Folks, thank God my fuel woman gave back to me last nite. She sent a big swan water plastic full of PMS to me free of charge and I charged my phones and my English grammar machine. So I am back with my Queen’s style vibes. I welcome myself back on air. Thank God MTN is yet to pack up on my resumption of duty.

This morning, I will quickly deal on refuting the popular opinion that President Jonathan is deliberately being vindictive on Nigeria because he lost the March 28 elections: I really beg yo differ and folks, forgive me if any of you think I am talking rubbish. Let me just talk first. By the way, I hope you are all aware that talking is just what is available for me to do since April last year when all construction sites in Rivers State closed down. 

Yes, I dont really think the Socio-economic stroke Nigeria is presently suffering is about President Jonathan trying to make us suffer because we did not vote for him, over 12 million Nigerians voted for him and they do not deserve to suffer with the over 15 million of us who saw how God rejected him as the leader over Nigeria. No, I dont think he is being vindictive.

The real problem has to do with his helplessness, brothers and sisters. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is just helpless and this is why, in the face of such national calamities: fuel scarcity, national darkness (“dumno must stop”), economic and enterprises lock down, backlog of workers salaries, labour strikes, transition hiccups and government magic; at least we expect our President to address us as his people.

When his government was spending as if cash is not liquid, they forgot to understanding why first world countries are economically thick in the fave of huge monetary expenditures incurred in global philanthropy. Our recurrent budget in all the 5 years of Jonathan’s administrative misadventure has been upwards of 60% of annual budget.

This means that over 60% of our annual national budget for 5 years is flushed into septic tanks.The Jonathan govt spent every kobo found in the treasury to meet self interest needs, cash calling without budgetary appropriations was common place and no one remembered the cliché: “saving for rainy days”.

The result of the election wasn’t really about Buhari winning, neither was it about Jonathan conceding victory; the victory of Muhammadu Buhari was a providence waiting to happen and the consequence of Goodluck Jonathan’s concession of defeat and his heroic posture was nothing more than a face saving and self exonerating gimmick to climb upon a cheaply constructed international rostrum.

The Nollywood-like mercenary moves of Godsday Orubebe at the National Collation Centre was a well conceived movie script to among other things throw Nigeria into chaos and why should Jonathan be credited for standing down his very creation? God loves Nigeria and the 2015 Presidential election was his way of intervening to save ALL Nigerians.

Why I say Jonathan is just helpless and not that he is trying to punish us is that, no one in his government was interested in monitoring the trends in global response to oil imports, not even the global award winning Ngozi Okonjo Iweala; and the drastic fall in global oil price index caught all of them unawares.

By the time Jonathan finished paying for traditional staff pointing by the traditional rulers in the South West, empowering criminal regional warmongers in the South West and East, and the appropriation of prayers by heads of indoctrinated christian congregations, he returned to find the national treasury empty. Mind us, he was spending all kinds of foreign currency.

This made his wife Dame Jonathan disappeared from national kaleidescope for 6 good weeks, only appearing again in the DRC to announce the emergency meeting of the African First Ladies Peace Mission and returning home to spend scarce resources, in the face of financial droughts to host the unnecessary afro-women assembly. No money for workers salaries but webcam host African First Ladies.

The fact that the April salaries for Federal Civil servants was paid from a loan received means that the N256bn initially paid for fuel subsidy accruals for April was also borrowed. The cookies of national hypocrisy crumbled when the fuel import commissioned agents of the NNPC asked for another N200bn which was not available…the bankruptcy of the clueless government alarm  blew itself up.

If any of you does not know, the hurried sack and new appointments made by President Jonathan is due to the fact that many of these heads of agencies where cash could be call-drawn all failed to respond to Presidential cash-calls primarily because everyone is afraid of what a President Buhari holds in stock.

The mantra was “oga, its better you sack me than lead me to jail, abeg”. President Jonathan cannot take such temperance from his appointees. why should he “be in charge” and his appointees would declare open and unhidden allegiance to the incoming President Buhari…shikenan! Nothing more. Suleiman Abba blazed the trail in the roll of those who paid this price. The insistence on President Jonathan’s continue charge was never about Buhari’s direct interference but on  the early fears those in Jonathan’s government were tending.

The clueless one who does not know how to choose his meals is not as competent to understand how to be vindictive. If it was Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, it would have appeared more as vindictiveness, and I would have agreed that he is punishing Nigerians for rejecting him, but Goodluck? Nigerians are really the ones punishing him by voting him out because God rejected him as leader over Nigeria.

This divine act is the repetition of how God divinely appointed King Saul Kish over the people of Israel and rejected him after when he chose King David Jesse. Mohammadu Buhari is the David of our time ordained by God to confront the Philistine Goliath of corruption, impunity, kidnapping, militancy, armed robbery, criminal rascality and civil imbecility in Nigeria. We welcome him in the name of the Lord


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