Enumerating Nigeria’s Advance In Ending Terrorism


As we celebrate the 55th anniversary of our independence as a people, let us briefly also take a hindsight on the fight against insurgency in the country. It is troubling for me to note how those who were strong “Buharians” are now speedily losing vibrance for him due to their limited perceptions of the successes his administration has made with ending the Boko Haram insurgency; particularly, because of the continuous successes recorded by suicide bombers, and the attendant lost of lives of innocent Nigerians in their fatherland, where, under any and all conditions, the preservation of their lives and wealth is and should be most guaranteed. As a construction sector worker, I know that it takes lesser time and resources to build brand new structures upon a brand new foundations than to demolish and rebuild failing structures upon the same foundations. If it is true that government is a continuum, then we must appreciate President Buhari’s tortuous decision to reject the foundation of governance and structures already built and left behind by the previous PDP administrations, when in their 16 years they dilly dallied with our lives.
We have to also appreciate his efforts at rebuilding new foundations upon which our corporate national systems are machined to operate as they universally designed to function. Before now Nigeria was an aberration of a nation, not yet able to become one, pretended to be one. It will therefore take the complete restructuring of the foundation before Nigerians can see appreciable progress in Mr President’s own style of governance. We are definitely making progress. Come in with me as we reflect truly on the current advance he has made in ridding us of the embarrassing nature of the Boko Haram insurgency.

The unconventional nature of the war demanded that Nigeria produces a leader who, though trained in unconventional warfare, is one who is trained on military tactics and war strategies, a Northern Muslim, who is not just ailitary man but one the an antecemtsl reputation for being strict and possess unparalleled dignity. This was the kind of man we needed to contain this war and this was why many chose Muhammadu Buhari as President.

The relocation of the Military Command Centre from Abuja to Maiduguri by Mr President, apart from been strategic, offers a layman in military tactics the simple understanding that Mr President specifically instigated the military high commanders to lead the war at its front lines, as the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai, is presently doing – of spending nights with his men in trenches. This is “leadership by example”. A new approach to a people-oriented leadership. The morale-raising implication of this act surely shores up the confidence of our troops, and prepares them to commit their lives, selflessly, to winning the war on terror and upholding the territorial integrity of our country, which is their primary and only calling. This was not so before now; when commanders were interested in how many plots of land they own in Abuja, and setting up personal businesses, with the benefits marked out for troops, in order to reinforce the sustenance of their protruded bellies because they, rather than being competent military men, were themselves “belly-fools”.

I am particularly happy that the insurgents no longer take territories, carting away bona fide Nigerians into abusive custody under inhuman conditions: this is a great and commendable mark attained in the prosecution of the war, and this is enough progress so far. The present trouble shootings are by those living with us inside Nigeria: engineers of bloodletting devices, who infiltrated the ranks of refugees, by joining genuine persons internally displaced (IDPs), when captives under their custody were evacuated from “Sambisa”, and they surreptitiously  found dwelling in the IDP camps, preparing, indoctrinating, and using minors among them, especially young girls, as human-ammos to perpetrate their heinous undertakings.

The ones presently sustaining our nightmares will all fizzle out when government becomes more sensitive, sensible and pragmatic in their approach to intelligence sourcing; and also when the crooks have exhausted, and no longer have pliable people to use as live-ammos to dispense their madness. By the way, as a mark of seriousness, why would government not keep Islam aside from this fight and enforce the use, by girls and women, of  “hijabs” that covers the face only, and  outlaw the use of overflowing “hijabs” that runs over main clothing, condoning off those who continue to use them from public places. And those who insist on them should be seen and noted as potential members with, and collaborators of initiators of suicide bombings. It must be clear how this evil men, who camouflage under Islam, do what they do as their means of livelihood. They are all in the same class as armed robbers, kidnappers and, in short, criminals; killing people for pecuniary gains. This is their trade: it just cannot be Islamic, more so when the perpetrators do not even know how the Qur’an looks like.

Every human  being pretends about religion, especially when they mean their devotions for public display and peoples’ validation. Government must eliminate the present prejudices that stifle good governance in the security sector, realising that Nigeria is constituted as a secular State, and religious considerations in decision making and taking should take a back sit in matters of national security. There is absolutely no need to be emotional and unreasonable with our religious undertakings, and persuasions; and we must stop behaving as if we are sympathetic to the cause of these murders in government, who look “the other way” while Nigeria burns; pretending to be ignorant of their elementary responsibility to national security and intelligence management for the benefit of call Nigerians. The Jonathan administration clearly showed this war as a rocker science and Ese must allow Buhari spend some laboratory time, to assemble the necessary tools and substances to contain the war.

The internal security of any nation lies with the national police.  The military in Nigeria has succeeded in locking down our borders, halting the erstwhile cross-border ambushes and have drastically limited the highway marauding of the insurgents. Thanks be to God. We readily have to distinguish sharply between the responsibilities of the police and that of the military. The Nigeria Police rascality and impudence caused this whole problem in the first place; when they were rewarded to cover up for the serving Governor of the most insurgence-notorious State at that time, where all these “wahala” was cultivated and nurtured for political gains; when “Sheik” Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram was arrested and killed extra judicially, before he had any opportunity to be interrogated. Why the Police did that is still unclear and under cover, but one thing that is clear is that they were instigated, likely by good monetary remittances from the moneybag Governor who used the Mohammed Yusuf gang viciously to gain political power; and who fears that with Yusuf’s arrest, his beans might be spilt during his interrogation. So he ordered his murder and sunk over 170 million Nigerians into such depth of fearful despair as we have all endured for almost a decade now.

This misadventure led to the emergence of the psychotic Abubakar Shekau. His taking over of the mantle of leadership of the sect led to his plotting this full blown war involving all Nigerians and extending across regions: a war which, in a continuing manner, is financed by wards of Northern billionaires, who hardly can control their children because of the way they were brought up. It was therefore not a wonder that the son of Umaru Mutallab, a renown banker and former Chairman of First Bank Nig Plc, was the “underwear” bomber who almost brought down a Detroit bound plane on Christmas day some years back. We have them in their numbers in Nigeria.

These attacks have nothing to do with President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, he inherited this cancer and he is treating it with the appropriate “chemotherapy”. The protracted nature of this war is caused by the fact that Shekau must, whether dead or alive, insist on keeping the war ongoing, however, even deceitfully, because he knows that without its sustenance he has no life to live on earth anymore, especially with a US ransome of $25m hanging as prize tag around and over him: he is now a commodity, and not a human being. When this battle is over, it will be his own men who will turn him in. Acts like this always results in “dog eating dog” in a “rat race”.

Let us give our military some kudos. Abubakar Shekau can be anybody now; and I think some Nigerians are more of rude-jokers than they are naive about this issue. To them its still about GE Jonathan’s biggest  loss at the Presidential election – very childish. I see all of them as the beneficiaries of the pains we all suffered during the last administration. I undertook this venture to show how, by a committed search for divine revelations on national issues, we can place our problems under divine illumination and diagnose them from an enlightened perspective, so that we will not continue to appear to other nations as ignorant and self-underdeveloped people. This is the spirit which worked amongst the prophets of old, and their revelations were accepted as truth and have endured with us until now. We still have prophets, I believe we do because, as in this article, we have the proof that God is still talking to people; however, what actually matters is whether we would honour a prophet who is a Nigerian if one appears in the garb? Hmmm! I have just asked the N1m question. Anybody with an answer?




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