviser (NSA) because he is the seed – of the DNA – of His Royal Highness (defunct) Ibrahim Dasuki, the deposed Sultan of Sokoto, who I knew in the 70s as the undertaker of the once financially vibrant Nigerian Railway Corporation while he served as Executive Chairman of that very viable federal government institution. I was at that time the son of a Railway worker and was privileged to follow the progress made by my father’s employer. I can still remember that it was only in the Nigerian Railways that workers’ salaries were paid bi-monthly in Nigeria. Presently, the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) is the wealthiest federal government corporation in terms of physical assets: the NRC was the federal government cash cow until the early 80s when it was finally interred by its party-loving Executive Chairman, retired Lt. General Jeremiah “Boy” Useni, then an Army Major who took over from Ibrahim Dasuki and spent the remaining wealth of the institution organizing parties in Lagos and Jos. My father, who was a Senior Staffer worked in the Headquarters of its Northern  and North Eastern Districts of the corporation in Zaria and Bauchi, and was one of the compelled guests to the jamborees held in Jos; and he brought back reports of obscene extravagance and repulsive orgy afforded by the wealth of the corporation. Today, the NRC bears the sulking image of a badly raped institution and no one is answering any question for the abuse.

It was during Ibrahim Dasuki’s tenure at the helms of affairs of the Nigerian Railway Corporation that the outfit was divested of its responsibility to transport all consignments of petroleum products from all Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) depots across the country for discharge to points of supplies and outlets: this was the major source of income for the corporation that made it the most vibrant government corporation in the country at that time. It was cheap, safe and affordable for government to move petroleum products by rail. If this wickedness was not allowed to thrive, we would not be burdened with the numerous deaths and losses we have suffered from tankers ladened with petroleum products falling off our roads and bridges. Would we deny that this is not the way witchcraft operates? Sambo’s father benefits directly from this unfortunate dilemma through the unfortunate decision he took several years ago.

The evidences of this claim can be clearly seen by the numerous rail connections to all the NNPC depots in the country. The breaking of the NRC monopoly in conveying refined petroleum products to parts of Nigeria was what Ibrahim Dasuki did to favour his Fulani brothers, whom he saw as been very few, and uninterested in working in the railway corporation. He paved the way and encouraged his kinsmen to take up the haulage of petroleum products by road via tankers by withdrawing the monopoly enjoyed by the NRC in the evacuation of Petroleum products from the NNPC depots. This was how the Fulanis became the largest and biggest trail-tanker owners in Nigeria, ruling massively in the haulage of petroleum products from NNPC depots. For them also the Petroleum Equalization Fund (PEF) of government was designed, to give them financial privilege and edge over other competitors in that sector. 

So, I am not at all surprised that rtd. Colonel Sambo Dasuki nursed the idea of undertaking Nigeria’s economy in its entirety. It is not far fetched why the late Sanni Abacha deposed Ibrahim Dasuki as Sultan of Sokoto and summarily dismissed his son Sambo from the service of the Nigerian Army. He saw better than Jonathan’s “inexperience” could see. It is heartbreaking to know that in spite of the calamitous activities of the Boko Haram insurgents, a National Security Adviser would usurp the functions of the Federal Ministry of Defence, using appropriations meant for the Ministry to offset a political party’s campaign expenditure.. If he is found culpable, then he is the biggest witch in Nigeria and a dare devil bloodsucker, who sourced and disbursed our national wealth to stupendous yam eating goats.

Nevertheless, I hereby appeal to the federal government to handle the investigation into this rot in the most democratic manner, respecting the human dignity of every suspect and observing the rule of law in the process of prosecuting them. Finding the truth in all these allegations is a task that has begun and it is a task that must be successfully accomplished. It is a surprise that ex-convict Bode George has refused to learn from his past lessons. If he did, he would have avoided everything that should bring him again into disrepute. A leopard indeed cannot change her spots. The “perpetual injunction” beneficiary, Peter Otunaya Odili is another surprise inclusion to the list: I wonder what calibre of “perpetual injunction” his wife, Mary, who now sits on the bench of the Supreme Court, would negotiate for him this time. There will definitely be no respite for any yam eating goat this time.

For these ones and for characters like David Bonaventure Mark, who have disassociated themselves from receiving monies from the arms procurement funds, they must be made to understand that it is not necessarily about arms procurement; after all Dokpesi, Bafarawa and co did not say they took monies from arms procurement funds but accepted that they took money from the NSA’s office for one thing or the other. What matters now to Nigerians is not the expenditure head from which the monies they took were drawn but on whether they took monies at all from the office of the National Security Adviser and for what purpose? Their response will leave Nigerians with what to make of them all. Bode George may not know Sambo Dasuki and he does not need to know him but is it true that he received monies from the office of the National Security Adviser?

Whatsoever Ayodele Peter Fayose, who has chosen to become PDP drummer-boy instead of a governor, wishes to say to favour those who railed-road him into Government House, Ado Ekiti, let him say; it is his mouth and it is his belly. He is free under our laws to hold personal opinions if the 8th senate would appreciate that as a principle of democracy. It is his call to see impunity in Nigeria’s present positive political advancement. Only his hangers-on and apologists would give him attention. To educate Fayose a little, he should know that there are two faces to everything in life – the positive face and the negative face. Even impunity has its positive and negative faces. An example of the negative face of impunity is Fayose’s mobilization of thugs to drag out a judge from his court and watch his boys beat him up until his attire was torn in shreds, leaving the judge destitute of human dignity. Nothing in law happened to “Ayo” because he had the backing of a woman-wrapped, Zoo-trained President. Fela Anikulapo Kuti called them “animals in human skins”.

What is therefore wrong with impunity been positive…that some alleged criminals are detained without a court order – so what? It is always when it becomes convenient for members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that they remember that our democracy, though 16 years old, is still nascent? In the face of the gross and multiple abuse of the psyche of Nigerians and the truncating of the lives of our citizens, I believe that what the Buhari led Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is doing with these “witches” and “goats”, in the face of the nascent-ness of our democracy, is a welcomed development. It is a demonstration of what they – the PDP love to say – “we are not yet there, but we are making progress…” So Ayodele Fayose should concentrate on serving the Ekiti people with “rice and stew very plenty” (RSVP) and stop thinking that his clueless, ineffective rule would be shielded by his feeble armour welding against President Buhari. He indeed overestimated himself when he suggested that President Buhari is after him: who would foolishly care about a house-ant when chasing destructive house rats? He is claiming who he is not to profit from self-importance. His target is to snatch the Chairmanship of the PDP Governors Forum from his co-conspirator “the mimicking” Mimiko.

With time, Nigerian leaders will outgrow impunity, but for now I believe majority of Nigerians love the positive, progressive impunity of the present administration. It is better for us now than we use to know. Were it not for the “do or die” nature with which “messiah” Obasanjo handle elections in his time, who is that peeled-lips apologist to sit as governor over a people rather than have him work on a gabbage heap? Obasanjo now knows better. Ayodele Fayose is a product of impunity handed down from the Obasanjo and Jonathan regimes. As a governor, he has mastered impunity as an official democratic act: was it not this nuisance that locked down Ado Ekiti and prevented traffic in and out of the Ekiti State capital because he wanted to block legitimate lawmakers from exercising their lawful mandates? Governor Fayose should shut up for presenting himself before equity with bloodied hands. He can never qualify to be a social crusader. He is incompetent to play such role.

Lest we get distracted from looking into the Nigerian coven of witches and the fold of yam eating goats by characters like Ayo Fayose and Olisa Metuh, two examples of bad and incompetent representation, let all Nigerians pray that the whole truth around the present investigations of the Jonathan’s arms deal materialises with God winning again for Nigerians; and all Boko Haram masquerades unmasked and unveiled to answer for how they trampled upon Nigerians as if we were a conquered people. It is time to prove that Nigeria, like President Buhari, is “for everybody and…for nobody”.




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