Between The Independence Of The Legislature And Political Party Supremacy

The APC made a statement rejecting both the “Senate President” and the “Speaker” of the House of Representatives. Now we will know what the real “CHANGE”  means to those who framed the mantra for the APC. The future holds the balancing of power equation between the North and the South; and it will be an interesting political development.
No politician can be a legislator or a principal legislator without a political party platform. If both principal officers of the National Assembly are expelled from the party, they may run to the PDP; and Section 68 Subsection 1(g) of the Constitution will be invoked to pull them out of the Senate and the House of Reps.
We have good politicians who know how to use the courts well enough to achieve their political aims legally They would, and do, not cast all their eggs in a basket without having alternative means of saving some when a storm threatens their political capital.
It was the same set of renegade politicians that called out against the Muslim/Muslim ticket, earlier agreed upon by the APC when the merger of opposition parties was framed, just to rob Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of his privilege to be the current Vice President.
They are now not minding how they have subjugated the South to playing the second fiddle in the polity, to the degree of handing over the rights of the APC in the Nigerian Senate to clear PDP  power mongers. What does that show? They want to destroy the APC because Tinubu built it, in order to rebuild the PDP, with Bukola Saraki eyeing its leadership as the most senior political office holder, gearing for 2019 Presidential election.
They think that the APC will tolerate the kind of ranked indiscipline that PDP tolerated? They are dreaming. Nigerians will wait and see the politician in Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, love him or hate him, he is still his own man, unmovable, dare and suave.
What may not be clear to Nigerians is Atiku Abubakar and Nasir El Rufa’s efforts at demystifying Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, though they are strange bedfellows. They have constantly and always wanted to do this through tact and arm twisting. How can anyone explain PDP taking Senate Majority Leader and likely Senate Minority Leader in the appropriate time? Is anybody reasoning this out at all? Or maybe, as it has been setup, the APC will now become the minority party in the Senate.
Nasir El Rufai has been the unofficial chief adviser of Mr President and it is clear how Mr President called out loyal APC Senators to the International Conference Centre, after he has given the Clerk of the National Assembly the go ahead to proclaim the Eighth Assembly and left them in the cold; while, as I wish to believe, the will of El Rufai was carried out in the red chamber. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu created the APC and he knows how to destroy it and created another party for his people. Surely the end product of the merger is yet to manifest.
This man is the hero of NADECO who fought Abacha till his death. Shehu Musa Yar’adua gave him the single right to produce Iyorchia Ayu in 1991 as Senate President, when he stood clearly to snatch the Senate Presidency in the face of an MKO Abiola Presidency. Tinubu has in promoting national interest and cohesion, made many sacrifices as a politician, who is Nasir El Rufai to wish to demystify him, what sacrifices has he made in national interest?
One thing though, is that there is yet no politician in the mould of the Asiwaju in modern Nigeria. He knows how to take betrayal calmly and to pay traitors in their coins. I only pity President Buhari, because he is likely to have many distractions now.
He has not yet imagined the magnitude of the crisis on his hand until the substance of the APC leadership disciplinary action on the National Assembly leadership leads to a legal redress. Someone made him before Nigerians accepted him. Let’s see how he uses his powers to play down the forthcoming intrigues without compromising on issues that should affect Nigerians’ expectations from him.
We should not be deceived, what happened in the red chamber was democratic only before our eyes as televised, but I strongly believe that the strings were pulled from Asokoro -Abuja and Government House Kawo Kaduna. Whether it was from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu ooo, or from Nasir El Rufai oooo, the Senate for sure had external influences, and the conspiracy of legislative independence was balderdash. Now it is time to see who plays the real politics and how democratic is the independence of the legislator from political party supremacy.
Our laws will definitely not be testing the separation of powers between the three arms of government. That issue is clear and square to all who can read and write. What is to be tested is how independent the legislature is from the supremacy of the political party upon which platform a lawmaker is elected into the lawmaking house.
The law will be testing the hold of a political party over every member it sponsors in an election. Are lawmakers really independent from the hold of the political parties that threw them up after they have been elected? Does the separation of powers between the three arms of government envisage the independence of electoral beneficiaries from the supreme powers of their political party before the law?
What the APC did in the straw elections was the demonstrations of its supreme powers over its members, to tailor their respect for constituted authority; and those who revolted, while they were still Senators-elect and Members-elect are the same notorious rebels we know them to be. Bukola Saraki started with APP in 1999, left to PDP in 2002.
He left the PDP briefly into an illegal nPDP and then to the APC, and now clearing the lawns to go take over the PDP as the most senior political office holder in preparation to emerge, however, in 2019 and some Nigerians are clapping for him. He won’t go far.
How can anyone explain David Mark been Senate Majority Leader and Ike Ekwerenmadu the Deputy Senate President, I am not saying it is not possible, but it can only happen if some members of the APC in thr Senate decamp to the PDP and make the PDP the majority party or the current Senate President refuses to administer the oaths of participation on the remaining Senators-elect, who were auspiciously absent from yesterday’s inaugural sitting of the Eighth Senate.
The law certainly has a voice and it will speak on this aberration. It is clear that literally they have made the PDP the majority party in the Senate, then what is Saraki doing in the APC? This will be the bone of contention in the next couple of days as the APC leadership deliberates on the next step to take. I am seriously expecting the nPDP members who ran for refuge in the APC to return to the PDP as I illustrated in an earlier article.
As much as the independence of the legislature is a democratic principle, so also is the political party supremacy a democratic principle in a participatory democracy. We cannot recognise and preach one, and leave the other panting for political and legal expression.
Let us freely test the one that can really bite and painfully too. Nigeria will be better off for it and our democracy will be deepened, with legal precedence set. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has never ceased to use legal means to address political quarrels, so does Turaki Atiku Abubakar. Let’s see how these two men will emerge from this APC oblast.
Thank God the Judiciary is not operated under any political party, they will tell us what Section 68 Subsection 1(g) says about the independence of the legislature and the supremacy of a political party over its lawmakers. Interesting times are ahead and we will interestingly welcome the newness of Nigeria’s changing politics.


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