Nigerians should hold Senators-elect Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Dino Malaye responsible for any political instability that should arise from their political greediness and sell out to the PDP, in the bid to position the principal officers of the Eighth Senate.

Let me reveal this to Nigerians that the proposed endorsement of Senator-elect David Mark by some disgruntled members of the APC, led by Bukola Saraki, for a Third Term as Senate President is done to make the administration of President Buhari unstable, incase his fight against corruption affects them in a way they would not be exempted.

Their fear is that President Buhari would not blink an eye lid in dealing with corrupt public officers and politicians.

Their plan is to clear the grounds for the impeachment of Mr President should he not make his war against corruption selective. Sparing them in the effect that cases are raised against them.

I also have a grouse with Senator-elect David Mark, who is appearing to be an hypocrite and the direct beneficiary of the mercenary adventure.

He had initially professed not to have the ambition of returning as Senate President, the PDP also strengthening this fact by insisting that with the APC been in the majority, the PDP will respect the right of the party to produce the National Assembly leadership. What is their present position?

I have told Nigerians earlier that Bukola Saraki does not know the term “political sacrifice”, because he is a political nomad.

A man who betrayed his father because of politics can betray anyone for that matter. A man like Dino Malaye is only interested in his political capital and nothing more. The men fomenting the current trouble in thr APC are the same people that messed the PDP up.

One bet I dare is that if this men are allowed in any way, and by any means, to have their way, and a political crisis is ignited, the Christian population in Nigeria should know that their travails is at hand.

I am sure of one thing and that if President Buhari is distracted in anyway, the political instability that this will generate will replay the slaughter we see in Iraq and Syria in Nigeria. That initial fear of Islamic occupation will become a reality in Nigeria.

So if Senator-elect David Mark knows God and he claims to be a christian, when the Bukola Saraki group nominates him as “the other” candidate, he should, in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians, step down for Senator-elect Ahmed Lawan for peace to prevail. He is faithful party man and he should not encourage renegades.

The APC rejected Saraki because he cannot be trusted with the Senate Presidency and neither can David Mark, a member of the opposition be trusted not to protect himself and others when their cans of cankerworms come to public knowledge.

Anything pending in our books of accountability will definitely be opened up and President Buhari will insist everyone answer his call.

It is sad that these men who call themselves leaders would not mind the shedding of the blood of Nigerians by a great slaughter to protect the names they have long lost.

The survival of Nigerians and the continuation of Nigeria now rests in the hands of David Mark. Will he choose the Senate Presidency over the lives of Christians and liberal Muslims in Nigeria?

We will all be watching happenings in the next 14 hours. I dare say that with the tenacity and doggedness Buhari wishes to fight corruption and with David Mark as Senate President, the political resistance that will develop between the executive and the legislative arm will make the entrance of ISIS, ISIL, and AQIM a few months away from Nigeria.

All that is needed to make this happen is for some disgruntled members of the APC to go against the decision of their leadership and betray the platform upon which the rode into the National Assembly.

If the wrong man becomes the President of the National Assembly, he MUST as a matter of necessity align himself and his supporters with the war of Mr President against corruption, otherwise they may rise against the unbending nature of Buhari.

I am sorry for Nigeria and Nigerians because Mr President came into this struggle for just one purpose; and that is to save Nigeria from men of darkness, but we can all see that these men won’t give up easily and President Buhari will NEVER be cowed into submission.

I am therefore expecting Senator-elect David Mark to withdraw from the race for the Senate Presidency after he has been nominated by the rebels.

That way he would compliment the effort of Goodluck Jonathan by adding flavour to the stability he served Nigerians in the 2015 elections.


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