The Insincerity Of Dele Momodu

In my opinion I think until Nigerians learn the order of justice and fair play, and insist on doing the right thing at the right time, we cannot get our nationhood right.
We can only keep pretending, promoting self interest, “my share of the cake” and the wearing away of the fabric of our brotherhood. Very soon the poor will agree to die to kill our oppressors and their own, and this is a warning.
I believe in a good reward system, and not in the Dele Momodu’s suggested scramble for reward. I think its time we who can reason outside the greed of politics should accept truth when it is clear.
Hear him “ACN can control the party but nPDP will control the govt.” So it is all about controlling Buhari shey…a very tall dream. I will on the side of ordinary Nigerians as the Fourth Force.
Our democracy in their eyes is for them, rather than the people, to control. They have become “the people” in the catch phrase mantra of democracy. We will see how this will happen this time.
Towing Dele Momodu’s line of limited vision, he must be told that the nPDP was never a member-party of the merger that formed the APC. The APC emerged in July 2013 and the nPDP, which itself was an association, and not a political party, joined the party in Nov 2013.
The much that the nPDP was not a political party is already precedented by a judicable court judgment. A journalist like Dele Momodu while updating his Resume quickly forgot that fact. I will remind him and clear his error.
Three political parties came fully into the merger of the APC, and the APGA came into it with a faction. The drive was propelled principally for the merging of opposition parties, to stand together and support one another, bearing the flag of the fact that Nigerians wanted the PDP out by all legal means. The arrowhead of that yearning was Mohammadu Buhari. So providence was more at play for Nigerians than gluttonous and fallible men.
I can bet this fact with anything that, if I voted passionately for GEJ in 2011 and by 2012, I realised that Buhari would have been a better President and I realised that GEJ, with all his paraphernalia of power took 10 million votes to win Buhari who had no power structure in CPC when he contested the 2011 election, I knew that with the structure of 11 opposition states, he would beat GEJ hands down and blue black, without the aid of nPDP. “Na God prepare to win”.
Let’s remember that the CPC, ACN and ANPP votes were divided in 2011 with over 8 million of those votes summed from the South West going to GEJ. Take that 8 million South West votes from GEJ’s 22 million and add it to Buhari’s 12 million: this was the calculation that took Bola Tinubu to awake Buhari from electoral retirement, with the support of Nasir El Rufai.
Whatever donation anybody made or contributed to the success of the APC in the last election, Buhari was the greatest contributor and donor: he only donated himself and he was the appropriate checkmate for Jonathan. Tinubu laid the strategic road map for the APC and overcame every hurdle to the end. Both Buhari and Tinubu clearly deserved their good reward.
We may not have openly seen the contribution of the ANPP and the APGA, but it is not a mean thing to move a party’s structure, whether whole or part, into a merger, it was a total giving up of party level interests to work for a collective success first and to await the reward of equitable apportioning later, according to each party’s contribution to the overall success of the party.
Now if Buhari on behalf of the CPC took the Presidency, and the ACN by Tinubu’s nomination took the Vice Presidency. Why should the sequence be broken when it came to the ANPP to take its good reward. I am talking about good reward and by merger ranking.
Tinubu is accused of godfatherism but those who accuse him of this quickly forgot that it was the same leadership that initially zoned the senate presidency to the North Central until some Nigerians protested this including myself. Tinubu promoted George Akume and we said NO!
Now to the justice and fair play we insisted upon: why would the North Central enjoy so much of the senate leadership since 1999 till date and the North East only enjoyed 2 deputed positions until 2011 and was marginalised for 4 years without a principal office? Is there justice in denying that region its first ever shot for a position in the senate leadership after the North Central had found relevance to dominate the senate for 16 years since 1999?
Lest I digress too much, let me return to the nPDP: this collection of “like minds” came into the APC for one purpose – to join in the team already providential positioned to oust the PDP from power “to save their heads and remain relevant”. 
Their first motive of finding refuge in the APC was because they ALL knew that if GEJ had won the March 28 elections, they would all by now have been in exile and those who occupy political offices would be victimised. They did not join the APC for the popular “change” but for personal survival. Their entire political enterprise is pursuant to their political survival.
Buhari winning that election was a reward for this group already; and in my own opinion, they would have queued up for their other rewards they deserve than the scramble for “relevance” they undertook, according to Dele Momodu. Too bad, morally and decently. It shows this is not about service but about political relevance.
Dele Momodu is a friend of many politicians, including Bukola Saraki and he maybe following after Bode George’s primitive viewpoint that Tinubu’s political life is finished and wish to advance his handshake to Bukola Saraki. He is a friend with benefit. 
He is also a good friend of Chibuike Amaechi, who also was a big pillar of the Saraki project. He fed fat in Rivers State, he was all over our televisions here in Port Harcourt. So what more should I expect from Dele Momodu? That his eyes are not also on certain reward and political relevance? I beg your pardon.
Can his grudge with Bola Tinubu be because of the appointment of Femi Adesina as a Presidential Adviser…it should have been him shey? Why would he taunt Bola Tinubu at this time? Nigerrriiiannns and awuff! When they seek they lie flat on their bellies, when they lose, they rain despair on those they “dobale” before. Sorry Dele, nurse your belly bruises well.
I really differ from Dele Momodu’s point of view about Nikola Saraki’s Senate Presidency. Eyes were closed to David Mark’s hijack of the South West’s opportunity to produce the Senate Presidency in 2011 because according to a Senate rule, he was the ‘most senior senator”. I grew to know that “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander”.
Now that it was Ahmed Lawan’s turn, an ANPP ranking senator, who is the “most senior” APC lawmaker in the Senate, and a North Easterner, to take his deserved God bestowed position, as the man, like David Mark, “who the cap fits”; craftiness and self centred opportunism took stage and Dele Momodu still, with open faced moral robbery, try to defend a roguish usurpation because the usurper brings you closer to political relevance.
We have been talking about imposition and godfatherism, can we tell it to the All True God that Saraki did not have those pushing him as APC was pushing Lawan? The difference was that while Lawan’s pushing, if there was any, was in daylight, while Saraki’s lurk in darkness and mischief.
Shallow minded Nigerians did not see Saraki’s imposition-drivers and godfathers because they are men of darkness and back stabbers. Their works cannot succeed under daylight. Now Dele Momodu stabs Bola Tinubu in the back quickly forgetting that he was a nobody before “Hope ’93”, which campaign fund funded him to success. NaGodwin ooo!
Was Femi Fani Kayode not campaigning for Femi Gbajabiamila recently, did I hear simeone say absurdity? This is a kind of Dele Momodu. They both have the same pedigree except that I knew a Remi Fani Kayode. I am also as irrelevant as my own father, so I congratulate Dele for his drive and wish him very well.


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