National Confab As A Ruse

Folks, let us get it clear that President Jonathan’s National talk show (I call it so because the motive is to enhance his gamble in the 2015 Presidential election) is a ruse.

Like I suggested earlier, it is to settle diverse interests in order to garner secured support at the 2015 polls.

Why would the President, Governors, political parties, professional & allied bodies represent the adult suffrage of Nigerians when, in fact, what we really need is the representation by ethnic nationalities the country.

Well, I won’t quarrel about the N7bn scheduled to be spent during the jamboree, but I keep wondering why our political leaders & elites like taking Nigerians for an annoying ride.

The over 40 nominees of Mr President are surely going to this talk show, well oiled, as a gang of lobbyist for Mr President’s already failed ambition to return to Aso rock in May 2015.

Let me prophesy that the report of this Abuja “settlement camping” will produce another “white paper” for our archives like the panels we called: Oputa, Nuhu Ribadu, Lawal Uwais, Steve Orasanye etc. Endless black papers called white.

Make I chop lunch my dear pple

Ini Morgan



During the Year 2018 New Year day felicitations, and well wishing between Mr President and the National Leader of his party, the leader got Mr President interested in bidding for a second term in office as President and Commander in Chief. This decision was reached by the national leader mainly because of the kind of reputation Mr President will leave behind should he fail to secure what the national leader saw as a “second chance”, given for him to redeem his demonized efforts at the “Change” the party promised the people. The national leader knows and appreciates the truth that the very bad showing of Mr President is not his fault but that of those who explored and exploited Mr President political naivety and caged him by propaganda and blackmail. The national leader believes in the strong characterization of Mr President, and sees this strength as needed in the highest quarters of governance in the country: his steel is what is needed to beat evil men into a retreat. So he made it clear to Mr President how his reputation would be downgraded should he leave the government the way it is.

Having realized how some political scavengers overran Mr President while he was President-elect, and cemented the treachery they hatched at the convention of the party that produced Mr President as the flag bearer of the party in Lagos, Nigeria, and how these treacherous men designed a way to sideline him (the national leader) in the schemes of the emerging government, it was easy for him to sympathize with Mr President, who he saw has learning to lead as a democratic leader. He knew Mr President was immobilized by those who took over, guiding him on what is and/or not in democratic tenets. This was why he looked on while a mere senator-elect disobeyed his party, insulted his Vice President and went ahead to use members of the opposition party to become Senate President. The national leader thought that things like that only happen in movies, but here he was, watching helplessly as a senator-elect behaved criminally by invading the premises of a deserted assembly complex in darkness, going on to become the Senate President. “This can only happen in Nigeria”, the national leader said under his breath.

The national leader, at a point, while trying to assist stabilizing the administration of Mr President, was “cut to size” and as inconsequential as it was, he was, as lowly and childish, disqualified from attending the National Executive Committee meetings of the party, because as “National Leader”, his office, before the constitution of the party, is like the Office of the Nigerian First Lady: very ceremonial and legally ineffective. These evil men did not give their leader as much chance as the vision bearer for the ruling party: what wickedness! The national leader went home then, and waited for the New Year day celebrations of 2018. It was in Mr President’s interest that a meeting was set up between the national leader and high ranking staff officers of Mr President. The national leader hinted on “reconciliation”. The Presidential aides wondered at who would lead the reconciliation to reconcile the national leader with the party hierarchy.

So they returned to Mr President: “your excellency, this is an urgent matter sir. Our national leader is the most aggrieved member of our party as its stands. He has said he cannot help you in your second term bid if you do not clean up the mess in the party to allow him space to work sir”. “So?” Mr President replied. “Your Excellency, the national.leader want the reconciliation of aggrieved members in the party sir”. ” If that is what he wants, they go set up a committee to reconcile members “, Mr President responded. “The problem there sir, is who we have to reconcile the national leader sir”. “Please invite him let me talk to him”. After that talk with the national leader, the presidency announced the setting up of a reconciliation committee for the party and the national leader named as the Chairman of the committee. Not being a man to waste his opportunities, he set out to work and some evil men went into panic mode.

Hell was let loose on the gang of traitors after they tried to use the national chairman to sabotage the assignment of the national leader, and he refused to spare reporting their acts to Mr President, copying relevant other senior offices in the country. They scheduled a meeting and decided that the only way to black out the national leader totally and finally, and create loopholes for Mr President’s second term bid, was to exploit their strangleholds on members of the national working committee of the party and the governors who they have already captured to their side. They were sure the national executive committee of the party would willingly concede to a one year tenure elongation to nail in the national leader’s political coffin . Interestingly, the national working committee, which dodged the summons of meeting for close to 3 years, called for an emergency meeting, which outcome gave the national working committee a 12 months working extension. Suddenly after, in order to cement their position, they stroke preemptively by asking a Minister in Mr Presidents cabinet to go and request from Mr President the resurrection of his defunct office of campaign director general.

As one who knew how to deceive Mr President with his impulsive opportunism, he met Mr President and got his consent to duplicate his responsibility by adding to his assignment the coordination of Mr President’s second term campaigns. With tenure elongation and Mr President second term bid in their kitty, the national chairman arrogantly replied a journalist who asked him if he was sure of remaining the national chairman of his party, said “that matter is already finished with and it is in the past”. He said so smiling richly. However, the national leader at this time had withdrawn himself from any other party moves and decided to ignore invitations by Mr President to party functions. The fear of the national leader became the lot of Mr President. On being persuaded by Mr President, the national leader conceded to show interest in the activities of the party only if Mr President would disown tenure elongation and call for the congresses that would lead to an elective national convention. He got his demands in full and here began the political struggle for the soul of the ruling party.

Those who thought they have won the political match indisputably, on the 90th minute, watched as their opponents equalized against them and the match went into extra time after a short lived added time. What happened next, after these, were the party congresses, which were less than democratic but allowed by party caucuses to be by consensuses. These exercises divided the party into two in all the States of the country, except in those states where the exercises were suspended for more engaging national exercises. Interestingly, what is happening in the ruling party today is the return of Mr President’s hear drum to the old bloc, whose only voice is that of the national leader. As it stands today, the national leader has made very tough demands and Mr President is abiding. The new national chairman, together with the national leader have positioned themselves to return the ruling party to her initial platform on the basis of the Legacy Parties, and are both fighting to ensure the removal of all appointees of Mr President, who are not members of the Legacy Parties, from office.

The emergence of the splinter “reformed” group is an afterthought, the product of a certain fate the founders of the group find as certain and sure: that the founders of the APC have discovered their treachery and machinations, and their influence over Mr President has waned, and those they attempted to “cut to size” have now resumed with much authority, and major on their agenda is to take the APC back completely. The present administration has seen where it has failed in governance, and it is clear to Mr President those who demonized his administration. These people must be eased out. So it is better that they are easing themselves out. As this essay reaches its readers, it is not known if a former deputy governor of a south south state, angling deviously and selfishly to become the next governor of his state will still nurse his gubernatorial ambition in the face of the possibility of his losing both his ambition and his exalted office in an interventionist commission established to cater for development needs in the 9 Riverine states of the country. It is said who the gods want to destroy they first make blind. I am told that a word is enough for the wise? Will this Managing Director be wise? He is left to be watched.

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


Hear Bishop David Abioye: he admonished that Christians can belong to any political party, but in the 2019 elections, Christians should not choose their party but embrace Jesus.

Is Jesus now a political party in Nigeria? Is the Christian God on holiday in Nigeria? What model of participation is Bishop Abioye advocating for Nigerian Christians? Does he have a candidate he wants the Christians to vote for? Do Nigerian Christians have a believer-Christian politician and candidate aspiring to become the President of Nigeria, or is his problem with Mr President what the matter is?

It is possible that Bishop David Abioye would not mind Christians voting another Muslim as long as it is not President Buhari that is returned.

But the main reason I am asking many questions here is on what Bishop Abioye means by supporting Christians to belong to ANY POLITICAL PARTY but to REJECT their party for Jesus during the 2019 elections. Is he encouraging deceit in the politics of this country in the name of Jesus Christ?

Do these “men of God” know the implication of leaving out the expounding of truth through scriptures to build the political awareness of members of their congregation through divisiveness, hate and class distinction?

I am surprised at these strange men coming in the name of the Lord. Let this be clear to Nigerian Christians that their house has been left to them desolate until they would cry out “Blessed is the (meek, gentle and vulnerable) Lamb that comes in the name of the Lord”.

This is a lesson from the mouth of Jesus Christ. It is about ” all to Jesus I surrender”…more powerful that all PVCs in Nigeria put together. Let’s rather look up to Jesus and die rather than show our God as too weak to help us, needing us to fight for ourselves. How then can we hold our peace?

I leave you with the lyrics of Jimmy Cliff’s hit song “Bongo Man”:

“The Bongo man has come…come…come! I’ve given you the warning, long before the dawning…I hope you are prepared…the Bongo man is here…”

“Bongo man has come…come…come…!” (2x)

“I and I are going to Zion…going to Zion. If you follow politicians you will never come at all…never come at all…you will never come at all, and if you follow heads of Churches you will never come at all. We are going…to Zion”.



It is very intriguing to understand how Jesus Christ is the word of God made manifest on earth in human flesh, and how we, believers, are the voice of God on earth (Revelation 1:12,20. We are Christ talking to a dying world. It is therefore given for us to “list” (will, wheel) our bearings (direction, choices) by the Holy Spirit, as the wind that blows. Every believer therefore ought to know where he is coming from and where he is going. The blowing wind lists its bearing with sound following. This sound of the wind is the believers voice revealing the impact of the flow of Christ, while the wind is Christ in us.

This is the picture of the man who is born of the Spirit of God. This was the teaching of Jesus to Nicodemus, a teacher among the Jews. One would quickly ask why a distinguished teacher of the Jews would sit at the foot of a young man, the age of his son, to be taught strange things. It is possible for you to teach your pastor if you are Christ on earth. The humility of Nicodemus found space for him Christ, and in the world’s best selling book – the scriptures. No man can truly teach the true values of Christ for every believer and his personal purpose of God for the believer but the Holy Spirit who possesses the competence to take from Christ and to give to us. This mandate was given by Jesus Christ himself (John 14:26).

The greatest struggle of the believer on earth is on “keeping the faith” of Christ (2 Timothy 4:7). The greatest struggle of a believer is not in moral living, it is in keeping his faith in Christ to the very end (Revelation 2:7,13). A man who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God. “Looking back” has always been a subtle hindrance to every righteous advance a believe makes. Our struggles on earth are not physical in Christ, they are mental, requiring the renewing of our minds, meaning we must process all our earthly information (what you hear) by filtering (hearing) them by the word of God (Romans 10:17). No one can be taught the word of God by any man without, except he experiences the teaching from the Spirit within (Revelation 2;23).

Keeping faith is only made possible by watching your meditations and not in taking down notes from a man’s preaching, because confessions come from the abundance of meditations, from where believing stems. A believer is given to be a purifying agent on earth, everything he touches is cleanse and sanctified. So sin can no longer stain the man who is in Christ, because his conscience has been purged from sin, he lives unto God by his faith which pleases Him. Having said all these, it is expedient that we take another look at scriptures and understand how Jesus held the first Church service on earth before his ascension into heaven, complementing his words to the Samaritan woman he met at Jacob’s well at Sychar, Samaria (John 4:21-24), where he separated “worship” from “fellowship”.

In that passage Jesus made it clear that you do not need any location at which worship should be discharged, since it has to do with the father but of course a location is needed for fellowship to take place, because fellowship is a gathering together of like minded people to vacate a given program. So in Luke 24:15-33 it is stated how two men were together talking about Jesus Christ and he came into their midst, fulfilling his promise in Matthew 18:20 and took central stage as the head. This was the first Church service on earth. It should be clear that the Church on earth is one, and if we see so many ” churches”, it is because we mistake the so many denominations to be churches. The Church is not a physical body, but a spiritual body. The physical presence of the body of the men does not make the Church, it makes a denomination, and any service rendered therein without Christ as the head removes the spirit of truth from there.

We could have diverse Church services but until Christ comes into the midst, such gathering is like that of a cult group. Instructively, Jesus never worshipped amongst his followers, he is said to have always gone out way before dawn alone, and on his last night on earth, he went on alone after separating two gangs to “watch and pray”, he did not pray in company with any of his Apostles. So we must distinguish between worship and fellowship, Church and denominations, church services and cult meetings.

God bless you.

Ini Akpan Morgan reporting for the Holy Spirit.


Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a human attempt to define the human “freewill”. It is truth that of all creation’s brands, it is the human specie that possess the conscience, the seat appointed by the almighty God for man to help him vacate his responsibilities as the governor of the earth, having been divinely empowered to dominate, multiply, subdue and rule every part of the earth: the earthen and the earthy.

Human citizen Darwin was inspired to rationalize the creation story, as clearly elaborated by scriptures, as been the handwork of the God who made all things. Matters of faith can only be expressed with human words appropriately, in the language known only to God’s Spirit, in an “unknown tongue” . In this tongue, God, himself, called himself “I am that I am”. This is a language of faith, expressing the “unknown tongues” in human words. A man in the spirit will mind how he uses his human language to tell of his revelation of truth.

I truly wonder why Charles Darwin questioned the creation story when even the human calendar is built around the Anab Musa’s (Prophet Moses’) relay of the creation story. In this process I realized that Darwin’s confusion stemmed from his limiting of his scope of inspiration to telling of his own creation story beginning from his own awed contemplation of the working of the human “freewill”. Technology makes this very clear.

Humans have constantly improved on, putting it in between the lines, either “remaking the world” or “destroying” it irredeemably, one way or the other: yet the human being has not evolved into an improved physical state, improving upon his physical outlook more admirably without personal inputs. Human beings have all along been the observed to be born, grow old and die a human being: unlike it is in the theory of the transformation of the human specie from the tribe of baboons.

If there is anything to confirm this fact, it is found in human bodily tattoos and piercings. These rather than provide evidence around Darwin’s evolution conception, this only indicates a challenged state of mind, the same with those who have disoriented sexual desires and the urge to express disorderly sexual manners. It is a demented state of the human mind. These acts are foul plays in the game defining the originality of all creative tendencies. Charles Darwin’s confusion stemmed from the same challenge those who paint their bodies and boring holes in their skins suffer.

It must be understood how the letting out of blood from skins willing for a defined purpose is “blood sacrifice”. The difference between the mistake of Charles Darwin and our latter day blood letters is that while Charles Darwin expressed his spiritual foolishness spreading literary lies, those who let their own blood suffer the same foolishness, spreading social lies. Some of our human choices challenges our origin ignorantly.

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye once asked ladies who sew ankle long gowns and split them up again on both sides up to their thighs, why they had to sew it all down first before splitting it up again. If the thighs must be shown, he admonished the saving of more of the sewn cloth, and leave the length of the gown at the thigh. I accepted that the good mien pastor of the Redeem Christian Church of God worldwide said the “whole truth” about the waste in and with such fashion – a misapplication of human freewill.

The challenge that seemingly visited Charles Darwin and those who let their blood and deface their physical definitions by their search for social identities is the challenge of obtuse personal mind setting, an infrequent tuning on of the mind, and an abuse of human freewill. It is the human freewill that makes the human being superior to all other creations, including those of the angelic realms: imagine the results when freewill is misapplied – this is the cause of social vices in our world. It is by this human capacity that man is enabled to create and also bring to being. However, every human creation must be judge from its effectiveness towards a human process or its appallingly unreasonable retardation of the same process.

Charles Darwin studied the metabolic and behavioral patterns of the elements of and in creation; and as he did with human beings: he took the behavioral patterns of mammals and attempted to align his result with human physical and metabolic attitudes, to draw a mental picture in expressing his theory of evolution. He could not, and did not appreciate the truth in the fact that before man came into physical being, he was like a manufactured vehicle in the manufacturer’s garage, which is not yet on display, nor yet in the market.

Adam was already existing in the “breath of God”, as a design is on the minds of a creator, before he (was displayed) found physical expression in his human cabinet, possessing the “breath of life” and becoming a “living soul”. The original creation of man made him a “soul being”, but the Adamic error made the man a “natural being”: influenced more by his physical nature than by his mental nature.

Therefore Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution sprang up, not from the informed background of man’s origin, especially his spiritual beginning, but from the background of his originating the import of man’s “evolution” from his debased human nature, otherwise why would Darwin anatomize human beings with the tribe of baboons? It is a faulty position and needing a more indepth analysis than he has offered mankind.

I must confess that the principle of evolution, rather than it is called a theory, is scriptural and only expressible by the functioning of the human freewill. While God owns all part of the entire creation, he rules from the heavens and appointed the man to oversee the earth, giving him aspects of his eternal authority to eternally dominate and rule the earth. It is this authority that Satan subtly removed from man to create his “kingdom of this world”. The evolution theory took it from here: showing how man emanated from a lower state of creation rather than from a holy input by the Almighty God himself.

If God did not give man his freewill, it would have been impossible for Charles Darwin to find a conscience, to possess a sense of reasoning and to find the enabling capacity to dispose his challenged mindset to humanity in literature. The human freewill is given as a measure of godliness and as the confidence God reposed in man for an allocation to enable him to freely define for himself by his personalized identity. It is therefore in the man’s power to choose who he listens to and this particularly tailors his mental behavioral direction, because as much as human error came by hearing, faith in God also comes by hearing. And scripture has asked “whose report shall (we) believe?”

It is our sources of information that tailor and determine how we cultivate our personal human identities. Parents are required to begin the guidance of an infant’s mindset towards character building. The school systems contributes to building the child’s mental content towards social participation and human well-being. The Church puts in more to molding and helping human mental behaviors to take from informed spiritual choices: to accept the source of all things, living and dead, by the faith of God who made all things. It is at the point of “self development” that the freewill is mostly put to use.

It is this acquisition that helps a man to trace his origin as a part of creation in creation. As it is given that God knew us from before the foundations of the earth was laid. What a profound revelation. It is from this reasoning and activation that our self definition comes. Mr Justice ‘difu Oputa is a sharp contrast of his oldest son Charles. Both men defined themselves differently and both respected each other.

While the father left a mark in the constitutional development of a peoples’ legal framework, his son revolutionized the entertainment wing of a national heritage. Charley Boy is as Charles as Darwin. He has done very well at letting his own blood, and has once sat as a Buddhist in a Catholic Church in Owerri, Nigeria. Talking about self definition and identification. Evolution is therefore a personal human effort at aligning himself with divinity than being the source in creation as expressed by Charles Darwin

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo, Nigeria via “”


I pray that the Local Government Congress of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State would not be dramatized following the undemocratic manner in which the ward congress was handled and conducted across the State. I think it should be allowed to be an “elective congress” as demanded by the national leader of the Party, President Muhammadu Buhari and the national leadership of the party as published by the national Secretariat, and as dictated by the guidelines provided for the conduct of the congresses at all levels from ward to state, and the national convention ultimately.

What happened in Akwa Ibom State on 5 May 2018 was far less than a decent democratic process and it only allowed for wits, pranks, and intimidations that should legally end with political campaigns. Campaigns by various stakeholders when elections should be ongoing, suspended ending it, is an aberration of democratic process in popular elections and against the provided guidelines. It smacks of political self centeredness, unholy selfishness and diabolic self perpetuation. Bringing such to take over a more inclusive electoral process is unfortunate, especially as all decent democrats within the party have insisted that the matter of tenure elongation for incumbent party officers be thrown out of the APC NWC’s consciousness, because it is illegal, as well as unconstitutional.

As a reminder, “tenure elongation” for officers of the APC at all levels was completely rejected by all who felt aggrieved disappointed and shortchanged by the present leadership of the party at all levels, and an elective ward congress, among other congresses scheduled for alternate days, was billed for, and conducted on 5 May 2018 nationwide. In Akwa Ibom State, some strange brand of “consensus” was adopted that tilted the exercise more to support “tenure elongation” and the returning of majority of the incumbent officers of the party through the back door in order to spite Mr President’s opportunity at his reelection, than to support an “elective congress” in all wards of the State, as expected by the national leader and as instituted by the national working committee of the party.

I am concerned that those who should hold President Buhari in high esteem and ensure that they support his position on the matter of the APC elective congresses at all levels, throughout the country, being men who are direct appointees in his government, are those who have clearly stood against Mr President’s position in Akwa Ibom State. It is sad that those who should fight for Mr President’s reelection, are those making his road to fulfilling his expectation difficult. For the avoidance of doubts, 6 members of the APC Board of Trustees from the State were responsible for the “brand of franchise” adopted for the ward congresses in Akwa Ibom State, and in my opinion, that was quite short of what is expected in a democracy and the affirmation of the tenets of universal adult suffrage.

Over 15, 000 Nigerians and indigines of Nsit Atai LGA paid for nomination forms directly into the APC various bank accounts, at N10,000 each for chairmanship aspirants and N2,000 each for those aspiring for the remaining 25 offices in the party, who neither were given the forms they paid for, nor where allowed to aspired to vote and be voted for as stipulated in the guidelines approved by the highest organ of the party, for the wards’ election – this is insensitive, callous, despicable, unrighteous, and unprincipled. In my opinion, this is an advance fee fraud committed by the national working committee of the APC against ordinary Nigerians, and this makes them unfit to continue in the offices they presently occupy. Nigerians can see how the leadership of the ruling party have nothing to offer Nigerians in good governance with this kind of attitude, and I am very angry about it.

I hereby demand that all fees paid by contestants for the nomination forms of the APC in their aspirations to fill offices at the ward level in the party should be refunded to them with immediate effect. It is the path of thieves the leadership of the ruling party has followed. I am a Nigerian, and change MUST begin with me. I lost confidence in John Oyegun since the afternoon of June 9 2015. He is characterized with political destruction than with democratic construction. At this point I remember Abba Moro and the Immigration recruitment extortion saga: Oyegun and Company have also extorted money from my kinsmen in Nsit Atai LGA and I demand refunds for services not rendered for monies paid. I stand in the gap for them. They have accepted their fate that they are not fit to try their aspirations, but they would feel painful to lose their monies.

These distinguished Nigerians from Akwa Ibom State, leading among them, a former oil minister and former opposition party chairman who was thrown up recently to also seek Oyegun’s job: who is an elder statesman indeed; second is an incumbent presidential aide who was a lawmaker in the national chambers for 16 years; another is the incumbent chief executive of an interventionist commission in South South Nigeria, who was deputy governor some years back; the fourth being a former military governor of a South South State, and a major contributor to the “legacy party” in the State; another among them is a former minister and distinguished senator, who is seeking the governorship seat of the State for the third time; and lastly, a former personal aide of Goodluck Jonathan and a professor, came together representing various contestants at the ward congress and took the decision to resolve the exercise in Akw IIbom State by a “strange franchise”.

According to them: in order to “avoid bloodshed and the wanton destruction of properties” that would characterize an elective congress in the State, they artfully dodged their responsibilities to advance our democracy. What was agreed upon was upon the failed foundations of political growth. And I think Nigeria is not yet out of political woods in the growth of her political integrity and democratic credentials.

It is sad when elder statesmen are the ones who are anticipatory of violence and wanton destruction, rather than tame their supporters, teaching them the tenets of xemocracy.: craftiness is not being clever, neither does smartness measure up to being clever, then it seems they are the masterminds of their supporters’ mischief against popular decisions, and they allow this just to interfere with democratic processes in order to promote self worthiness. This is a leadership lie we will refuse to believe at the subsequent congresses in the State. It is targeted to scuttle President Buhari’s election at the centre.

On the morning of 5 May 2018, members of the APC across all wards in Akwa Ibom State prepared and assembled at the usual designated centres usually assigned for electoral exercises to take place, to actualize their participation in the process to elect new ward officers to take over the administration of the party at that level when a new National Working Committee members of the party will be inaugurated, after 30 June 2018. The factional Local Government Area Chairman of the party in my LGA, Nsit Atai, Hon Monday Udo Amos, advanced to Uyo to take instructions from his principal and a major stakeholder among the 6 APC BOT members that “arrested” the ward congress in Akwa Ibom State from been an elective congress. He later called and asked for nominated members of his faction to advance and assemble in Uyo for necessary strategic briefing by his principal.

I decided to follow the story from the side of the aggrieved members of the party because of my unshakable support for the APC as the ruling party, with President Buhari as head of government, and as drawn from my support for the political vision of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the national.leader of the party, and the one who has shown absolute capacity of being the best President Nigeria is awaiting. Bola Tinubu, having the opportunity to interfere with what happened in Akwa Ibom State during the ward congress, would throw out what was done in the State. He is the pillar behind the success of our present 4th Political Republic in Nigeria. He deserves the bestowal of a Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR). So I hereby thank Hon (Engr) Edemiko Ita Dan for being a very strong force behind this report. He aspires to represent Nsit Atai State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. I am grateful to him and to Edet Tommy Ukpe who led me into the APC in my ward in Odot.

Now in Uyo, where we left Odot, the capital of Nsit Atai for, news filtered out that on the night of 4 May 2018, the “Akwa Ibom G6” met together to hear each other out on who is best suited to represent the party in the governorship election in the State in 2019. That meeting ended inconclusively with tempers risen very high – who send them, we no know! Now, in my opinion that meeting that was unnecessarily called, which I supposed was called by the incumbent presidential aide to President Buhari, which generated tension and heightened tempers, formed the basis used to avoid an elective congress in the State, judging the decision that brought them together again in a discussion when the ward congress should have been ongoing.

On the day of the ward congress, it was certain that the “Akwa Ibom G6” met to adopt a strategy that would exclude violence in all ways from the scheduled exercise, and I think they apportioned “catchment LGAs” to themselves, and decided to return to the list of officers elected at the ward congress held in Akwa Ibom State in the last quarter of 2014, accepting only to replace ward officers who have decamped to other parties and those who are late. Instructively, this runs contrary and ultra vise to the stipulation of the guidelines released to legalize the conduct of the ward congresses across the country, and offends the spirit of the Nigerian constitution and that of the ruling party: standing in disrespect of Mr President and attempting to frustrate his desire to return to office in 2019. In my next review of the elective exercises across the country, I will expose and mention names of the beneficiaries of the Buhari administration who should excuse us by resigning their appointments because they are lying democrats who are only using our Commonwealth for self perpetuation in political offices: they are political wizards and bloodsuckers.

At a point during the “Akwa Ibom G6” meeting, at which point I am persuaded that an argument ensued, the former FCT minster and distinguished senator, directed his party leaders in the LGAs to nominate members who would witness the distribution of electoral materials and accompany them to their LGAs to proceed with elective congress. But at the time the nominated members of his faction from the LGAs arrived the home of the former oil minister, where the members of APC Electoral Panel to the State were located, and were a part of the G6 meeting, it was rumored that the cost of conducting an elective congress would be dire, and they resolved to readmit the incumbent executives by only replacing exited members who left the party for another and those who are the late on the list of exco members in each ward in the State.

I am convinced that to agree on this franchise formulae, catchment areas, defined by Federal Constituencies of origin, were assigned to each member of the G6 to control in the process of vacating the “deal” that took the place of an elective congress in the State. From here, this decision was handed down to the stakeholders from each LGA in the State. That became the next level of authority that handled and decided the “results” of the ward congresses by negotiation across the State: these LGA groups were made up of major stakeholders, businessmen, federal and state government political appointees in each LGA of the State.

In Nsit Atai LGA from where I compiled this eyewitness report, there were 3 major stakeholders: a former commissioner in the State led a group, a former principal officer in the State House of Assembly, who also is a former member of the House of Representatives led another group and those who set up a parallel office of the APC in the LGA (I will called them the aggrieved group in the APC following after Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and all he stands for in APC) formed the last group. The leader of the aggrieved group in the G6 is the former FCT minister and distinguished senator. He is the only member of the “Akwa Ibom G6” that kept insisting on the APC Electoral Panel to Akwa Ibom State conducting an elective congress in the State. He is also the only one who, at a point, asked his supporters to advance to monitor electoral materials distribution and movement to accredited centres for the APC ward polls.

In as much as he appears the most disadvantaged by the “brand of franchise” he allowed himself enter into, he has confessed that he does not trust any party structure to deliver him the APC flag in 2019 because he has majority of Akwa Ibom people on his side. He was a victim of an appalling betrayal he suffered in the hands of the Amadu Attai led State party exco, an exco he ensured emerged in 2014 but which later sold out his incontestable opportunity to fly the governorship flag of the APC in the 2015 to Umana Okon Umana. At the point during negotiations when it appeared that the 2 other groups, stationed to wrest Nsit Atai LGA, his allocated catchment LGA, from his own group, were using intimidation and their political offices to downgrade his obvious poor supporters, he asked his members to let it be in Nsit Atai but they protested his decision.

They had to convinced him that the leaders of the other 2 groups were avoiding meeting with them to negotiate the congress. As those possessing the LGA as his catchment, it is his group that any other group should negotiate and must negotiate with. He then put a call to the leader of the “Akwa Ibom G6”, and threatened to address a world press conference in 2 hours to reveal the machinations of political office holders those attempting to perpetuate themselves by truncating a democratic process and using political office illegitimately if they failed to warn the clear offenders of the agreed process. He saw as unfortunate the fact that those who appear to be the beneficiaries of political offices were the ones avoiding a democratic process. He, nevertheless, warned his supporters not to do anything to scuttle the peace because the political leaders in the State have largely and severally labelled him, through political propaganda, as a “troublesome” man, unfortunately.

Even my uncle Akpan Titus Udo Ukpe, who has never met this distinguished statesman, seized from him the benefit of the doubt. He rather believes the “hear say” from others. I met John James Akpan Udoedehe in the process of the ward congress and I saw a man who pleads with his supporters to pay any cost for peace because his opponents, who are close to Mr President, are on their toes to report him to the national leadership of his party, and to Mr President, as being “troublesome”. He is confident that he will win the 2019 governorship elections in Akwa Ibom State, and would not support any cause that would exclude him from the race. He also confessed that he accepted the undemocratic turnout of the process agreed for the conduct of the ward congress in the State based on his decision to come clean, this time, from any machination geared to stop his running for the Office of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Nsit Atai LGA was among the catchment LGAs allocated to him but he felt he should not encumbered his supporters who clearly have no means to lobby with “stronger” principalities. However, on understanding that though Nsit Atai was his catchment, yet the other 2 groups were using their elites to arrogantly refuse to negotiate the given assignment with his group, he threatened to address a “World Press Conference” to tell of how the ward congresses in Akwa Ibom State was taking another turn, after the incumbent presidential aide had earlier addressed a world press conference saying “the ward congress in Akwa Ibom State was concluded successfully”. He threatened to burst that lie, told to deceive President Buhari for the sake of sustaining political office.

The motive of this presidential aide was to decorate himself before Mr President, in spite of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi helping to kill Rivers people and destroy building in Port Harcourt in order to “deliver” his structure at the congress in that State, as a good workman that needs not to be reproached. He arranged a diabolic and strange consensus to brag about his successfully discharged of his responsibility to Mr President without a noise in Uyo – he lied. This untrue claim of Mr Presidential aide was threatened with a call to the former oil minister giving an interval of 2hrs, asking that the 2 groups who should be in open discussions with the “catchment” group and be serious with the assignment they were avoiding, playing smart and choosing to talk to themselves, in the face of their apparent splitting of one group into 2, playing to give advantage, however, to the chief executive of the interventionist commission in South South Nigeria because he has a government vault to draw from, and spend frivolously. The distinguished senator also threatened to insist and to ask for an elective congress in Nsit Atai if negotiations fail there – thank God that his boys insisted on his interest in the LGA. In less than 2hrs, members of his group were inundated with phone calls from both groups that thought they could go alone without the aggrieved group – the custodians of the LGA as “catchment”. This was the intelligence that made the group the major group which should be sort as bride by other groups – AMEM?

The ward congress in Nsit Atai LGA was concluded after all, and 75% of incumbent party offices have been returned to office and the whole world deserves to know the true at all times. In my opinion, what happened in Akwa Ibom State ward congress of the APC was tenure elongation secured through the back door and I pray so hard that the LG congresses that would come up this weekend would be allowed to be elective after all. As long as appeals from the congresses would be treated well, I am persuaded that the ward congress in Akwa Ibom State has been agreed upon and as you read this, all ward executives of the APC in Nsit Atai have been returned by a strange democratic process that ended days after May 5 2018. I am still watching out. Nevertheless, it is sad that we cannot vacate a democratic process without being violent. It is sad, it is pitiable that our leaders have made us barbaric and use that notion to always hold us down for themselves.

If the kind of “consensus” that threw up the returned ward executives is allowed to persist in the LG and State congresses, it means Ahmadu Atai, if he does not decamp from the APC, nor dies, would again be imposed through undemocratic means, on John James Akpan Udoedehe whom he betrayed in 2015, to be betrayed the second time. Let those who are close to President Buhari tell him to call his appointees to order, lest they cause the burning down of Akwa Ibom State – I will blame him for allowing them use state privileges to oppress my people. I wonder why it is those Nigerians who truncate democratic processes in the country that are the ones who always get, and are allowed to occupy political office – why? It is unfortunate!

I will be back again after the Local Government congress in the State. Until I return to you, enjoy Nigeria, Nigerians; and enjoy the Land of Promise brothers and sisters.

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo. He is an architect, author and a social crusader. He can be reached via “”


Living under the authority of heaven in reality is not to be imagined, it is our enabled reality for we who live mortal lives on earth and enjoy the indwelling spirit of God. One day our physical breathe will be seized, and we will stop enjoying the physical air. we would only be able to breathe by another air, which is spiritually afforded, in the after life, after we have indeed entered into the heavenly reality by the narrow way.

“Strive to enter in by the strait gate, for MANY shall DESIRE to ENTER therein , but shall not be ABLE”. This means that entering into heaven’s reality depends on the ability of many that desire to enter, but they shall not be able. It is about personal ability, personal effort to back up the desire to enter into heaven’s reality. Jesus taught one prayer, which in part says “Our Father and n heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. And until we can access heaven, how can we know what is going on there?

The Christians on earth should indicate their representation of heaven on earth. You are here because you have an assignment to implement the will of God here on earth as it is done in heaven. God FINISHED his part of the bargain and left an ability. Strive with that ability to enter into the heaven’s reality to represent God on earth. This is the authority of Christians. God is with us, as it is for those who believe Christ.

On earth, while breathing the physical air, you are empowered already by God, through the gift of his Spirit to men through Christ, to grow in the experience of breathing the spiritual air by a mental reorientation that allows for the transformation of the human mindset into the spiritual mindset. It is about having the ability to see your nakedness and not being ashamed of it – pretences and face decoration to cover blemishes stands between you and God and caused our human departure from godliness.

If you do not get what I mean: Adam ran from God because he saw his nakedness and was ashamed of it. Who would help him if he runs from his true helper? That was how our natural mindset emerged. That s the human failure before God. Now having ran from him by nature, he has enabled us to supernaturally come, be with him, he stands at the door and knocks, awaiting your response. He is patient and loving.

You can be with God in heaven while on earth through the substantiation of your hope accordingly, and to see the evidences of what the reality of such being is, even when it is not physically possible to appreciate it. The wisdom of God is foolishness to the natural man By the knowledge of God and his Christ, you have eternal life, and eternal life is the breathing of spiritual air. You can only do this on earth by faith.

Faith is the connecting arm between the physical and the spiritual realities, through a mental workout that permits the living of the combination of both lives together, as a man on earth and as a god-man in heaven: this is easy – You come to the strait gate and knock on it, you wait on the lord until he opens unto you. Then you ask him how to find what you seek: no loitering, no perambulating, no impatience, no anxiety, just wait with focus on his sure promises. I can say this because I live in, and live by this experienxe

They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like the eagles – fly effortlessly. They would neither get weary, nor would they faint. The substance for this living is evident in the word by which we hear, ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you. The scripture is the earpiece by which we hear God speaks to us: this is the simple definition of faith.

How simple it is to live in heaven now, and live your life on earth in utter ease enjoying every thing God has placed on your path in this life, without regrets and without self condemnation. Yes! The entrance exams into heaven is taken here on earth and admission into heaven is also given from where you are right now. Whosoever will…!

God bless you

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo via “”


Those who know Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi so well, as the incumbent Minister of Transportation, should please take this kind advice and a solemn warning to him: oga Amaechi, you have enjoyed so many good rides on the back of fortune to political prominence in your State, Rivers; and in Nigeria. At a point you thought you were able to stand without any support, now you have personally removed the unstable props that held you in place, saving your face politically, by supporting Senator Bukola Saraki and Oyegun’s tenure elongation, while hurriedly forming the Buhari Campaign Organization. You are not a good servant sir.

This is the political story of the man Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi:

Peter Otunaya Odili, a medical doctored and former governor of Rivers State, whom Amaechi served as a Personal Assistant in his then small private hospital along Aba Expressway in Port Harcourt, Pamo Clinics, railed road him into the politics of River State by recommending his appointment as a Special Assistant to Governor Rufus Ada George in the ill fated Third Republic. He again paid for the court victory that got him into the Rivers State House of Assembly, ending as the Speaker of the Assembly in 1999, and finally, as Odili is known for, he “donated to Nigerian Speakers of House” and propelled him to head the Forum of Speakers of Houses of Assembly in Nigeria, after Olorunimbe Mamora. Dr Peter Odili, again ensured that he was the sole candidate at the PDP governorship primaries at the Isaac Ada Boro Park in late 2006, a leap that made him Governor via a Supreme Court judgment.

Again, against all odds known in our legal history, Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike, the LGA Chairman Amaechi helped with a second term mandate in 2003 as an “Odili boy”, in appreciation of the contributions of Amaechi thus, put his life on the line, posted Amaechi into exile, and fought the battle of wits that made Amaechi governor of Rivers State in late 2007 through the courts, the second time. It is true that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has only won one election in his life, the one Wike won for him as the Director General of his governorship campaigns in 2011: his job as Buhari’s DG in 2015 was helped by his understudying Wike’s campaign strategies of 2011. A very fortunate man indeed. So Governor Wike railed road him into Government House Port Harcourt, spending obscenely to get that mandate from the Supreme Court.

At this point, I beg to submit that it was Governor Wike who again, as Director General of Chibuike Amaechi Campaign Organization, gave him a moon slide victory in the Gubernatorial elections in 2011, demystifying the late Tonye Harry, the then doyen of Kalabari politics, in the process. I remember the address of Nyesom Wike in Harry’s home town, Degema, during the campaigns, and I knew all was not well with the then Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Chibuike Amaechi’s sojourn in the APC was a trip of sympathy facilitated by 5 of his governor-colleagues from the North with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and President Buhari trailing them, and his abandonment of governance in Rivers State for his political survival at that time is one remarkable evil he forced on Rivers people. I am a very big victim of that his selfishness. We thank God that he is the Minister of Transportation today and I think God has favored his household, sacrificing the destinies of about 60 Rivers people and a few non indigenes and their families, including me, who spent and were spent to ensure he succeed with the Rivers State Scrap to Wealth project and a metal shredding plant with a capacity of shredding 1000 tons of scraps daily, and we still feel “used and dumped” by his administration.

This is just on one project he completed. I coordinated the construction of all the infrastructures and ancillary provisions upon which the Rivers State Scrap to Wealth Project was completed, facilitated and still awaiting commissioning, if it is not yet moribund. That project cost the people of Rivers State more that N3.5bn, much of which went to complete financial waste due to derelict government officials and their desire for illogical compensations. I still have records available. I know many more Rivers people that returned home frustrated because Amaechi wanted political survival in a mess he created by not being able to check Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike, a clear superior politician to him.

The RivMetal Recycling Nigeria Limited, like the monorail project remains locked up and abandonment to weather and rust, though completed and ready for shredding and the export of scraps. He used all the money meant for the commissioning of that completed project to get the position of Director Genwral of Buhari campaigns in 2015 and subsequently, a ministerial appointment. I supervised that project and I dare say we were ready for commissioning, and we needed N300m only for take off but when his suspension from the PDP was effected, he abandoned governance in Port Harcourt losing focus: he is in that same political dilemma now with the Federal Ministry of Transportation and I will not be quiet.

The Scrap to Wealth project is the only one of 3 projects completed by the Rivers State Ministry of Environment, in all 8 years of Amaechi’s administration and that is owed to my bold and tough administration of that project. It is the biggest in West Africa and has the capacity of generating jobs for youth, employment for workers and economic diversification for entrepreneurs, but it is lying waste when it should be operative and Chibuike Amaechi has moved on, denying Rivers families N300m to have cushioned lives.

I am back in my village because Wike won’t live to see Amaechi’s honour in Rivers State. Amaechi was quick to commercialize that project and in my opinion, Governor Wike thinks that was criminal. It is those who, against graft and adverse interests, made sure that project comes alive, who are now suffering severe lack and needs for livelihood, in the face of the plant lying waste in Kira near Bori. Yet things are moving on well for Chibuike Amaechi and his household. God dey! I just pray that Governor Wike will return the Hilux vehicle I used as project supervisor and with which I should be disengaged from the service of government, otherwise God will judge this injustice in the face of his car spreeing gifts to all manner of people and I now carry “banga” on my head because Wike seized my well maintained Hilux and allowed Dr Mpi, an Ikwere man like him to take it home on retiring from service.

I applied my personal wealth to keep, service, maintained, fuel and drove that vehicle on my own from June 2009 to June 2015: is that fair? I remember how Mrs Grace Charlse Granville fought to prevent my being given the vehicle, insinuating that I will run away with it into Cameroon because I am from Akwa Ibom State. I completed that project for Rivers State and left empty handed, leaving unceremoniously with Dr A Amah, a supposed Christian minister insulting me when I insisted on taking my last allowance, just N100,000 – I think his eyes were on that money. These are people who were nursed and bred in wickedness. I have a very bad recollection of Rivers men and women. I see them as very selfish, wicked and violent people – I have turned my back against them and whatever they think they have. They are a bunch of ungrateful people. – yes! I mean Rivers people: I buried my father without sympathy wish from any of those I almost died for from diabolic attacks in Ogoniland.

Chibuike Amaechi is a very arrogant, selfish and stingy man. He was made minister in the present administration and he conferred on himself the status of a “lion”. He fought almost everyone from the South South to remain “the lion”. Yet he took on a wrong man this time in Adams Aliyu Oshiomole, a clearly better man than him, who has a history of hard work as pedigree, and Amaechi’s nemesis is sure to come soon because he has lost fortune to ride on this time. The man who lost Rivers State to the opposition even with all the powers of incumbency in his pocket is incomparable to the man who took Edo State from the position of the opposition. Amaechi lost Rivers, Adam gained Edo. The “lion” is a loudmouthed self acclaim but in reality, Amaechi is a political midget who strives on luck and chance.

I wrote an article asking how Chibuike Amaechi emerged Director General of “Buhari Campaign Organization”. He walked in to see Mr President and asked for permission to start a political organization, and a politically naive President nodded: how does he think Amaechi would manage the Transportation Ministry? The presidential campaign organization of President Buhari will be formally inaugurated by the APC with Oshiomole in charge, when Mr President picks his running mate after winning his party’s presidential nomination. Nigeria operates a Presidential joint ticket. What Amaechi heads is one of the associations building up to support Mr President’s ambition. It is a crafty way of commencing the waste of resources so that at the end, should Mr President win again, he will show how much he has spent, and with that get another appointment. I doubt if he will be lucky this time around. I will check his activities.

Nigerians are wiser now, and we will not allow Chibuike Amaechi to use the resources of the Federal Ministry of Transportation and resources meant for the coastal railway to help himself with pretending to support President Buhari. He either stands as Director General of the Buhari Campaign Organization and resign from his ministerial position or he does the vice. We will not take the Buhari administration seriously if he allows his minister who is clearly a political deficit to explore his political nativity to fester his political opportunism. The duties of the Minister of Transportation is so enormous that I imagine how Amaechi hopes to run it with his pet and personified BCO project. He should resign from Buhari cabinet forthwith.

Let us review my position: Peter Odili made him Special Assistant to Ada George and Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly effortlessly. Nyesom Wike made him governor of Rivers State two times and his governors colleagues helped him to get to where he is today. I am not sure that Amaechi is as politically tested as Nyesom Wike as long as Rivers State is concern. How can he claim to be “the lion of the Niger Delta when only Edo State is APC in the region, and that State is in the grips of Adams Oshiomole? Amaechi is such a loud mouth and very naive.

Wike is one politician who gets whatever he sets before him. Amaechi lost his hold on Rivers State and her politics when he recommended Wike to Jonathan and insisted that he be made a minister just to send him out of Port Harcourt, instead of sending him packing from Government House Port Harcourt and returning him home tobroost. Even at home, Amaechi would have found Wike tough to deal with in Port Harcourt. How can Amaechi sell Buhari to Nigerians when he has not been able to sell him to the Rivers people he governed for 8 years? It can only result to more deaths in Rivers State. This must stop.

It is pay back time for Amaechi as it is pertinent that Magnus Ngei Abe would be favoured to handled the structure of the APC in Rivers State. I would want to see Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a man I supported against my oga Kingsley Ogundu Chinda (unfortunately, the initiator and mover of President Buhari’s impeachment motion in the House of Representatives), an erstwhile commissioner in Rivers Star and a two term member of the House of Reps, kiss the dust of Rivers State and retire home. I gave my supoort because Amaechi was an incumbent governor and I was serving him: I now found my support to be a very big mistake. But how could I have abandoned a project under my command because he who appointed me wanted me to frustrate it? It was about my name and I am happy I completed it, no matter the cost to my present livelihood. I will rise again because I am not an opportunist.

Tell CRA to get his bag ready to return to the political dust of Rivers State. We will not accept his holding onto his ministerial portfolio while festering his political nest and cleverly opposing Mr President in his bid to return to the presidency by his support for Bukola Saraki and John Oyegun. President Buhari will win the 2019 elections without Chibuike Amaechi. Magnus Abe can make more serious and safe impact on Rivers State, in my own opinion, than Chibuike Amaechi. Let Nigerians insist on President Buhari stopping the protracted bloodshed in Rivers State and stop encouraging Amaechi to play his “do or die” politics there. He is childish and unseasoned for decent democratic participation.

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo.