Fellow Nigerians, the Nigerian Eighth Senate has demonstrated how they intend to cut short the life of the fifth democratic administration in our beloved country by a sectional collaboration of “like birds” which must always flock together.

In demonstrating their independence, they exploited it to ignore whatever contributions the President of the Federal Republic and the leadership of the governing party would make in the course of the life of the administration, and their intention is now not mistaken.

Clearly, some members of the Eighth Senate have indicated how they would impeach national cohesion and throw caution to the wind in the process of entrenching their fore-borne and deliberated intentions to press against the yearnings of Nigerians to see a new and an egalitarian Nigeria.

I cannot and will never trust the intentions of the new Senate President, though it really does not matter until when it will matter. I cannot be deceived that this desperate need to take the Senate Presidency is not for the purpose of forcing President Buhari’s war against corruption to be selective and if not, truncated.

What happened is a web of intrigues from very troublesome quarters habiting desperados. This is why none of them cared to remember that the APC deserved, as the majority party in the Senate, to produce the Senate Leader, if not the Deputy Senate President; and the PDP, the Senate Minority Leader. Nigeria is really going very crazy. Or would the Senate Minority Leader come from the APC or maybe the PDPs in APC clothing will take all?

I hereby congratulate the President of the clearly divided Senate, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, for his reserved ascension by a partial consensus to the position of the Chairman of the National Assembly, it was a simple majority no doubt but I still wonder how the 52 other colleagues of his will feel with such arm twisting decision they took.

Those 52 Senators deserved their own opinions within the red chamber. Punishing them for been good party men by defined party renegades and pretenders is now by the way. It defines what Nigerians should be expecting from the new Senate. A Senate leadership clearly set up by the enemies of Nigeria, those who abhor change.

Nevertheless, he and his Senators must get one thing straight, that the Nigerian law does not exempt any of them from prosecution of any kind and that majority of those who elected President Buhari did so because he promised to fight corruption and to “kill” it. This is what we are expecting of him even if it means prosecuting “our” Senate President when any case arises against him even as Senate President.

He should not let it come into his heart that he can use his office to intimate my President to scuttle his war against corruption. I cannot imagine how Nigerians will react to any attempt he and his gang of PDP and nPDP Senators will make to impeach him from office for his peoples’ driven initiatives. It will be interestingly eventful.

I hereby also congratulate Hon Yakubu Dogara, our new Speaker of the House of Representatives. I also congratulate members of the House of Representatives for showing unparalleled maturity in their affairs. If only I can see the whole National Assembly as I see them but fortunately, I am critically but less than harshly opinionated on the matter.

Unfortunately, the weakness of President Buhari is now clearly in the open, and his job is now clearly more challenging than it should have been. I now pity him more than I loved him. His road is now very rough but I wish him Goodluck as much as I wish him Azikiwe.

However, it is now clear how the South West has been used and dumped by the entire North. Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima surprised me; and this was all about Tinibu-phobia. Now I know that the Muslin/Muslim ticket used against his emergence as Vice President was deliberate.  It appeared President Buhari sold out by calling out faithful party men to meet him and left them in cold. But Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu is a never-say-die politician. He absorbs betrayals kindly. I know him that much because I have sat with him once.

The South in the next four years will be playing second fiddle to the North but that is good for us. Maybe we will now clearly see how Mujahid Asari Dokubu is a lonely voice crying out from the South demanding us to ask OUT from the deceit called Nigeria.

As a citizen, I will expect the National Assembly to give a good thought to Section 16 of our constitution, which in its Economic Objective under its Fundamental Objectives deals with how Nigeria’s resources should be apportioned to ALL Nigerian citizens.

They should refer also to Articles 31 and 32 of the Third Schedule in conjunction with Section 84 and 124 of our constitution which clearly set some Nigerians, less than 10% of our population, apart to especially and essentially benefit massively from our Commonwealth, leaving the rest of us in the cold of poverty, deprivation and wicked abandon.

I am hereby protesting the establishment and the institutionalization of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission as the vehicle conveying 80% of our wealth to less than 10% of categorised Nigerians. No national revenue distribution index anywhere on earth permits such economic imposition on a federated and free people.

I hereby challenge the Eighth National Assembly to either expunge Section 16 of our constitution from our laws or review and overhaul Articles 31 and 32 of the Third Schedule; and Sections 84 and 124 of our constitution to make it compliant with and to Section 16 of our constitution with immediate effect.
Otherwise, I am already studying the provisions and mandate of International Criminal Court (ICC) and I would love to write the court asking if I, as a private citizen, can question these provisions of our law before the court. And I swear I will do this.

Enough of a handful of people using the heads of over 160 million Nigerians as their dining table. I will fight the elites on the side of the Nigerian people. The ordinary Nigerian has suffered for too long and he deserves some leverage and succour; this is the time to make that happen.

The robbery of the huge majority by the minute minority by the provisions of the referred sections of our constitution and the deliberate denial of a clear Fundamental Objective of the same constitution which provides for ALL must STOP NOW! The RMAFC must not jump Section 16 of the constitution to start revenue allocation with Section 84 and 124, by projecting the roguish Articles 31 and 32 of the Third Schedule.


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