APC’s Double Loss Must Not Be Triple


The obvious crack in the wall of the “House of APC” precipitated by the outcome of the National Assembly leadership elections cannot be quickly and easily covered up by the party. I cannot assimilate the sweeping under of issues thrown up by that elections; and for the party to pretend that no issue exists would be indulging self-deceit.

It would be the worst crime a political party can deal the masses who freely gave them a popular mandate to deny them an explanation on why the party helplessly suffered such level of ridicule. Nigerians want to see change in how the APC handles what happened. Sweeping everything under and pretending that nothing happened will be a serious disservice to Nigerians.

This is therefore the voice of a Nigerian who was again, as other Nigerians, the real loser in the APC/National Assembly leadership elections drama. I am particularly protesting the unnecessary and dangerous politicking by a few APC Senators in the Eighth Assembly, which they aimed at tearing down the seamless Change agenda which I was comfortably following. On my honour as a Nigerian who seek a genuine Change, that these men won’t go far.

I saw their act as an attempt to return us to the very valley of impunity, among other socio-political ills, from where we recently ascended, and as their lack in capacity to appreciate the economic troubles Nigeria is presently confronting. It was an attempt to plunge us back into a past from which we deliberately sought relieve. How can “Change” chanters turn themselves into change hunters.

Workers in various States are suffering for lack of salaries running into 5 to 8 months arrears, and the trending news is how members of the Eighth National assembly are by next week to collect N17m and N21m as “wardrobe allowance” for each member of the “green” and “red” chambers respectively. This is raw insensitivity and an inhuman disposition: it is like preferring to observe a “one minute silence” over my dead body than to give me what is mine.

In my opinion, the present situation in the Nigerian Senate, and in the APC, would have been easily resolved, as some minds have opined, if the Peoples’ Democratic Party senators were the only ones in the senate chamber when the senate was proclaimed and had elected their senators into senate leadership positions, I think it would have been a better standing for the APC than the current standing.

APC lost totally in this and that loss is Nigerians’ because of those who tagged the APC label in rebellion. The lie in defence of saboteurs that suggests that it was good for the APC that some of their senators were in the chambers at proclamation to take the senate presidency is in this exposed as the lie that it is. It was an appeal to political ignorance.

The advantage of this to the APC would be that no member of the party would have been tagged a “rebel”; it would have saved the APC the obvious crack that is now upon its wall, it would have helped in erasing the international ridicule the party suffered, and the gatecrash of Senator Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara into the National Working Committee of the party against the wish of the party leadership would have been checkmated.

Take it or leave it, trending issues would have augured better for the APC if the PDP senators were proclaimed alone and they ascend the leadership of the Senate without a contribution from any member of the APC. The unity and dignity of the party would have been intact, saving the vicious rape it suffered.

It was particularly disgusting to read how jobbers clothed as “political analysts” quickly put a knife to the soul of the APC, injecting “politick” into its vein to sedate the “Change” we yearn; carving out a “huge chunk” of the “APC” soul for their patrons. They will never mind if after this, the APC goes down because the broken house of the PDP is now awaiting them to takeover.

It was a conspiracy aided by the romance with the “enemy”. Senators and politicians who demonstrated their narrow minded simplistic political index of “what is in it for me”, at a time every Nigerian is willing to make sacrifice, are a very expensive distraction who find pleasure in belittling the pains we suffer as a people.

Truth will remain truth no matter the blur or bloat the fabrications around it. I looked closely at the arrows of this APC division again and I discovered that both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara were, and still are members of the just resurrected “nPDP within the ranks of the APC”, now “a power bloc” within the APC. These were those who initially sought refuge in the APC. They quickly forgot that the APC is a party framed in deliberations, dialogue and negotiations.

At the level of the merger all things were sorted but those who gatecrashed into the party, came with a strange character not caring to deliberate and negotiate their aspirations, they rather capitalised on extra party arms to arm twist their leadership. If I was Chief Oyegun, I would have expelled both men from the party and risk the result. I insist that APC would have been better off with an entire PDP leadership in the National assembly, what else could be more novel?

Permit me to stop over on this briefly: let me clear my stand very well, bringing to remembrance the words of Rotimi Amaechi, when in the euphoria of APC’s victory at the polls, he confessed that he would have gone on exile if Muhammadu Buhari had lost the elections. They all knew the damage they caused to the PDP and they also knew that they would be persecuted by the PDP government if they got elected. What the nPDP sought from the APC in the beginning is not what they are scrambling for now. Here is where I hold the offenders guilty.

Against my expectation that the PDP senators would reinvent themselves, invest on the discipline they totally lacked as a party, and punish those of the nPDP who betrayed them…I was just wrong; a leopard never changes its spot. They had the option if choosing between national interest and personal interest. It was indeed their call.

The PDP revenge was two-fold: the ACN/Tambuwal rebellion and the nPDP divorce. They chose to support their own deviants; and took the revenge for which Nigerians are the biggest losers. Instead of punishing individuals to correct them, they chose an organisational struggle.

Nevertheless, this only clarifies how selfish and self-conceited our political class are. Nigerians should begin to see them as a non-benevolent cult of people scheming to enslave us perpetually. I feel humiliated to know that what they did was actually in setting a part for themselves in our march towards 2019. They will soon know that the real change is with Nigerians, not the APC. They chose to be demonic and we will demonize them.

Their acts are not generate on how Nigerians would see them but on how politically beneficial they would be for them.     These political soul stabbers creatively carved for themselves the “nPDP APC” power bloc from the APC of the merged opposition parties, and analyzed for themselves how the “Fulani hegemony” would always come together to subdue their “slaves”; anytime they use others to attain political power they collaborate amongst themselves and dismiss them. It will be interesting this time.

Majority of those who supported the ignoble act say it was “cutting Tinubu to size”. I ask where they were the day Bola Tinubu took a trip to Kaduna to see Muhammadu Buhari in 2010, when the idea of a merger was first sounded but failed. The earlier they grasp the fact that the APC is and has been from inception guided by two lights, the better for those who seriously want to see the party grow and prosper.

No one should be deceived, sooner or later,  all political nomads will vacate the APC but I wish they are thrown out now. They are a cancerous bunch only potent in harming others. They rear their political aspirations nosing for where there are greener pastures for them. Check Turaki Abubakar Atiku up, he is an unstable man and so are all his team mates.

Where was this “nPDP APC” power bloc when Bola Tinubu went again to Muhammadu Buhari in 2012 and set the APC journey on course…where were they? Where were they when the birth pangs of APC’s delivery was endured, and when the celebration of a new born was consummated? Why are their hangers-on trying deliberately to rewrite a very recent history through non-relative figures of expression? Why are they exerting efforts in futility?

I will not forget that this was the same question Prof Jerry Gana asked these refugees in the APC on the night when High Chief Ray Aleogho Dokpesi hosted erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan to a “farewell dinner” at the Aso Rock villa in the twilight of that administration. Prof Gana knew that sooner or later such question will arise within the ranks of the APC; and I do not mind been the one reverberating it: “where were they!?”

Capturing the Jonathan times in perspective, Prof Gana had asked the nPDP “Change” chanters in the midst of genuine APC members where they were when Jonathan blazed his trails, clearly identifying them as political buccaneers and hypocrites, who were at that time in self-denial, haven eaten from the same plate with him.

Interestingly, Dele Momodu, a supporter of the APC dissidents labeled the nPDP as the “bride” of the APC; the ANPP and APGA he called the “bridesmaids” at the marriage between the CPC/ACN and the nPDP, what self-deceit generated to drive home an incorrect position? If nPDP was a “bride” at all; both the ACN, ANPP, APGA, CPC were her bridegroom.

Dele Momodu cannot win this argument before me. He should take my position to the bank and it won’t fail him. There was never a “CPC/ACN” APC. Rather than see the nPDP as the bride of the APC at that time, I actually see the “mere group of dissidents” as a bunch of desperate homeless men who volunteered to fight a common enemy in return for a roof over their heads. For God’s sake  the APC was already an operative household before nPDP asked to be admitted. They have been parading ill-logic.

Where was the nPDP when the opposition parties that merged bonded? What were they doing when Bola Tinubu posted the leadership of the party? Where were they when Bola Tinubu forwarded Muhammadu Buhari as the Presidential Candidate of the APC?

Where were they when Muhammadu Buhari asked Bola Tinubu to anoint a Vice President for him? Were all these done in darkness and Nigerians knew about it? Why weren’t disagreements, if there were any, made public to the benefit of ordinary Nigerians who have been following the progress made by the APC, and all along supporting the party? I speak as the voice of an oppressed citizen, who is insisting on “Change”.     

There was absolutely no reason for anyone to overturn the prevailing order in the party, no matter how uncomfortable he may feel about the decisions of the leadership. The party has its internal mechanism for handling the grievances of members. I doubt if the alleged “overbearing” nature of Bola Tinubu can pass with me. Only defeatists would tag a man with a name because he succeeds at political negotiations and strategic planning. Until the obstruction, Bola Tinubu has remained a trustworthy leader. A political leader Nigerians can trust.

Why were Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara afraid of jaw jawing with their party leadership…would anything have changed? Maybe yes, because Bola Tinubu would have overborne them, as he should. Unless they act in subterfuge, the Asiwaju will always beat them hands down. Who can tell the vision of the APC better? Who really constitute “the leader” under Awoism, the philosophy behind that political ideology in Nigeria.

Bola Tinubu lost nothing in that garbage parceled in darkness and delivered under rebellion in the congregation of opportunists, particularly because men like David Mark and Ike Ekwerenmadu were in that congregation: men who spent N600bn to pass 123 bills in 4 years, 46 of which were passed in 10 minutes.

While Nigerians fought hard to dislodge the PDP from their undeserved height, some politicians, in reverse thinking, are forcing us back to our vomits. I will not swallow their imposition calmly.  I am not mincing words here, before Bukola Saraki stole the “Senate Presidency show” in an unholy connivance with the “enemies”, I wrote three articles shouting that he should be resisted by every Nigerian who wants to see Nigeria move on positively and progressively.

I shouted so loudly that there are politicians who have structures and war chest beyond that of their political party, and can deploy same against the position taken by their party; Bukola Saraki was a handy example I had to give; I volunteered that he is a politician “that knows nothing about political sacrifice”. True to my prediction, the APC leadership toyed with their privilege to discipline its members, and was disgraced in the process of babysitting and bottle-feeding rebels.

The APC as a party suffered two losses in the now rested National Assembly elections drama: the party lost the leadership of the legislature under its administration entirely to the opposition. Like I said early, It would have been more beneficial to the APC is the PDP had taken the positions for themselves, because there would have been a “live to fight another day”. The party was also forced to admit two men who slapped the face of the APC leadership when gatecrashing into the APC National Working Committee as members. It is a double tragedy which must not be triple.

Let me first of all address the failure of the APC leadership. I particularly hold John Odighe Oyegun responsible for been a derelict Chairman who failed to heed a timely admonition of a respected leader of the party, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. He had clearly warned the party about toying with the timely delineation of how the leadership of the National Assembly should follow. He clearly warned that if his advice was not heeded, the APC risked the PDP determining the leadership of the National Assembly. This was what happened.

Secondly, he, as Chairman of the APC also failed to quickly address the resistance and insubordination of both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara to the party, when they were not yet sworn members of the National Assembly. For watching on and treating both men with kid gloves in the face of gross indiscipline robs him of any residual morality to continue to operate in the office of the Chairman of the APC. He should either resign from the office honourably or he should be removed accordingly for not expelling Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara from the party when they proved ungovernable. No matter their remorseful show now, they cannot erase their character of rebellion, which is trailing them.

If this act is not punished, then APC may suffer a triple loss and their loss would also be Nigerians’. Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara who were clearly in no position (at the time of their resistance and insubordination to their party leadership, not having been placed on oaths to function in any capacity as legislators) to claim any “interference in the affairs of the legislature” and had  no privilege to claim the “separation of powers” of a government organ they were not yet members of.

They were wrong in dishonouring the summons of their party on the basis of the separation of powers and the interference with the legislature. So both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara, before they were proclaimed as members of the National Assembly erroneously dropped the privileges of the legislature they were not members of and to me this was politically criminal.

For joining the foremost opposition party to embarrass and ridicule their political party leadership, both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara were clearly guilty of anti party activity. Nigerians are therefore watching to see how individuals who used extra party means to take advantage of and succeed at using these means to resist and ridicule their party leadership would go unpunished.

Nigerians are watching to see how the APC will gloss over such gross indiscipline shown by the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, men who should be political role models to younger Nigerians. Is this a good example that should be bequeathed to young Nigerians? I am asking a very fearful question.

Will it be because PDP let Aminu Tambuwal off the hook of insubordination and indiscipline, so should Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara be let off by the APC? Are Nigerians now supposed to write off the APC as the same “bull in a China shop” as the Nigerians’ outcast PDP? Will the “APC others” allow the “nPDP APC” mercenaries among them draw the rug from under their feet?

One thing is very sure and ordinary Nigerians are clear about this: that the APC is presently consisting of two uncompromising power blocs that can tear the party in shreds; the “nPDP bloc” and the “APC bloc”. Can the “APC bloc” take the nPDP bull by the horn and throw her out of their party? I wish there was a way this can happen.

In my opinion, until the APC finds a way to do away with the nPDP members amongst them, they can never know the peace of a political party. The political nomads are known sojourners for political green pastures and the division they have set in APC is meant to bring the party down. This will be APC’s triple loss.

So while the APC still has some life, the cancerous attack it suffered must be removed by using every power it can summon to chase usurpers away from their midst. They should not have been admitted in the first place and President Buhari would still have been President Buhari without them. Their importance could only count in the PDP and if the APC had refused them, it won’t have affected the chances of the APC in anyway. Their struggle was to get the PDP out too.              

On the issue of the wardrobe allowance for the members of the National Assembly, let me posit that the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission is an anti-people Commission enshrined in our constitution to rob ordinary Nigerians of their right to directly enjoy revenues accruing to all Nigerians.

Until the guidelines for the operation of the Commission embraces Section 16 of our constitution, especially Subsection 2(“c” and “d”), implementing Section 84 and 124 of our constitution will continue to be a robbery of ordinary Nigerians who make up of over 80% of our population by the elites who are less than 20% of our population. The functions of the RMAFC must be suspended forthwith in the interest of all Nigerians. The RMAFC must not be kept to serve some categorized Nigerians, they must serve ALL Nigerians.


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