National Confab As A Ruse

Folks, let us get it clear that President Jonathan’s National talk show (I call it so because the motive is to enhance his gamble in the 2015 Presidential election) is a ruse.

Like I suggested earlier, it is to settle diverse interests in order to garner secured support at the 2015 polls.

Why would the President, Governors, political parties, professional & allied bodies represent the adult suffrage of Nigerians when, in fact, what we really need is the representation by ethnic nationalities the country.

Well, I won’t quarrel about the N7bn scheduled to be spent during the jamboree, but I keep wondering why our political leaders & elites like taking Nigerians for an annoying ride.

The over 40 nominees of Mr President are surely going to this talk show, well oiled, as a gang of lobbyist for Mr President’s already failed ambition to return to Aso rock in May 2015.

Let me prophesy that the report of this Abuja “settlement camping” will produce another “white paper” for our archives like the panels we called: Oputa, Nuhu Ribadu, Lawal Uwais, Steve Orasanye etc. Endless black papers called white.

Make I chop lunch my dear pple

Ini Morgan


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