The Legal Aberration Of Senator Saraki’s Emergence As Senate President

I had predicted that if the APC leadership delays beating Bukola Saraki into line, he would surprise them by commiting a foul against them. I insisted that President Buhari should show leadership, but now I know better because I have only realised that he has never been a leader of the APC. Its very pitiful to have such clear division in his party from the very onset.
We have been talking about the independence of the legislature and I agree that it is definitely a fundamental ingredient of democracy, I have no argument with that fact. My point here is, what right was Senator-elect Bukola Saraki exercising when he proved too stubborn for his party to control, especially when he was still a senator-elect of the Eighth Assembly?
He was not yet a serving Senator of the Eighth Senate when he boycotted all summons of the APC leadership and even snubbed the sitting Vice President. Should any one encourage such open show of indiscipline? Lets get the facts straight. Our Senate President, a silver-spoon-fed spoilt brat can scorn anybody. He has a history of disrespect for elders, political arrogance and insubordination.
I am the least, of any in whatever group, who should deliberate on the issue of the emergence of Senator Saraki as Senate President with sentiments here; but I am a father who operates a very  disciplined home; an employer who tailors his staff according to work tenets and rules, and I want to look at the case of Senator Saraki from that strict perspective, not from sentiments.
I got to know about Garba Shehu’s update this morning while I accused President Buhari of conspiring with the renegade members of the National Assembly, by asking loyal members of the APC out to the Convention Centre, and leaving them in the cold; looking the other way while party rebels did what they had already made up their minds to do.
Garba Shehu said Mr President had called Salisu Maikasuwa, Clerk of the National Assembly and requested his shifting the proclamation of the National Assembly till later that Tuesday after his meeting with his party leaders, but I wish to believe that since that did not come in writing, a subordinate bureaucrat allowed himself to be cowed under the pressure of self interested politicians to disobey his President, likely with a good handshake.
Senator Bukola Saraki started by disobeying party leaders, then the Vice President and finally the President…who does Saraki want respect from as Senate President? I will be watching to see as many of his characteristics play out before Nigerians. He is expectantly a character we will love to watch.
I know this man will not go far in his treachery, and by this I challenge President Buhari to expedite action in clearing our Senate President from his corruption case with the EFCC. We cannot have a Senate President with a tag around his neck like a dog. We dont want a doggy looking Senate President. He must be honourable and distinguished.
Nobody can question what happened in the House of Representative because I wish to believe that Yakubu Dogara was surer than Bukola Saraki that no matter what happened he was going to emerge if Saraki emerges, and was ready to give up his bid should Ahmed Lawan, who is from his zone emerges as Senate President.
This much I can exert. He was in effect misled by the treacherous display of a rebellious party man, principally to protect his zone from completely losing out in the power equation in which they have been marginalised for four years running. The APC leadership should spare this man who cleat did nothing wrong by presenting himself from a position of privilege and in defence of a just cause.
Now, let this be clear that two democratic principles are up in a tug of credence here: the independence of the legislature and political party supremacy. You cannot take one in a democracy and leave the other hanging and begging for purpose.
My submission is that Bukola Saraki was already in disobedience to the hierarchy of his party, just as Yakubu Dogara was, before he became an APC Senator of the Eighth Senate and at that point in time they both lacked the impetus to claim any independence of the legislature because their locus at that time was not that of lawmakers under any oath.
They had no such independence when they were peddling it like a cheap commodity before shallow minded Nigerians who ignorantly accepted their debauchery. Senator Saraki is just a selfish and arrogant man; and Nigerians will soon see him for who he truly is.
The mistake the APC made was to tolerate him too long to suffer his embarrassment. If I was the Chairman of the APC, I would have asked him to withdraw his aspiration or risk an expulsion from the party for insubordination, and we would have seen how he would claim to represent the APC in any election inside the Senate chamber. APC forgot that in Nigeria the mantra is “permanent interest” not “permanent friends”. I feel very disappointed in the leadership of the APC, they failed in elementary politics. PDP must have been a very cheap lay to have lost the presidential election to the APC.
It is not over yet. If the APC expels Senator Saraki from the party now, he is in trouble. The fact that the PDP played around with Section 68 Subsection 1(g) of our constitution does not mean the APC will play along like the PDP did. There is also a preceding Supreme Court judgment that compels any lawmaker who crosses from the party that sponsored him to another, except there is a division in his party of sponsor, to vacate his seat, and there is no way a principal officer can function in any Assembly without the platform of a political party.
We have not seen the end of the this matter. It is not about been harsh with Bola Tinubu because he had chosen not to recognise Senator Bukola Saraki as  Senate President. It is tit for tat. Did Senator Saraki recognise him as his party leader? Did he recognise Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as his Vice President?
Did he honour Mr President’s invitation to the Convention Centre? All these happened when he was still an undone bloody Senator-elect, a very “senior comrado”, as the “Kegites” would call him, criminally brandishing an “independence” he did not yet have. If we are to trace where and when the aberration of legality began, we will find it began with Senator Saraki, he clearly acted with self conceited impunity.
Was it right for a Senator-elect to quickly scorned the invitation from his party leadership before he took the oaths that made him a Senator, and before he had the privilege to claim any legislative independence – can that be called impunity?
Or is it wrong for a party leader who felt the pains of betrayal by a ranking party member, who spat on the face of party elders in clear rebellion, to react based on the law that gives the party powers over such renegade member – can that be said to be interference? It can now be termed interference after he had taken his oaths, not before taking the oaths. This must be made clear to all Nigerians.
Let me clear this ignorance of Nigerians as it relates to the independence of the legislature: the separation of powers is strictly binding on the 3 arms of government in their discharge of their responsibilities, which of course, for lawmakers, includes deciding who leads them; but that independence can only happen in sessions within the red chambers and not even at the gates of the National Assembly.
It is therefore a legislative robbery for an unqualified Senator to brandish the legal privilege of Senators in order to scorn party discipline. The legislative independence of any lawmaker does not exempt him from political party discipline. Is there any argument here? So if a sitting senator can be discipline by his political parry, what gives a Senator-elect the right to claim an exaggerated independence to ridicule his political party?
There is a clear role difference between a political party and its members occupying political offices. If before a lawmaker becomes one legally he fringes legislative independence, then he is insincere and deceitful. This is what Nigerians should know.
Bukola Saraki flouted the summons of his party and that of the Vice President before he had the chance to take his oaths as a Senator, so are we applauding the desecration of the office of a sitting Vice President, already sworn in and in office by an undone Senator? Let’s judge this rightly please.
If anybody feels insulted by any part of my article, it should be clear that it was not intentional. I am saying this because in the course of sending this, I know I have likely made statements many may misconstrue negatively.
I hope I can bring some positive light, that before Saraki’s emergence as Senate President, he rode rough on superior instructions and only capitalised on the leniency of his leaders to betray them. He should have been expelled from the party before he had the chance to take his oaths. I think I will be a better APC leader than John Oyegun, by this I mean he should resign forthwith as Chairman of the APC.
The Senate is now sharply divided already but as we clap in our division, let it be clear to Senator Saraki that President Buhari MUST not be impeached otherwise, I say this as a Christian with a vision, ISIS will easily occupy Nigeria through the civil disobedience such impeach can cause.
It is clear to me that all the rogues who want to sanction and tame Buhari’s fight against corruption, beginning from the Halliburton  case which folder has been dusted, and PDP members who spent N600bn in 4 years to pass 123 bills out of which 46 of them were passed in 10 minutes know there is trouble lurking around. Buhari MUST not be impeached par adventure Saraki escapes what I think the APC will do to him. I know that this why Ike Ekwerenmadu is Deputy Senate President and David Mark the Senate Leader – desperados.


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