The Collapse Of The House Of Change


In the same manner that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) was weakened and ridiculed into irrelevance by a rebellious group in the party, especially by silencing the voices of its founders and raising a crop of “yes” men, who they manipulated at will, into the leadership of the party; it is that same way it is about happen in the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The weakness and helplessness of  the leadership of the APC is further exposed by the trash-binning of the letters addressed by the Party Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun to both the Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, in which the party approved names of its members to occupy the principal offices dedicated to it as the majority party in the National Assembly, without the honour of an acknowledgement before members of the National Assembly.

This will be my last article dedicated to the expectant revival and restoration of the APC from its present internal crisis as the political party which hope-raised Nigerians. From my first letter, on the issue of the APC leadership rising to take back its honour, to the last, in which I appealed to the leadership of the party to avoid a triple loss, all I predicted and for which I expressed a passionate fear have all been accomplished. My predictions have come true and my fears confirmed. 

In any household where there is indiscipline, it is always possible for a son to raise a whip against his father; this is and has been the reality of the Senate President. The reason for writing this last epistle in honour of the APC is to summarize and conclude on all the concerns I have so far expressed for the party.

I have come this far because, like I said initially, the APC is a party in which I have invested a strong faith, and its “Change” mantra gave me a perceived and strong held hope in the chance of Nigeria getting back on the track of political dignity and economic reconstruction. As I write this, I am very disillusioned with my serial disappointments in how things have resulted so far.

I now see Nigeria returning to its depth of bureaucratic, self-serving and dehumanizing social system with its economics geared to benefit its privileged and exploit its poor, with politics of oppression, and a religious following that ignores covenant and deifies power and wealth.

The same things we suffered under the PDP is birthing again anew in the APC, and what is seemingly needed in quick succession is a new and vibrant opposition to both the executive arm which is still clearly in the grips of the original APC, and which might soon be infiltrated by the PDP arm in the APC; and the legislature, which has made the PDP emerged as the clear majority party in the National Assembly. We cannot continue to live in self-denial.

The question that troubles me much is where President Muhammadu Buhari stands in all this drama. I have said it before and I am saying it again now, that Mr President, though might be seen to be slow in his methods and approaches to governance, as Okey Ndibe’s article, published in Sahara reporters, suggested about his “disappearing”, I can still measure his quiet advance on issues of national security and economic recovery. But like I have constantly insisted, President Buhari is a very poor politician who is failing on all political fronts, and this is in case all that is happening in the APC is not with his deliberate connivance; in which case he will strike me as a very dishonest man.

I really cannot place if the intention of Mr President is to see the collapse of the APC and the return of the South West to opposition status, or if  he is just been deliberately naïve and unconcerned about all that is happening. One thing I know, though, and on which I can bet, is that the present ugly infighting within the ranks of the APC members of the National Assembly will soon visit him not too long from now.

The same way he has watched the National Assembly leadership mete out series of ridicules on his party leadership will be the same way others will look on helplessly as the vengeful men will turn their whips of ridicules on him. I pray that when this happens, he will still be enjoying the goodwill of Nigerians. Only the goodwill of ordinary Nigerians will save him from the ultimate disgrace that is already approaching his doorpost.

My prayer is that on the long run, the members of the National Assembly should get their acts right again, but I doubt if this will happen soon, as what I see is a determined and deliberate effort at bringing down the APC in order to strengthen the PDP again. The emergence of Senators Mohammed Ali Ndume, Bala Ibn Na’Allah and a neophyte first term Senator Alimikhena, as principal officers of the Eighth Senate, is a testament to the takeover of the Nigerian Senate by the PDP.

Their cushioning in the APC is just to wait for the right time to return to resurrect the party they intentionally “killed” because things did not go their way. It is the same character and motive they brought into the APC – these men are confirmed undertakers of political parties. Yet they cannot raise an independent platform for themselves. This is why I have insisted on calling them political nomads.

It is now left for Nigerians to watch and determine how their freedom from political mercenaries will come. The hope that the APC brought to Nigerians has suddenly waned, attaining its twilight before the break of its day. My sincere prayer is for the Nigerian military to watch all these happenings with disinterest, otherwise, the anticipated further struggles between the APC led executive and the PDP led legislature, another expected nouveau development in our politics at the centre, may lead to a military suspension of the National Assembly “House of Commotion”.

I will therefore remain to blame the National Chairman of the APC for been weak, clueless, lacking in political direction and political sageness; especially in the face of the allegation that he sold out his authority to Senator Bukola Saraki, by eating his “plate of porridge” and swallowing his “bread of sorrow”.

As I feared and warned earlier, John Oyegun has led the APC to a triple loss and he is still shamelessly hanging unto a failed leadership. I think he should be booted out of office by an anal strike. Chief Odigie-Oyegun is the symbol of grief for ordinary Nigerians whom I here represent and this is very unfortunate. A man’s honour cannot indeed be measure accurately by his seeming conquered mien.

In my opinion, it is time for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take a well-deserved sabbatical leave from national politics. I advise that he should take a year off politics, sit in his house, or travel worldwide if he can afford it, and take some fresh air. He has attained a political height that his traducers will or may never attain. Nigerians owe the historic victory of the opposition over a ruling government to the vision he nursed and nurtured to fruition.

He is our political hero who revived our collective hope in political possibilities when commitment finds vent in dedication. The fear of his risen and rising political fame is clearly the reason every known traitor and self-serving politician wakes up each morning with a knife in his hand to “cut Tinubu to size”, when his actual intention is to inject stability and map an enduring direction for the APC.

How gigantic and intimidating is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu political frame to require a cutting “to size”? In my sincere opinion, this reason given for such treachery is an admittance of defeat and the expression of the phobia that the shine Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has taken from them will render them politically less relevant.

Nobody and I mean no politician in the present APC can steal the glory with which the Asiwaju has been divine crowned. One thing these political failures do not know is that apart from those who have already built a stronghold of political confidence in Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the South West, the amiable politician, in the short while he has guided the APC, has also found  favour and ardent political following among some prominent northern politicians. Like it or not, his political dragnet has expanded and extended beyond his former influence.

Rather than a political loss, Bola Tinubu has gained more and immense political following across the nation, including the South: East and South. For him, I am also enrolling as a politician. My advice therefore is for him to stop rallying political followership, he needs to rest from building platforms for others to exploit. It is now time for other to use what he has politically built to support him to ascend his highest aspiration.

He needs to remain exclusive, remaining the political leader that he is, and allow his home to be such the Nigerian political “Mecca” where Nigerians will come seeking credit, support and relevance in the national politics. I feel very strongly for this hardworking man. He is clearly shoulder higher than the political Lilliputians trying to cut him to their distasteful size. He will surely not be diminished.

He is a successful kingmaker, a man who has clearly shown to possess the undying spirit of the late sage and the continuing leader of the South West politics, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu went one step ahead of “Awo” by the successful political overthrow of the ruling conservative party, but stopped short of becoming the Nigerian President “Awo” never was. I sincerely congratulate him for this unrivaled feat. It therefore baffles me when an ex-convict tries to rubbish such sincere political advance. I won’t blame him for his diminished political vision and shameless illogic.

Nevertheless, “Bola” must learn never to pave the way for the aborting of his political vision in the future. Supporting the emergence of men in the skin of the APC Chairman, though I agree that the Asiwaju did not have a credible alternative when the decision was made, his decision to support of John Oyegun turned out to be the beginning of the abortion of his vision of a seamless political “Change” for Nigeria and Nigerians.

I dare say that none of the emerging leaders of the APC can appropriately define and interpret the change envisioned by the founding fathers of the party, and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu can only do well by leaving them to flounder in their ungodly desperation and clear lack of political purpose. They will soon hit their heads against one another and enact an astute political confusion that they won’t have the capacity to handle. Missioning the vision not nursed is different from dipping “Kwaran amala” in “Kwaran gbegiri” soup, it is definitely not goat meat pepper soup over a bottle of Star beer. My fingers and legs are crossed and I am watching.

Goodbye APC: you did not know your times of refreshing; now your house is left to you desolate, until you go back to your place of fall and find your restoration, you shall lose your glory forever. I will from now on give myself to writing on good governance and the rule of law as I assess the relationship between the APC/PDP governed executive and the entirely PDP governed legislature: enough of my calling the attention of deaf people.



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